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The past, present and future of the “Awards for Reduction and Recycling of Waste” program Expanding ARROW.

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1 The past, present and future of the “Awards for Reduction and Recycling of Waste” program Expanding ARROW

2 What is ARROW? ARROW is a free, voluntary program for businesses that make responsible environmental choices in any of five areas:  Recycling. Business has a recycling program in place.  Buying Recycled. Business buys materials or supplies with recycled content.  Selling Recycled. Business sells products containing recycled materials.  Reducing. Business reduces in ways such as energy use, packaging, paperwork, etc.  Reusing. Business reuses, for example, by-products generated on site or from another business, or may reuse supply elements, such as shipping pallets.

3 The desire to expand recycling in the business sector leads to the idea of ARROW. 1998: ARROW is proposed for an Innovation Grant for Eagan, Apple Valley and Burnsville. A pilot program is enacted shortly thereafter. 2001: The pilot program in the three cities is completed with 52 businesses and non- profits having become members. 2003: ARROW expands to include schools, adding 28 members in this category from ISD 191 and 196. 2009: ARROW continues to gain membership, with to 118 members and growing. History of ARROW Awards for Reduction and Recycling of Waste, or “ARROW,” is a unique program over 11years in the making:

4 Benefits of the ARROW Program  Is a way to thank and reward businesses who have decided to make responsible environmental choices  Reinforces recycling as a way of life, not just an “at home” activity  Creates knowledge of business practices, as the general public is often unaware of the recycling efforts of businesses  ARROW has unlimited outreach potential:  suitable for urban, suburban and rural areas  recognizes small, medium and large businesses  schools, religious institutions and non-profit organizations may also become members

5 The Application

6 Becoming a Member  Businesses receive an application via mail or e-mail, or may download it from the DVR website  Upon DVR receiving a completed application, the application is sent to the County to check for outstanding environmental violations  If there are none, the business receives a membership packet with:  An ARROW Certificate  An ARROW window cling  Business’ information is added to ARROW database

7 Benefits to Members  Certificate and window cling  May be displayed for customers and patrons to be aware of environmentally friendly actions  Annual ARROW newsletter  Keeps businesses informed on relevant issues in business recycling and waste management  Recognition in an annual newspaper advertisement  Dakota Valley Recycling promotes the ARROW program once a year in one of the local papers; last year’s ad came out on September 12 in This Week newspaper  Completely FREE!

8 Window Cling in Action

9 2008 Burnsville/Eagan zone ad:

10  118 members in 3 cities  80 businesses  28 schools  6 government agencies  2 churches  2 non-profit organizations  Wide Variety of Business Types Current Program Stats Advertising Automotive Cleaning Financial Consulting Grocery Home/Building Housing Manufacturing Printing Restaurant Retail Stylists Supplying Veterinary Technology Transport Waste Management


12 Managing the ARROW program  Maintaining a database of lifetime members  Writing and sending annual newsletter  Putting together annual newspaper advertisement  Sending out annual member questionnaire  Identifying and contacting potential new members  Processing applications

13 Thank You!

14 Other Recognition Programs  Wipe Out Waste, Mecklenburg County, NC  3-year membership:  Wipe Out Waste decal to display at their business  Free technical assistance from the County.  Free publicity in local media  Must annually report accomplishments in the following areas: Waste Reduction, Recycling and Buying Recycled Products  Waste Reduction &Recycling Awards Banquet :  Debut Award – Brightest Emerging Program  Most Integrated Program Award  Outstanding environmental leadership award  Outstanding Waste Reduction and Recycling Customer Education Program Award  Currently about 121 members county-wide

15 Other Recognition Programs  Green Business Program, City of Columbia, SC  1-year membership:  decal to post in their workplace window  a listing on the CPAC Web site  recognition at a Columbia City Council meeting  Free advice and technical assistance from the partners of the City of Columbia Climate Protection Action Campaign  Must renew membership every year  Green Is Good Business Conference  Keynote speaker and sessions on recycling, green cleaning, green landscaping, energy and water efficiency.  feature green vendors and service providers.  Business Afterhours social networking event after sessions  Currently 64 members city-wide

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