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Sarah Foltz Family History EDC 326-002 2/5/07. Generation 1.

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1 Sarah Foltz Family History EDC 326-002 2/5/07

2 Generation 1

3  Brian Patrick Foltz was born December 9, 1983. Growing up he was loved to read and always wanted to play sports. He was very smart. He graduated from the University of Louisville in December 2006 with a degree in Communications. He currently works at the Sunglass Hut.  Sarah Frances Foltz was born January 5, 1985. It was quite the surprise to everyone because she wasn’t supposed to be born until mid-March. Sarah always enjoyed music and singing. She is currently attending UK and pursuing a degree in Education. She hopes to travel to Australia to student teach next fall.  Elizabeth Ellen Foltz, or Betsy as she’s called, was born April 21, 1987. She was a very stubborn child and continuously tortured her siblings. Her behavior hasn’t changed with age. She currently attends Cincinnati State where she’s scared to begin culinary school because of her fear of ovens.

4 Generation 1

5 Generation 2  Thomas Jerome Foltz was born on January 15, 1954 in Kenton County Kentucky. He was the second youngest of 6 children. Raised on a farm in Boone County Kentucky he was constantly working on the farm. He graduated from High School early, skipping his senior year. He went on to become an Accountant, and eventually a teacher.

6 Generation 2  Mary Carol Foltz was born on May 3, 1955 in Kenton County. She was born into a family of teachers as the second youngest of 7 children. She was the 4 th daughter to be named Mary in a huge Catholic family. Carol, as she is known, went on to graduate Villa Madonna Academy and be an active volunteer in her community as an adult.

7 Generation 2  Tom and Carol met in 1980 at a bar called Tickets in Covington Kentucky. They were married a year and a half later at Blessed Sacrament Church in Ft. Mitchell Kentucky. The night before the wedding Carol’s father had a heart attack so he was obviously not able to attend the wedding putting a huge stress on the day. This was the church that both of their parent were married. Within 5 years they had 3 kids.

8 Generation 3  Leo Paul Foltz was born April 22, 1917 in Kenton County Kentucky. He served in WWII in the states training men about to go overseas. He couldn’t go overseas because he had flat feet. He worked most of his life as a farmer. He grew up on a dairy farm where he worked as a part of the dairy process until he moved onto his own farm in the 1960s where he raised his own crops and cattle for slaughter.

9 Generation 3  Mary Ellen Dresssman was born October 24, 1919 in Kenton County Kentucky. She went to a private high school on scholarship and was offered a scholarship to college but could not go because her she head to take care of her family. Mental illness ran in her family and her brother suffered from schizophrenia. Since her father died at such a young age she took on a lot of responsibility as the oldest child in the family— especially since her mother lived for almost 50 years after her father’s death.

10 Generation 3  Mary Ellen and Leo met while he was driving a bus and she was on his route. He would frequently stop and offer her a ride. They began dating and married on January 29, 1944. They had 6 children and lived on a farm in Boone County that would later become very valuable property to the growing county. Leo died on July 8, 1973 of a rare cancer that only 20 cases were ever reported. Mary Ellen lived for 30 more years and did great things with the money that she acquired by developing the farm. She helped those less fortunate than her, sent all 19 of her grandchildren to 12 years of Catholic school and collage, built a brand new high school building for St. Henry District High School, and many more things. She died on October 3, 2003. More than 300 people attended her funeral and she has been greatly missed in the community and her family.

11 Generation 4  Carl Michael Foltz was born January 23, 1891 in Kenton County Kentucky. In February 9, 1915 he married Marie Catherine Allerstoerffer. Carl owned a dairy farm in Edgewood Kentucky that was famous for it’s products. Nearly everyone in Northern Kentucky bought their dairy at the Foltz Dairy. He also owned 200 acres in Boone County where Turfway Park Race Track currently sits. Carl wasn’t the nicest of men and was rumored to be very rude to Marie who was a very sweet and gentle woman. Carl suffered from Alzheimer's and also had to have a leg amputated late in life for circulatory reason. Marie had very bad vision and wore think glasses, yet could still barely see. Her eyes were so bad that she sometimes ate off of other’s plates. She went to church every day until she had an operation on her head and lost her equilibrium. Marie died on December 28, 1971 and Carl died soon after on December 21, 1972.

