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2 CHAPTER ONE Function: Introductory function Setting: September 1986 – London Library Characters: –Roland Michell –Randolph Henry Ash –James Blackadder Events: –Roland is studying Ash’s life and works –He discoveres two letters written by the poet addressed to an unnamed woman –He decides to keep them secretly

3 CHAPTER TWO Function : Description of Roland’s life Setting : Roland’s house Characters : –Roland Michell –Val Events : –Information about the main character –The relationship between Roland and Val –Roland tells Val about his discovery but she is not interested

4 CHAPTER THREE Function : The beginning of Roland’s research Setting : Prince Albert College of London, British Museum Characters : –Roland Michell –James Blackadder –Christabel LaMotte –Fergus Wolff Events : –Roland photocopies the letters but he wants the originals –He consults Crabb Robinson's diary and discoveres the unnamed woman: LaMotte –Roland meets Fergus Wolff who mentiones two famous reaserchers of LaMotte: Maud Bailey and Leonora Stern

5 CHAPTER FOUR Function : Meeting between Roland and Maud and involvement of Maud in the research Setting : Lincoln University, Maud’s house Characters : –Roland Michell –Maud Bailey –Christabel LaMotte –Blanche Glover (LaMotte’s friend and probable lover) Events : –Roland meets Maud Bailey –She gives him some information about LaMotte –Information about LaMotte’s life –Roland shows the two letters to Maud

6 CHAPTER FIVE Function : Discovery of other letters of the correspondence between Ash and LaMotte Setting : Lincolnshire, LaMotte’s house Characters : –Roland Michell –Maud Bailey –Christabel LaMotte –Sir George Bailey and Joan Bailey Events : –Roland and Maud go to see LaMotte’s grave –They meet George and Joan Bailey –They can see LaMotte’s room –Discovery of other letters

7 CHAPTER SIX Function: Mortimer Cropper’s great interest in Ash Setting: Mrs Wapshott’s house Characters: –Mortimer Cropper –Mrs Wapshott Events: –Cropper wants to have Mrs Wapshott’s letters (letters written to Daisy Wapshott’s husband’s mother called Sophia by Ash) –Information about Cropper’s life –Reason why Cropper is interested in Ash

8 CHAPTER SEVEN Function: Presentation of Beatrice Nest Setting: British Museum, Roland’s house Characters: –Beatrice Nest –Mortimer Cropper –Roland Michell –Val Events: –Information about Beatrice Nest’s life –Reason why Beatrice Nest is interested in Ash –Conversation between Roland and Beatrice –Roland can see Ellen Ash’s journal –Joan Bailey permits Roland and Maud to study the letters

9 CHAPTER EIGHT Function : The beginning of Roland and Maud’s study of the letters Setting : George Bailey’s library, Maud’s house Characters : –Roland Michell –Maud Bailey –Leonora Stern –Fergus Wolff Events : –Roland and Maud start to study the letters –Maud finds two letters: one from Leonora Stern and one from Fergus Wolff

10 CHAPTER NINE Quotation : The Threshold written by Christabel LaMotte

11 CHAPTER TEN Function: The correspondence between Ash and LaMotte Characters: –Randolph Henry Ash –Christabel LaMotte Events: –Ash and LaMotte speak about their poetic projects –He wants to continue the correspondence with Christabel because he loves her but she would like to stay alone although she is falling in love with him –He invites her to participate to a journey and she accepts

12 CHAPTER ELEVEN Quotation: Swammerdam written by Randolph Henry Ash

13 CHAPTER TWELVE Function : The possible relation between Ash’s journey (1859) and Blanche Glover’s death (1860) Setting : April 1987 Characters : –Roland Michell –Maud Bailey –Beatrice Nest –Ellen Ash –Val –Blanche Glover –Fergus Wolff Events : –Roland and Maud try to understand The possible relation between Ash’s journey (1859) and Blanche Glover’s death (1860) –Letter from Blanche Glover to Ellen Ash –Beatrice Nest gives them Ellen Ash’journal

14 CHAPTER THIRTEEN Function: Reconstruction of Ash’s inland walks Setting : Yorkshire Characters : –Roland Michell –Maud Bailey Events : –Roland and Maud spend five days in Yorkshire visiting the places of Ash’s journey

15 CHAPTER FOURTEEN Function : Conviction of LaMotte’s presence in Yorkshire with Ash Setting : Yorkshire Characters : –Roland Michell –Maud Bailey Events : –Roland and Maud find the description of that pleces in LaMotte’s poem Melusina and are sure that she was there –Roland starts to court Maud

16 CHAPTER FIFTEEN Function : Report of Ash and LaMotte’s journey to Yorkshire Setting : Yorkshire Characters : –Randolph Henry Ash –Christabel LaMotte Events : –Ash and LaMotte went to Yorkshire

17 CHAPTER SIXTEEN Quotation : The Fairy Melusine written by Christabel LaMotte The young Raymondin falls in love with a beautiful woman (the Fairy Melusine), a creature half woman and half snake. They marry but he promises not to see her on Saturday. Raymondin is jealous and curios: he sees her on Saturday and understands that she is half snake.

