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Cosc 5/4755 Information and Resources: Blackberry and Android.

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1 Cosc 5/4755 Information and Resources: Blackberry and Android

2 Blackberry General Information Blackberry – Main site for blackberry – – Developers site, forums, downloads, tutorials, etc… – Large amount of information and forums on Blackberry devices. Tutorials, help, videos, and Includes an app store.

3 BB Useful desktop applications Blackberry Desktop software – – Used for sync’ing and backups of the device. Comes with a loader to add app’s or update the OS. BBSAK – BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife Allows access to the device, to backup/restore apps (not available in desktop software), wipe device, add/modify/remove CODs (app modules), read event logs, factory reset. –

4 Blackberry Hybrids Because most of the OS is java (except the drivers), many people use a hybrids OS. – Most of the OS is not device dependent. – Picking and choosing from different OS versions to get all the OS app’s that “work better”. IE browser from one OS, but the clock from another. Leaked version of the OS can be found in many places, but normally is pretty good about posting all of them.

5 Update a Blackberry OS Assuming not Official OS versions – Official version use blackberry desktop and have to download the OS. Basic guide to updating: update-leaked-beta-os-122851/ update-leaked-beta-os-122851/ More complete guide (with pictures): apps-upgrade-os-all-devices-pics-548313/ apps-upgrade-os-all-devices-pics-548313/ BACKUP! Sync, backup data, backup 3 rd party apps. NOTE: If you get an error during this process, clear your browser cache (Browser > Menu Key > options > cache operation > clear all of them) – If you brick the phone, you will have to wipe the phone and reload from scratch.

6 Update a Blackberry OS (2) While the tutorial is good, there other methods. – On BBHybrids, get the BBHybrids Tool Used to shrink your OS and remove features you don’t want, but can’t be removed via the installer. After you shrink the OS, press the update OS button. – Also will delete the vendor.xml file for you. – The course phones, we have to use bbsak/Bbhybrids. The desktop software gets confused because we don’t have “vendor”.

7 Android Remember, Android is the OS and not the hardware manufacture. – developers site. For android tools, click the SDK add-ons link. – with very limited developers, but you can get the some source code – Others: phones.php phones.php

8 Android General info While there are a lot of sites covering android, I’ve found gives good coverage, forums, a lots of information and tutorials. – Includes information on “rooting” an android phone. Remember Android is based on the linux kernel. There seems to be a number of android app stores as well, like but I’ve never used them.

9 Desktop software Motorola and other provide desktop software to sync media files. – I haven’t seen anything that allows you to backup or “sync” with your computer. – The gmail account syncs your contacts and calendar with – There is backup software JS backup will back the device and store the file local or in the cloud (such as dropbox). – Clockworld Recovery and Titanium can be used, but not free. Some require that you root your phone.

10 OTA app install Using Cosc’s web servers Howto create web pages: – Create a.htaccess file Add one or more of the following: Blackberry: – AddType text/ – AddType application/vnd.rim.cod.cod – AddType application/java-archive.jar Android: – AddType application/

11 OTA app install (2) Create a html file Blackberry – Copy the cod and jad file to the web server – Link the jad file app Android – Copy the apk file to web server and link to it – app

12 OTA app install (3) Blackberry – On install, if you haven’t signed the app, it will ask if you want to install it anyway Android – Settings->Applications Settings Check unknown sources – otherwise you can only install from the android market place.

13 Q A &

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