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2 “When Ellen Lobler & Sara Delaney first met, they each clocked the other’s personal style. As 40-something stylists they both ‘got’ what style was all about, but figuring out how to work it from runway-to-real-life as a grown up was kind of tricky, even for them. Follow along as they dish on how to get your style mojo back…” We are fashion stylists by trade, but our fast growing Notes From a Stylist Blog targets the 30-something market, offering advice on fashion, food, travel & life. Take a peek at this media kit for more intel… Sara Delaney & Ellen lobler Co-Founders: Lobler & Delaney Stylists

3 READS PER MONTH24,900+ VISITORS PER MONTH11,000+ 16,990+ Facebook Likes 12,700+ Twitter Followers 16,400+ Instagram Followers 4,800+ Pinterest Followers


5 "As the face of Scandinavia's largest auction house for fine arts & modern design in New York, Sara was instrumental in putting together a style for me that looked the part. Sara has an absolutely amazing eye for both the big picture and the important details. If it wasn’t for Sara, I would never have felt as comfortable in my own skin, with the right wardrobe and accessories. I'm particularly excited about how good she is at mixing different pieces, which I can use with other pieces, and still look like it is a complete new ensemble.” Kirsten MacDonald, New York.

6 MEET OUR READERS Our readers are a growing audience of women of all ages, who are interested in fashion and style. 92% women Aged 25-45 54% 42% UK 33% USA 25% Asia Audience “I love dipping into the Notes From a Stylist blog for advice on how to wear this season’s looks sensibly” Eryl Jenkins, Chicago.

7 AD OPTIONS We use BlogHer for our above the fold primary ad space. Follow this link for rates and conditions.Follow this link for rates and conditions. We offer a medium rotating banner add in the sidebar via Passionfruit on a monthly basis for £40 per month Follow this link for more details. Follow this link for more details “It’s always a pleasure to work with Sara. Her dedication and passion for delivering accurate and authentic content, coupled with her superb photography means she’s always at the top of our list when we’re looking for content features and collaborations” Kai Di Paolo, Founder & CEO BuyMyWardrobe Ltd.

8 MORE OPTIONS Giveaways/Gifted Products Whilst we are happy to consider any products for review, we only feature items/products which we feel fits with our brand, or that we would buy ourselves, or would recommend to our readers. Giveaways should be a minimum value of $250 (USD) or £150 (GBP) Sponsored Posts Our minimum rate for posts featuring sponsored content is $750 (USD) £500 (GBP). This includes a full blog post written by Lobler & Delaney with no pre-written content. Plus 1 x social share. All posts are fully disclosed as being ‘in collaboration with *brand*’ Copy Writing/Guest Writing/Photography We are always happy to consider creating content for other sites and blogs. Please contact us if you have something in mind.

9 WHAT’S THE GOSS? “I’m a musician/bit of a hippy at heart, and absolutely hopeless at putting together pieces that look ‘right’ and on-trend. Lobler & Delaney have saved me time and time again with their easy advice. They seem to have a knack for sorting me out, often by just adding a single missing piece to my outfit. What can I say, I’m a fan!” Ann Bailey, Singer/Songwriter, London. “I’ve worked with Lobler & Delaney both professionally and personally over the past 6 years, and found them to be on top of their style & social media game on every level.” Lori Feldman, Interior Designer, New York. Being an expat in New York, I love getting a fashion slice of England via Notes from a Stylist. Karen Blanchard, Fashion Blogger, New York

10 "Just love the Notes from a Stylist blog.... it's arrives in my inbox, first thing in the morning, here in Asia. A great way to start the day, it's fun to read and never dull. It gives me new and interesting ideas on what to wear, how to dress and what is on trend.... an absolute must read when you need to be in the know and in a hurry". Alex Sheldon, Interior Stylist, Hong Kong. “If I can’t figure out what to wear before heading out to work in the morning, I head straight for the Notes From a Stylist blog to get some ideas. I always leave the site smiling and inspired to shake up my style.” Julie Church, Realtor, Greenwich, Connecticut. "For my daily dose of fashion, I keep it simple: BFFs {Blogs, Friends, Finds}. The Lobler & Delaney social media hub fuels my confidence to be fashionably unique, wearing an old jacket with my new jeans, or expressing my vintage flair when milling about consignment shops for one-of-a-kind accessories. Sara's own personal style is always chic, mod, trendy.... so I take Notes from this Stylist!” Rhonda Eldridge, Entrepreneur, Greenwich, CT.

11 SO, LET’S TALK… Don’t be shy, give us a holler. To further discuss how we can help your brand this year contact us! Ph: +44 7554 003998 E: Twitter/Instagram: @notesbyastylist

12 IMPORTANT STUFF BOOKING AND PAYMENT DETAILS Payments are made via Bank Transfer or PayPal. Payments are made prior to activity start date. Late fees do apply. Cancellations are required in writing 7 days prior to live date. Lobler & Delaney reserve the right to approve advertising creative. Lobler & Delaney rates and media kit are confidential.

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