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Leadership Certification Level 1. The Attitude of a servant! The Bearing of a queen! The Clothing, or appearance, of a leader Leaders need to acquire:

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1 Leadership Certification Level 1

2 The Attitude of a servant! The Bearing of a queen! The Clothing, or appearance, of a leader Leaders need to acquire:

3 The Great Commandment To love God To love Ourselves To love Others

4 “The Lord is disappointed when His people place a low estimate on themselves. He desires His chosen heritage to value themselves according to the price He has placed upon them. God wanted them, or else He would not have sent his Son on such an expensive errand to redeem them.” Ellen White, Desire of Ages, p. 657

5 “It’s difficult to be above average when our self-worth is on zero!” Florence Littauer

6 “Our first duty to God and fellow beings is in self-development.” Ellen White, Education, p. 225

7 Margaret Thatcher The attitude of a servant The bearing of a queen Dress like a leader

8 How to receive a compliment gracefully A simple “thank you” is sufficient

9 Accepting “Constructive Criticism” Graciously

10 “A fool is quick- tempered; but a wise man (woman) stays cool when insulted.” Proverbs 12:16

11 “Thank you for sharing that thought with me” “Thank you for your analysis” “Thank you for caring enough to point this out to me personally” “I appreciate your comments and I’ll give them some thought” Possible responses to criticism:

12 “Better is a poor and wise child than an old and foolish King, who will no more be admonished.” Ecclesiastes 4:13

13 Remember, that you never get a second chance to make a “first impression!” So ask your self these three questions: Am I willing to take criticism? Am I willing to take it cheerfully? Am I willing to ask for it?

14 “If you will be a servant to these people today, and serve them, and answer them, and speak to them, and speak good words to them, then they will be your servants forever.” 1 Kings 12:17

15 Answer all who ask of you Speak kindly to all Have the attitude of a servant Some good advice for today’s leaders:

16 Five valuable characteristics to help you achieve a servant attitude: Adjustability Attitudes Emotional Control Impulse control Sensitivity

17 “It takes little to be above average.” Florence Littauer

18 Having the Bearing of a Leader Mothers are the queens of their households We are daughters of the King Stand up straight Walk with confidence Speak with conviction Good grooming and good posture go a long way in accomplishing your goal of having the attitude of a servant and the bearing of a Christian leader.

19 “You may be dignified without vain self-confidence; you may be condescending and yielding without sacrificing self-respect, or individual independence, and your life may be a great influence with those in the higher as well as the lower walks of life.” Ellen White, Volume 3 Testimonies, p.506.

20 The Bearing That Says You are a Leader Your entire physical being expresses yourself Assume good posture, a pleasant, relaxed facial expression, and make sure that your clothing is appropriate and that you are well groomed Act in a slow and deliberate, purposeful manner Don’t respond to distractions

21 Approach the chair Pause Keep your upper and lower body in alignment to stay balanced Maintaining good posture, bend knees and purposefully lower your body Use the following guidelines for seating yourself gracefully:

22 Sit on the edge of the chair first Then use your thigh muscles or hands to push yourself toward the back of the chair To stand, reverse the sequence While seated keep your knees and feet together. If you wish to cross your legs, cross them at the ankles and shift your knees to the right or left for variety and comfort

23 Never cross legs at the knees when sitting in front of an audience.

24 “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you. So, we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?” Hebrews 13: 5, 6, NIV “

25 I look into God’s Word daily for guidance, encouragement, and wisdom I look at myself carefully to see if I truly represent Him I look to God daily in prayer to cleanse me inside and out “ He must become greater; I must become less.” John 3:30, NIV Spiritual Good Grooming!

26 You should aim to have a unified or “put together” look. If you do, the viewer will see YOU and not your clothes

27 Are you judged by your clothes? Yes, because they are clues to your personality and character. They reveal your attitudes in general and towards yourself as much as your voice does. Ruth Budd, Do it the Right Way

28 You should aim to have a unified or “put together” look. If you do, the viewer will see YOU and not your clothes

29 My Grooming Checklist! Is my skin fresh and clean? Am I wearing a deodorant? Are my teeth freshly brushed? Is my hair clean and well groomed? Are my nails clean and smooth?

30 Treat your clothes well and they will serve you well!

31 Are my clothes appropriate for the occasion? Do my clothes fit me properly? Are my clothes clean, neatly pressed, and in good repair? Are my shoes polished and in good repair? If I’m wearing a fragrance, is it light?

