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Presented by Heather Sparks, NBCT 2009 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year.

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1 Presented by Heather Sparks, NBCT 2009 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year

2  Lack of prior knowledge  Missing foundational skills  Limited experiences with “doing” math  “One right answer” approach  “Permission” to be “bad” at math  Others?

3 Every day, provide meaningful math investigations through manipulatives, games, puzzles, and stories. Content example: True Blue Love Box Company What’s My Rule? Two of Everything

4 Trina wants to win a goldfish at the carnival. In order for her to win, she needs to pick 2 blue tiles out of the “True Blue prize bag,” without looking. If the prize bag contains 3 blue tiles and 3 red tiles, what is the probability of winning the game? Predict the number of wins you will get in 40 trials. Then, conduct the trials and record the outcomes.

5 Love Box Company wants to create a box that holds 12 cubic inches. Each square inch of cardboard costs the company $.005. What are the dimensions of the least expensive box the company can create?

6 ny ny ny ny

7 Every day, expect students to explain their thinking. Content example: NIM Sense or Nonsense

8  Select a partner and count out 21 beans.  One partner begins by selecting 1, 2, or 3 beans from the pile.  The second partner then takes 1, 2, or 3 from the remaining beans.  The person who takes the last bean loses!

9 1.Mr. Bragg says he’s right 100% of the time. Is he bragging? Why? 2.The Garcia family ate out last Saturday. The bill was $46. Would a 50% tip be too much to leave? Why? 3.Ellen loaned Me’Shell one dollar. She said the interest would be 75% a day. Is this a pretty good deal for Ellen? Why? 4.Daniel missed 10 problems on his science test. Do you think his percentage is high enough for an A? Why? 5.Rose has a paper route. She gets to keep 25% of whatever money she collects. Do you think this is a good deal? Why?

10 Manipulatives should be available and integrated to every math lesson. Content example: Farmer John Extend & Explain

11 Before planting the Spring crops, Farmer John needs to determine how many acres will be allocated for his vegetables. He decides to plant 5% of the area with onions, 20% with tomatoes, 25% with egg plant, 25% with corn, and 25% with carrots. The number of acres for each crop must be whole numbers. Help John determine the minimum number of acres that will be planted and the acreage allotted to each vegetable. Onions= tan Corn= yellow Tomatoes = red Carrots= orange Egg plant = purple John must also consider that different plants have different space requirements. Use the rods to represent the required space as follow:

12 Students should be taught specific strategies to Improving memory and understanding Content example: Order of Operations Chant Integer Song Finger Multiplication

13 Order of Operations Cup Chant Paren- theses clap clap Ex- po- nents tap tap tap (the top of the cup) Multi ply, Divide clap grab cup’s bottom, pick up and move cup right Add, Subtract clap grab cup with thumb side down Left to right, Bring open mouth of cup to left hand touch bottom of cup to table Order’s Transfer cup to left hand by grabbing the bottom of the cup on your side! Right hand slaps table Left hand crosses over & puts cup down

14 (Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat) Same signs, add and keep Different signs, subtract Keep the sign of the larger number Then you’ll be exact!

15 Students should maintain a math journal to record and store math resources. Content example: Big Inch Exponent rule foldable

16 The BIG Inch Identity Property

17 What patterns do you notice? A. a 3 a 2 = a 5 B.a 4 a 3 = a 7 C.a 5 a 1 = a 6 D.a 3 a 5 = a 8 E.a 6 a 7 = a 13

18 What patterns do you notice? A.m 5 m 2 B.m 7 m 3 C.m 10 m 4 D.m 6 m 4 = m 3 = m 4 = m 6 = m 2

19 What patterns do you notice? =16 = 8 = 4 = 2 =

20 This presentation and other resources are available at www.

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