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Elements of Poetry 2012.  Lines  Stanzas  Rhyme  Rhythm  Alliteration  Simile  Metaphor  Mood  Onomatopoeia  Couplets  Personification Poetry.

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Presentation on theme: "Elements of Poetry 2012.  Lines  Stanzas  Rhyme  Rhythm  Alliteration  Simile  Metaphor  Mood  Onomatopoeia  Couplets  Personification Poetry."— Presentation transcript:

1 Elements of Poetry 2012

2  Lines  Stanzas  Rhyme  Rhythm  Alliteration  Simile  Metaphor  Mood  Onomatopoeia  Couplets  Personification Poetry Terms

3  Lines- Poets write in lines instead of sentences  Stanza- Groups of lines in poetry  Rhyme- Words that end lines of poetry with the same sound  Rhythm- the beat or pattern of a poem  Simile- A comparison using “like” or “as”  Metaphor- A comparison that doesn’t use “like” or “as” Poetry Terms

4  Couplets- Stanzas of two lines that usually Rhyme  Alliteration- The repetition of a consonant sound  Onomatopoeia- Words that mimic or imitate the sound it is describing  Mood- Is the emotions that we feel from the work  Personification- giving something that is not human, human characteristics Poetry Terms Continued

5  Bio Poem  I Am Poem  Haiku  Limerick  Diamante  Concrete Poem  Cinquain  Poem containing Alliteration  Poem Containing Personification  Poem containing Simile and Metaphor  A Rhyming Poem  A Sports, Music, Art, Dance or other interest poem Types of Poems

6  Line 1Your first name  Line 24 traits that describe you  Line 3Sibling of…Or Son or Daughter of  Line 4Lover of…(three items)  Line 5 Who feels (three items)  Line 6Who needs (three items)  Line 7Who gives (three items)  Line 8 Who fears (three items)  Line 9Who would like to see (three items)  Line 10Resident of (your address)  Line 11Your Last Name Bio Poem

7  Stanza 1  I am ( two special characteristics that you have)  I wonder (Something that you are curious about)  I hear (an Imaginary sound)  I see (an imaginary sight)  I want (an actual desire)  I am (repeat line 1)  Stanza 2  I Pretend (something you actually pretend to do)  I feel (a feeling about something imaginary)  I touch (an imaginary touch)  I worry (something that really bothers you)  I cry (something that makes you sad)  I am (repeat line 1)  Stanza 3  I understand (something that you know is true)  I say (something that you believe in)  I dream(something that you actually dream about)  I try (something that you make an effort about)  I hope (something you actually hope for)  I am (repeat line 1) I Am Poem

8  Haiku poetry is a very short, centuries old form of Japanese poetry, that usually deals with nature. The poem follows a specific pattern.  5 syllables  7 syllables  5 syllables  Snow is falling down  Our snow days are all used up  That means I’ll see you Haiku Poem

9  A limerick is a funny little five line poem that has a rhyming pattern and a rhythm. The last words of the 1 st, 2 nd, and 5 th lines must all rhyme. The 3 rd and 4 th lines must also rhyme, but not with the other three lines.  A clumsy young fellow named Jim  Was never informed how to swim  He fell off a dock  And sank like a rock  And that was the end of him Limerick

10  Diamante poems are shaped like diamonds. They also have a set pattern with opposites being used.  Noun  Adjective, Adjective  Verb, Verb, Verb  Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun  Verb, Verb, Verb  Adjective, Adjective  Noun  Cocoa Tree  Tropical, Gnarly  Growing, Producing, Flowering  Pods, Beans, Buds, Apples  Dropping, Crunching, Baking  Delicious, All-American  Apple Tree Diamante

11  Concrete Poems are also called picture poems, because they are poems that take the form of an object that the poem is about. Concrete Poem

12  They are 5 line poems that describe a person, place, or thing.  Traditional cinquain poems follow a specific pattern. That pattern is: 2 syllables, 4 syllables,6 syllables 8 syllables, and 2 syllables.  Modern cinquains poems are based on a word count of words of a certain type. 1 word (Noun), 2 words (adjectives), 3 words (verbs), 4 words (describing a feeling about the title), 1 word referring back to the title. Cinquain

13  The repetition of a consonant sound  Windshield wipers wipe the windshield  Wipe the water off the pane  This WayThat Way  In the rain Alliteration

14  Poetry that assigns human characteristics to non human things.  Dinner  Knife was the first to speak  He was known mostly for his sharp cutting remarks  Chairs sat down underneath the table  Napkins folded themselves into their laps  Teapot. Unable to stand the tension, began to boil  Cup held one hand on her hips  Knowing she could hold her own  Fork and spoon huddled off to the side next to the plate  They knew plate could handle whatever was dished out Personification

15  Sky, Earth, and Water  The sky was as mad as a raging bull,  The earth as hurt as a rabbit in a snare,  The water as strong as a lion,  But Mother Nature calmed them all.  Love  Love is as wide as the earth,  Friendship are as thick as the sea.  Happiness is as deep as a song,  Laughter in you and me. Simile and Metaphor

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