32 People form their impressions of you by looking at the outside and making assumptions about what’s on the inside

33 Regal Radiance “Make special clothes for Aaron to indicate his separation; beautiful garments that will lend dignity to his work.” Ex. 28:2 TLB

34 “I saw that the outside appearance is an index to the heart.” Ellen White, “Daughter’s of God,” p.154.

35 The importance of good grooming includes a healthy complexion and well cared for hair and hands

36 A balanced diet Plenty of drinking water (6-8 eight ounce glasses daily) Regular exercise (30-minutes three times a week) Fresh air (Try sleeping with your windows open) Adequate sleep (6-8 hours a night) Avoidance of frowning and squinting God’s recipe for a good complexion includes:

37 Attractive hair as an important part of our grooming Shampoo on schedule Find someone who cuts your hair well Keep your hair care tools clean Keep your hairstyle attractive

38 Feminine Hands: Clean, smooth, well manicured Moisturized regularly, and wear gloves Shape and file Soak Fingernails in warm soapy water, and brush cuticles and nails Push back cuticle, and remove any hangnail

39 Feminine Hands! Use your hands gracefully: It only takes a little practice. Don’t allow your hands to fidget. Looking poised and self-assured, even when you feel nervous, helps you to be poised. When you use your hands, keep your movements slow and deliberate. When you’re not using them keep them relaxed.

40 Feminine Hands! (Cont..) When shaking hand: Don’t hold your arm out straight from the elbow. Rather, keep your elbow slightly bent. Lead with your wrist and turn the palm of your hand outward as you extend your hand. Make your handshake firm and delivered with good eye contact and a smile.

41 Time Savers! To save time, and look well groomed, keep a clothes brush or lint brush, shoe polish, spot remover, and a small repair kit in your clothes closet.

42 “Cherish the precious, priceless gem of modesty. This will guard virtue....” Ellen G White, “Daughter’s of God,” p. 156.

43 We usually see ourselves as we think others see us, but your own self-image is so much more important. Remember that you are a unique woman, a child of God, worthy of good care and personal development. So in accepting yourself and being yourself, you may just be in for a pleasant surprise. You might just be a wonderful person!


45 Role Models in Servant Leadership! 1.Who do you know someone who has been an excellent role model in Servant Leadership? __________________________ 2.What is there about this person’s style of leadership that qualifies them as having an attitude of a servant?_______________ 3.Have you ever had a mentor? If so, who?__________________________________ 4. If you were to choose a mentor who would you select? ______________________ 5. What qualities and skills would you want to learn from your mentor?_____________

46 6.How do you rate your attitude? Excellent Good Fair Poor In need of improvement 7.What strengths do you possess?________________ 8.How well do you cope with criticism?_____________ 9.How can you become less defensive in the face of criticism? __________________________________ 10.Circle the characteristics you want to develop in your leadership: Emotional Control Impulse Control Sensitivity Flexibility Patience 11.What can you do in advance to prepare to handle criticism in a non-defensive manner, even being able to thank the person offering the criticism and doing so with a smile? _______________________________ Having a plan for dealing with criticism will keep you from being caught of guard and over reacting! Role Models in Servant Leadership! (Cont)

47 Size up YOUR Figure! My primary figure plus is: ________________________________________ My primary figure minus is: ________________________________________ What should my attitude be toward any disproportions I may possess? ____________________________ What techniques can I use to minimize my disproportion? ______________________________ What are the basic colors of my current wardrobe? 1-_________________________________ 2-_________________________________

48 Size up YOUR Figure! (cont) What color looks best next to my skin, especially around my face? ________________________________________ What color brings me complements when worn? __________________________________________ What color/s should I add when purchasing new clothing to build on the wardrobe I already own? ________________________________________ Cut out some pictures of clothing that you think would be good for your size frame Paste on a separate sheet. Take this with you when going shopping. “Now then we are ambassadors of Christ.” 11 Corinthians 5:20

49 “A” is for Attitude: (Underline appropriate responses.) Attitude should create an air of superiority Attitude should create an atmosphere of love Attitude should make me approachable.

50 “B” is for Bearing: Proper bearing demonstrates that we recognize that we are a daughter of the King of Kings Proper bearing is a form of boasting about one’s self Proper bearing includes good posture

51 “C” is for Clothing: Appropriate clothing gives us confidence that we are representing our Lord properly Attractive clothing exhibits conceit and self-centeredness Well coordinated clothing allows a person to forget themselves and focus on the task at hand

52 When you stand in front of the mirror, ask yourself: “Is there anything about my appearance I would change if I knew I would meet Jesus looking this way?”

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