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Sir Henry Irving Born in Somerset, 1838 19 th Century actor He began his acting career in 1856, appearing with various provincial Stock companies. During.

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2 Sir Henry Irving Born in Somerset, th Century actor He began his acting career in 1856, appearing with various provincial Stock companies. During the following ten years he played over 600 parts By 1866 he was established in London Another five years later he found over night fame in ‘The Bells’ In 1895 he became the first actor to be knighted for his achievements Sadly his mum didn’t live to witness any of his success he was at the forefront in the development of gaslight for his spectacular productions of Shakespeare and Romantic Melodrama at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, London between 1871 and 1902 During this period and until 1902 Ellen Terry was his leading lady He planned to retire in 1906, after celebrating 50 years on the stage His sudden death on October 13th 1905 shocked and saddened the nation By Leanne Corliss

3 Ellen Terry Born in Coventry, 1847 Ellen never went to school and at the age of eight appeared as Mammilius in The Winter's Tale at the Prince's Theatre in London After a brief marriage to the painter, George Frederick Watts in 1864, Terry established herself as Britain's leading Shakespearean actress In 1878 she formed a partnership with Henry Irving at the Lyceum, where he became actor-manager She dominated English theatre for over twenty years In 1903 Terry went into theatre management and with her son helped to popularize the work of Henrik Ibsen and George Bernard Shaw. Ellen Terry, who slowly sank into blindness, died in By Leanne Corliss

4 Joseph Jefferson Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania February 20 th 1829 He appeared in the theater at a early age, given the name of “a babe in arms” his first performance was in Washington D.C at the Washington Theatre were he sang ”Jump Jim Crow” for the Minstrel Thomas.D Rice. His father died when he was 13, so his acting jobs contributed to the household needs. Once he was old enough he had saved up enough money to travel to Europe in November 1856, then he joined a acting company “Laura Keene’s Company” Later on Jefferson joined a dramatic performance of the story" Rip Van Winkle” he continued acting in this show for over 40 years Jefferson was the only man in his profession honored most about his achievements and his character. Due to all of his amazing achievements with “Rip Van Winkle” he was given a replacement name of" one-part actor” Sadly he died on April in Palm Beach Florida By Melanie Cottrell

5 Edwin Booth Born 13 th of November 1833 Edwin followed in the foot steps of his father Junius Brutus Booth who also was a famous Actor His first few performances were along the sideline of his father starring as Tressel in Richard III In 1852 Edwin had his first starring role as Richard due to the death of his Father Edwin and His brother Junius.Jr performed Julius Caesar in 1864 this was the first and last time Edwin and his brother performed together. The funds went toward the Statue of William Shakespeare that still stands in Central Park. Later on Edwin commenced a production of Hamlet also know as “Hundred nights Hamlet” this was performed 101 times From 1863 to 1867 Edwin managed several plays at the Winter Garden Theater mainly staging Shakespearean Tragedies After the fire at The Winter Garden Theater Booth built his very own Theater called the “Booth’s theater" on the 3 rd of February 1869 Died 7 th of June 1893 By Melanie Cottrell

6 Charlotte Cushman Born July 23 rd 1816 in Boston Massachusetts Her mother encouraged chores around the house, so she attempted being a maid, figured it wasn’t for her so took up acting. Making her stage debut In Boston in 1835 in the Opera The Marriage of Figaro. Following year debuted as Lady McBeth Charlotte and her younger sister Susan became famous for there Romeo and Juliet Cushman began to have a romance with Rosalie Sully in 1843 ending in 1844 Cushman had many relationships over the next 18 years with several women Sadly she was diagnosed with breast cancer, being the proud confident women she was, she ignored the cancer and continued to act. She died in Boston 1876 at the age of 59 of pneumonia In 1915 she was elected New York University hall of Fame

7 Adelaide Ristori Born 29 th in January 1822 in Cividale De Friuli At 14 she made her first success as Francesca da Rimini in Silvo Pellico’s At 18 she was playing Mary Stuart an Italian version of Friedrich Schiller’s play 1855 she made a professional visit to Paris where she played the role Francesca A tour then followed in 1956 visiting Paris, London, Madrid and many more playing to enthusiastic Spanish audience’s 1866 she paid her first visit to the United States of America were she won much a plause in Paolo Giacometti’s Elisabeth She retired from her professional life in 1885 Died on the 9 th of October 1905 at the age of 84

8 Biography

9 Written and Researched by Melanie Cottrell Leanne Corliss Freya Sawbridge

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