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Please select a Team. 1.Team 1 2.Team 2 3.Team 3 4.Team 4 5.Team 5.

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2 Please select a Team. 1.Team 1 2.Team 2 3.Team 3 4.Team 4 5.Team 5


4 Science 200 Points Answer

5 Category Selection a.Challenger b.Discover c.Columbia

6 Sports 600 Points Answer

7 Enter question text... a.A b.B c.C d.D Category Selection

8 Answer a.Sue Ellen b.Kristin, Sue Ellen’s sister c.Lucy Ewing d.Pam Ewing Category Selection

9 Potpourri 600 Points Answer

10 Category Selection a. Answer

11 Movies 400 Points Answer

12 a.Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom b.What Lies Beneath c.Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade d.Raiders of the Lost Ark Category Selection

13 Science 400 Points Answer

14 a.Patty Hearst b.John Gotti c.Charles Manson d.Matt “the trigger” Van Vranken Category Selection

15 Movies 800 Points Answer

16 a.Dirty Harry b.The Good, the Bad and the Ugly c.The Professionals d.A Fistful of Dollars Category Selection

17 Music 200 Points Answer

18 a.Elton John b.James Taylor c.James Brown d.Jimmy Carter Category Selection

19 Movies 600 Points Answer

20 a.Honor Deferred b.The Man c.Shaft d.S.W.A.T. Category Selection

21 Science 800 Points Answer

22 This famous couple married in 1981. a.Liz Taylor & Richard Burton b.Jackie Kennedy & Aristotle Onassis c.George Bush & Laura Welch d.Prince Charles & Lady Diana Category Selection

23 Sports 200 Points Answer

24 Enter question text... a.A b.B c.C d.D Category Selection

25 These are the names of the five children from the Partridge Family. a.Keith, Laurie, Danny, Chris, Tracey b.Michael, Tito, Jermaine, Randy, Marlon c.Marcia, Jan, Peter, Bobby, Greg d.John Boy, Mary Ellen, Jason, Elizabeth, Jim Bob Category Selection

26 Music 600 Points Answer

27 These two singers wrote “We are the World – USA for Africa” in 1986. a.Michael Jackson & Diana Ross b.Matt ‘Smooth’ Van Vranken & Bill ‘The Voice’ Reitscha c.Michael Jackson & Lionel Ritchie d.Lionel Ritchie & Bruce Springsteen Category Selection

28 Potpourri 800 Points Answer

29 Question? a.Answer Category Selection

30 Movies 1000 Points Answer

31 In this 1976 gangster movie (where the gangsters are children), Scott Baio starred as the main character who was in a power battle between Fat Sam and Dandy Dan. a.Bugsy Malone b.Aces High c.Dick Tracey d.Angels with Dirty Faces Category Selection

32 Music 800 Points Answer

33 This legendary band started their music career in 1961. a.The Rolling Stones b.The Beatles c.Earth, Wind & Fire d.U2 Category Selection

34 Science 600 Points Answer

35 This famous structure was built in 1961. a.The Berlin Wall b.The Mackinac Bridge c.The St. Louis Arch d.The East Auditorium Category Selection

36 Potpourri 1000 Points Answer

37 Question? a.Answer Category Selection

38 Movies 200 Points Answer

39 In this 1986 movie, Maverick was a pilot who moved up in the ranks and was sent to a prestigious naval flying school. a.Iron Eagle b.Battlestar Galactia c.Top Gun d.Dumbo Category Selection

40 Sports 400 Points Answer

41 Enter question text... a.A b.B c.C d.D Category Selection

42 In 1971, this famous, and often controversial, television show debuted. a.All in the Family b.Days of Our Lives c.60 Minutes d.The Brady Bunch Category Selection

43 Music 1000 Points Answer

44 This artist won the Grammy for Record of the Year and Song of the Year in 1981. a.Prince b.Elton John c.Pat Benetar d.Christopher Cross Category Selection

45 Potpourri 400 Points Question?

46 a.Answer Category Selection

47 Music 400 Points Answer

48 This group won the best new artist Grammy in 1971. a.The Bee Gees b.The Carpenters c.The Spectrum Health Rockers d.The Who Category Selection

49 Sports 800 Points Answer

50 Enter question text... a.A b.B c.C d.D Category Selection

51 This is the name of the eldest child on The Cosby Show. a.Vanessa b.Denise c.Saundra d.Claire Category Selection

52 Science 1000 Points Answer

53 The United States Supreme Court reached this landmark decision in 1966. a.Brown v. Board of Education b.Roe v. Wade c.Miranda d.St. Mary’s Medical Center v. Rietscha Category Selection

54 Potpourri 200 Points Answer

55 Question? Category Selection a.Answer

56 Sports 1000 Points Answer

57 Enter question text... a.A b.B c.C d.D Category Selection

58 This classic show made its debut in 1961 and ended its television run in 1966. a.The Dick Van Dyke Show b.Father Knows Best c.Leave it to Beaver d.The Spectrum Health Variety Show Category Selection

59 Team Scores 635.29Team 2 565.79Team 3 551.92Team 4 537.74Team 5 528.57Team 1

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