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Ellen Tebbits By : Beverly Cleary Presentation by : Chelsea Cuff.

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1 Ellen Tebbits By : Beverly Cleary Presentation by : Chelsea Cuff

2 Chapter 1 There was a new kid in school. Her name was Austine. Ellen had no friends. She thought that she didn’t need one. But she was lonely. She didn’t have a cat or a dog to play with.

3 Chapter 2 Ellen wanted a friend. So she made one it was Austine. They were best friends.

4 Chapter 3 At school there was a brown objet. It rocked back and forth.Ellen did not under stand.

5 Chapter 4 At the library Austine picked to horse books. Ellen asked if Austine ridden a house before. Austine no. I have never ridden a house before Austine said.

6 Ellen and Austine wanted to be twins. So they planed a day. Ellen mother made hers and Austine mother made hers. So the next day Ellen went over to Austine house then Austine came out and they did not have the same dress on. So They went to school but everyone had to make a big fuss about it. Everyone said that Austin look like a monkey. Austine was at up set with Ellen over a silly sash. Then at lunch someone bushed Ellen and every body was laughing even Austine. Ellen slapped Austine in the face. Chapter 5

7 Chapter 6 There was a rat that could dance. But they were trying to get the rat so they could have there school play. Ellen saw the rat dance.She couldn’t dance so she took the rat home and she learned how to dance. Then at school they couldn’t find the rat. So they had there play. Ellen was the rat she was great.

8 Chapter 7 Ellen sill didn’t make up with Austine.Ellen really wanted Austine to be her friend.So Ellen stop Austine in the hall way she said am really sorry. So the girls made up and they were best friends again. It turns out they both had the same secret.They both were winter under were.

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