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This young woman, blonde haired, blue eyed is now engaged to her love of her life Jonathan. Ellen Gulden is the daughter of Kate Gulden who is now very.

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2 This young woman, blonde haired, blue eyed is now engaged to her love of her life Jonathan. Ellen Gulden is the daughter of Kate Gulden who is now very sick with cancer Ellen took time off of her work as a worker in a major magazine company in New York to come tend to her dying mother. After Ellen is taking care of the mother and watching her slowly die Kate her mother asks her to take her pain away and stop the suffering. Ellen is very upset about her mother asking her to kill her but Ellen feels it is the best choice.


4 A actress that could play Ellen and do a very well job could be Sandra Bullock. Sandra would fit the part good because she is a amazing actress. Also she is young and sexy like Ellen. I fell that Sandra Bullock could act as a caring daughter like Ellen plays.

5 Kate is a older woman who has found out that she has cancer. Kate went form having long blond full head of hair to it all fallen out when she is sick, also Kate loses a lot of weight from being sick all the time. Kate being a very independent woman what's to be left alone. When Kate realizes she needs someone to help take care of her. She does not want her daughter to watch her die slowly and in pain so she gets a nanny. Kate feels reject after her husband wont sleep in the same bed as her once she is sick. In the end of the book Kate asks her daughter to kill her because she doesn’t want to suffer anymore.


7 A good choice for a actress to play Kate Gulden in a movie would be Diane Lane, she has already played a older lady in the movie Nights In Roadnthe. In this movie she did good action in being sad and old and that’s what the charter of Kate would have to be.

8 Teresa is a young woman with dark hair. Teresa is the woman who come into take care of Kate because she is sick. Teresa is sad about watching Kate die, but she is also comforts Kate's family. Teresa and Ellen grow into very close friends.

9 Employer Kate Gulden Friend Ellen Gulden Boss Dr. Cohn

10 I fell that a good actor to play Teresa would be Angelian Jolie, she has played in many movies and is a good actress. I think that she could play the part of a nurse taking care of a old lady. Angelian Jolie is a mother so she would know how to treat a mother and she is involved with a lot of charities so she would know how to take care of some one who is sick.

11 Descriptive writing 1) “Teresa took the stethoscope out of her bag and put it on my mothers chest.” This is very good descriptive writing because when I was reading this line I could picture Teresa reaching into her bag and placing a stethoscope on a old ladies chest.

12 2)”The green in front of the Town Hall was planted thick with asters in an early autumnal rusty orange.” I can actually picture thick, full green plant out side a huge building on a cold day and the leaves changing color.

13 3)” My mother said to the funeral-home director, “Open the box.” Stevie's dress uniform was perfect, I don’t think he wore it much but it didn’t even look like him his face was so swollen.” I can picture a bunch of people in a funeral-home crying and very sad and a man laying dead in a box.

14 4)”She just sat there in front of the fireplace crying and crying.” I can just picture Kate sitting there crying and very sad.

15 5) “I just keep pushing the button till she stopped moving. Then a couple more times to be sure.” I can see Ellen just sitting there crying as she is killing her mother. I see her angry

16 The climax in the book One True Thing is when Kate asks her daughter Ellen, if she will help kill her to stop the pain. At that second is when you reach the highest point in the book you don’t know if Ellen is willing to kill her mother or hold on. Ellen's decision is to keep pushing her mothers morphine button till she die so it never hurt her at all but she did die.

17 If Ellen decide not to keep pushing the button then her mother would still live but she would have kept suffering. Ellen would have had to keep watching her mother in pain and still die slowly.

18 In the book I pick the conflict man vs man and man vs himself. Ellen was fighting with her self to make a huge decision about killing her mother with morphine. That is man vs himself conflict witch impacts the man vs man. Ellen did decide to kill her mother and now she is being put in jail for it. Ellen feels like that is unfair for them to treat her like that if it is what her mother wanted. The cops went to her house and arrested her for killing her mother.

19 TITLE I feel that Anna Quindlen made a good choice in picking the title. One True Thing fits the book well. When Ellen goes to jail, it is the One True Thing that sent her there. The One True Thing is about Ellen killing her mother and because it is what her mother wanted that makes it true.

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