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WHY WE NEED A FUNDRAISING REVOLUTION! Fundraising the SMART Way™ and the Evidence of a Need for Change Presented by Ellen Bristol Bristol Strategy Group.

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1 WHY WE NEED A FUNDRAISING REVOLUTION! Fundraising the SMART Way™ and the Evidence of a Need for Change Presented by Ellen Bristol Bristol Strategy Group Planned Giving Council of Palm Beach County October 14, 2014

2 ABOUT ELLEN Performance Management Guru for Fund Development Nonprofit Consulting 19 Years; IT Sales Before That Author, Fundraising the SMART Way™: Predictable, Consistent Income Growth for Your Charity Developer, Fundraising the SMART Way™; Scorecard 2.0 Software App; Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising; SMART Fundraising Game

3 WHY WE NEED A FUNDRAISING REVOLUTION Fundraising Effectiveness Project, 2012 For Every $100 Gained in 2011, $100 Lost For Every100 Donors Gained in 2011,107 Lost GivingUSA Charitable Giving as % GDP FLAT 2010-2012 at 2% Highest Level ONLY 2.25% - 2006 (Latest Report Shows Improvements) Overhead Ratio Finally We’re Fighting Back Since June 2013 Yet Boards Still Push Us to Use It

4 LEAKY BUCKET STUDY RESULTS Leaking Like a Sieve ! Call the Help Line! Preventive Maintenance!WATERTIGHT!

5 MOST IMPORTANT STATISTIC Leaky Bucket Statement #9: “What Practices Does Your Agency Use When Fundraising Results Fall Below Desired Levels?” ANSWERS WITH HIGHEST SCORES: Host More Events: 49% Write More Grant Applications: 48% Tactical Solutions to Strategic Question

6 WHAT PEOPLE TELL ME “Fundraising Is Our Members’ BIGGEST CHALLENGE” Executive Director, Center for Victims of Torture CEO, Alliance for Children & Families CEO, Florida Alliance for Information & Referral Services Executive Director, Centre on Philanthropy, Bermuda Plus Several Others! “CEO’s Of Our Member Agencies WORRY MORE ABOUT FUNDRAISING than Any Other Topic” Executive Director, Chamber of Nonprofit Organizations “I Pity Those Poor Fundraising People – There’s NO GOOD WAY TO MANAGE Them” CEO, Jewish Community Services

7 WHAT PRODUCTIVITY REALLY MEANS Do MORE with LESS Efficiency – Decrease Costs, Time, Labor, Headaches Effectiveness – Produce More, Better, More Lasting Results Costs Go Down, Achievement Goes Up

8 PRODUCTIVITY MODELS Evolving Rapidly Since 1950’s Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean Malcolm Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence Collective Impact: 4 Terabytes of Data Storage for $100 SmartPhones with More Horsepower than Mainframes of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s A Zillion Other Examples


10 COMPARING STUDIES Fundraising Effectiveness Project, 2012 For Every $100 Gained in 2012, $100 Lost For Every 100 Donors Gained in 2012,105 Lost Leaky Bucket Benchmarking Study Insight Respondents with NO RETENTION TARGETS: 15% Respondents ENCOURAGED to Retain: 57% 72% NO RETENTION TARGETS



13 SIX PRINCIPLES OF GREAT MANAGEMENT 1: Define WHAT You Want, Not HOW to Do It 2: Make Changes Based On Evidence, Not Opinion 3: Transform SUBJECTIVE into OBJECTIVE 4: Establish Benchmarks, Guidelines, Performance Metrics, Analytics and Reporting Methods 5: Measure the Same Things the Same Way Every Time 6: Review PROGRESS AGAINST PLAN Religiously

14 REVOLUTION: DOCUMENT YOUR DONOR PROFILES Great Idea!! Not A Common Practice Reality: 15% - No Selection Criteria 61% - Selection Criteria “Assumed,” Not Documented 17% - Wealth Profile, Giving History ONLY 6% - Add Motivations

15 WHO’S RIGHT FOR PLANNED GIVING? Same as Ideal Donor? Different from Ideal Donor? Objective Benchmark Required!


17 RESULTS Less Time Wasted Chasing DOA’s More Time for High- Potential Donors Better Use of People, Time, Money Promotes Better Donor/Prospect Engagement Costs Down, Income UP!!!

18 REVOLUTION: EFFECTIVE METRICS Great Idea!! Not a Common Practice Reality: Acquire Donors: 62% No Metrics or “Encouraged” Retain Donors: 72% No Metrics or “Encouraged” Upgrade Donors: 77% No Metrics or “Encouraged”

19 METRICS IN FUNDRAISING: TAIL WAGS DOG “If the Only Thing You Measure Happens After the Process Is Complete, You Haven’t Learned Anything About the Process” Reality: 63% Total Income: Trailing 52% Income by Category: Trailing Only 45% Use Any Leading Indicators Lots of “Encouraged but Not Documented”

20 DONOR MOVES: MOVES MGMT ON STEROIDS Move 1: Shares Reasons to Give Move 2: Sees Your Value Move 3: OK’s Proposal Move 4: Negotiates Details Move 5: Honors Pledge Move 6: Feedback On Satisfaction Move 7: Gives Again Move 8: Refers Us to Others Donor’s Giving Process

21 MEETS QUALITY STANDARDS Measurable, Capture-Able, Report-Able, Analyze-Able

22 RESULTS CEO, $1.5MM Agency: “I’m Not as Tired at the End of the Week –We Have Brought In More Money from More New Funders.” Board Chair, Same Agency: “We’ve Asked for Reports and Metrics Like These for Years.” CEO, $200MM Agency: “These Are the Metrics I Need to See. When Can We Start?” Director of Development, Large Affiliate: “We First Used This Approach in 2008 and Had Our Best Year Ever, During the Great Recession. Then We Topped It.”

23 FUNDRAISING THE SMART WAY™: THE BOOK! Published March 2014 Includes Companion Website with Templates, Other Resources Order online from, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wiley

24 SMART WAY SHARED PROGRAM Share the Program, Share the Cost Five Nonprofits, Four Participants Each Three-Month Project Includes: Workshop Portion In Florida or By Distance Learning SMART Way Prospect Scorecard Customized for Each Participating Agency Three Months of Weekly Group Coaching Sessions to Support Implementation and Adoption All Agencies Receive One Private Consulting Session All for Only $2,500

25 For More Information, or to Speak With Ellen: Bristol Strategy Group Email Ellen: Phone Ellen: 786-554-2666

26 To Complete a Leaky Bucket Assessment: leakybucket Free Plus 1-Hour Private Review by Phone

27 786-554-2666 @BristolStrategy For the Leaky Bucket Assessment leakybucket

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