18 CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Function: Presence of a lot of characters and curiosity about the possible discovery made by Roland. Setting: British Museum Characters: –James Blackadder –Fergus Wolff –Val –Mortimer Cropper Events: –Fergus Wolff is looking for Roland and Maud and goes to Val –Fergus tells Blackadder and Cropper about some letters discovered by Roland about a possible relationship between Ash and LaMotte.

19 CHAPTER EIGHTEEN Function: Development of researches Setting: Women’s Studies Resource Centre and Maud’s house (Lincoln), Seal Court Characters: –James Blackadder –Maud Bailey –Leonora Stern –Mortimer Cropper –Roland Michell –Sir George Bailey Events: –Maud tries to understand the connection between LaMotte’s absence and Blanche Glover’s death –Cropper meets George Bailey –Cropper and Blackadder are looking for Roland

20 CHAPTER NINETEEN Function : Explanation of LaMotte’s journey to Brittany Setting : Brittany Characters : –Christabel LaMotte –Sabine De Kercoz (LaMotte’s cousin) –Maud Bailey –Ariane Le Minier Events : –Maud finds Sabine De Kercoz’s papiers that refer to LaMotte’s travel to Brittany –The question of a possible child of LaMotte and Ash

21 CHAPTER TWENTY Function : The discovery of the letters became public Setting : Television Studio Characters : –Mortimer Cropper –James Blackadder –Leonora Stern Events : –Mortimer Cropper gives a lecture –James Blackadder reads some books to understand the connection between Ash and LaMotte –Blackadder and Leonora participate to a television program

22 CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE Quotation : Mummy Possest written by Randolph Henry Ash

23 CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO Function : The beginning of a ferocious wrangle for the documents Setting : Newmarket Characters : –Val –Euan MacIntyre –Toby Byng Events : –The relationship between Val and Euan –Toby Byng is involved in literary solicitor

24 CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE Function : Maud and Roland’s escape Setting : Baie des Tréspassés (Brittany) Characters : –Maud Bailey –Roland Michell –Leonora Stern –James Blackadder –Mortimer Cropper Events : –Maud and Roland go back home because they see Leonora, Blackadder and Cropper. –Leonora, Blackadder and Cropper eat together

25 CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR Function : Maud could have the ownership of the letters Setting : Lincoln Characters : –Maud Bailey –Roland Michel –Val –Euan MacIntyre –Toby Byng (Sir George’s lawyer) –Beatrice Nest Events : –Euan, Val, Toby, Maud and Roland eat together and discuss about copyright and ownership of documents –Beatrice Nest tells Maud about the discussion between Cropper and Hildebrand Ash: Cropper want to keep a pack in Ash’s grave

26 CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE Function : Ellen’s reactions Setting : Ash’s house Characters : –Ellen Ash –Christabel LaMotte –Randolph Henry Ash –Blanche Glover Events : –LaMotte writes a letter to Ash because he is ill but Ellen doesn’t give him the letter –Flashback: Ash confesses to Ellen his love for another woman –Ellen discovers the presence of a child reading Ash’s letter to LaMotte –Ellen puts LaMotte’s letter into Ash’s grave

27 CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX Function : Roland’s unexpected success Setting : Roland’s house Characters : –Roland Michell Events : –Roland finds some letters: they are job offers from Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Barcelona and a letter from Blackadder.

28 CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN Function : Roland’s confessions Setting : Beatrice Nest’s house Characters : –Roland Michell –Maud Bailey –Val –Euan MacIntyre –Beatrice Nest –James Blackadder –Leonora Stern Events : –More discussion of ownership and copyrights of letters –Roland confesses how he came upon the original two letters and the research –They want to intercept Cropper

29 CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT Function : Conclusion of the story Setting : Hodershall Characters : –Roland Michell –Maud Bailey –Beatrice Nest –James Blackadder –Leonora Stern –Mortimer Cropper –Hildebrand Ash Events : –Cropper and Hildebrand find the box but they are stopped by Roland and the others –They read LaMotte’s hidden letter and they research is finished

30 POSTSCRIPT Function: No one can know the truth!!! Ash meets his daughter Maia


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