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Amy S. Louck ,Psy.D.

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1 Amy S. Louck ,Psy.D.

2 AGENDA Education and Experience Psy.D. vs. Ph.D.
Working as a Forensic Psychologist Florida State Hospital & Volunteer Opportunities

3 Education and Experience
Bachelor of Science in Psychology: 1998 Western Illinois University Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and Community Mental Health Psychology: 2001 Western Illinois University Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology: Wright State University 2006 Pre-Doctoral Internship: Florida State Hospital Post Doctoral Residency in Forensic Psychology: Florida State Hospital 2006 – 2007 Licensed Psychologist: Florida 2008, Georgia 2009, Illinois 2009 Senior Psychologist/Department Head: Florida State Hospital 2008-present Psychologist/Clinical Director: Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice Blakely Regional Youth Detention Center present

4 Psy.D. vs. Ph.D. Psy.D. Emphasis on practice, with less training on research Preparation to work in any area of psychology Equivalent to Ph.D. in regards to salary, prestige and ability to get a job Less course work in research methods, more varied dissertation “projects”, heavy on practica Larger graduate programs in varied settings University based programs have better funding for student fellowships, scholarships, etc. than free-standing programs Ph.D. Emphasis on research with less training on practice Best route for work in Academia May or may not lead to a license for practice Less course work in practice, less practica, significantly more emphasis on research experience Smaller graduate programs in university settings Smaller class sizes to afford better funding of students

5 Forensic Psychology Working with individuals with severe mental illness involved in the criminal justice system Testify as expert witness in the Courtroom Prepare evaluations for legal issues

6 Florida State Hospital
Volunteer opportunities: Step one: Register for CLP 4950 (Abnormal Psychology Field Experience – pre-req is Abnormal Psychology, can get more info from Dr. Ellen Berler): semester long class at FSH where you get to observe and interact with the patients and Psychologists Step two: Request volunteer experience through FSH field instructors for the CLP 4950 class – Dr. Ellen Resch and Dr. Amy Louck

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