12 Generation 4  Alfred Bernard Dressman was born February 16, 1888 in Kenton County Kentucky. He was a very smart man and had a love for playin bridge. He was a bookkeeper and an accountant during his lifetime. He worked for Union Light Heat and Power Company which is now Duke Energy. He was also listed as an Auditor of the City of Covington. He did a lot for himself in the business world considering he only had a 7 th grade Education. He was very easygoing until he died of pneumonia in 1936 at the age of 48.

13 Generation 4  Mary Anne Lauretta Overman was born March 6, 1890. Whe was known to most people in her life was Mae, but as “Gra” to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She grew up in a wealthy family and met Alfred Dressman when she was only 10 years old. He had come to her house to pay his family’s rent—they lived in an apartment owned by Mae’s father. They wanted to get married in 1910, but waited until 1911 when Mae was 21 because her father said he would give them $1,000 if they waited. They got married at 6:00 AM and thought nobody would show up, but the church was packed. They went to Louisville by train for Three days. Mae lived for almost 50 years after Al died and was supported by her 8 children. She was put into a nursing home in the late 1970s and they told her family she would only live for 2 or 3 months. She lived for 10 more years. My brother and I always went to see her at St. Charles and took cookies and had picnics with her. She died on September 17, 1988. When my brother was 3 and when to visit her he looked at her and just told her “You’re going to die soon!” Without missing a beat, Gra looked back and said, “And so are you!”

14 Generation 5  Peter P. Foltz was born November 2, 1856 in Kenton County Kentucky. He lived on a farm that was sold when Covington Catholic High School was built (where many of his future offspring would go to school). He married Frances Margaret Goetz who was born February 22, 1862. They married in 1880. Frances was known to be a very strict mother and pulled her children’s ears when they acted out of line. Peter and Frances had 11 children, one being Carl, all of whom remained in Kenton County Kentucky.

15 Generation 5  John Allerstoeffer was born August 10, 1862 in Lauterbourg, France. He came to America in 1855 and had many jobs. He worked as an iron worker, a billiard table maker, a gardener, a janitor, and even a brewer. He was a tall, thin man with a mustache. He married Maria Eva Zerr who went by Eva. She was born December 24, 1866 in Neewiller, France. Eva came to America on August 27, 1886 on Ship Belgenland, Antwerp to NYC. She was short and feisty. Eva was a maid to a rich family and her and John met while taking a walk through the neighborhood. Eva and John had two daughters, one being Marie Catherine Allerstoeffer, who she took to Germany in 1900. She once told my grandmother while she was dating my grandfather that “nice girls don’t date other people when their man is away in the service.” John died February 7, 1932. Eva died July 1, 1943.

16 Generation 5  Joseph Henry Dressman was born March 19, 1861 in Kenton County Kentucky. He married Emma Kreutzer born May 20, 1867 in Carrollton Kentucky. Joseph had many different jobs according to various census’. He was a hatter for a while, and was also listed as a Market Master, an insurance agent, and a Delinquent Tax Collector. Joseph was also deeply involved in Covington political affairs. He was a leader in the Democratic Party and ran for many city offices. He was elected and served as Councilman several times, but was defeated in October, 1913. He bounced back on November 19, 1917 and was appointed delinquent tax collector for the city.  Joseph and Emma had five children, one being Alfred Dressman.  Emma died suddenly on February 7, 1923 of a heart attack. She had heart trouble for many years before her death.  Joseph died on May 15, 1930 at his home. He was sick for 10 years before his death.

17 Generation 5  Herman Henry Anthony Overman was born September 10, 1859 in Kenton County Kentucky. He married Maria Anna Elizabeth Wichmann who was born November 6, 1862 in Kenton County Kentucky. Anthony was a wealthy man who owned a wholesale grocery shop. He liked eating expensive food and was very kind to his family. He wanted everyone to look nice and gave a lot of money to the needy. He had all of his clothes made by a tailor. Anthony took his wife, children, and grandchildren to California for a month in June 1915. They took a car and went through Yellowstone. There were 14 people including 2 maids. Maria made dresses as a hobby for her children. Anthony and Maria had seven children, the oldest being Mae Overman.

18 THE END Sources: Craig Schultz, Tom Foltz, Ellen Collett, Carol Foltz Many of the personal details of the older generations came from Mary Ellen Foltz

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