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Elements of Poetry 2012.

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1 Elements of Poetry 2012

2 Poetry Terms Lines Stanzas Rhyme Rhythm Alliteration Simile Metaphor
Mood Onomatopoeia Couplets Personification

3 Poetry Terms Lines- Poets write in lines instead of sentences
Stanza- Groups of lines in poetry Rhyme- Words that end lines of poetry with the same sound Rhythm- the beat or pattern of a poem Simile- A comparison using “like” or “as” Metaphor- A comparison that doesn’t use “like” or “as”

4 Poetry Terms Continued
Couplets- Stanzas of two lines that usually Rhyme Alliteration- The repetition of a consonant sound Onomatopoeia- Words that mimic or imitate the sound it is describing Mood- Is the emotions that we feel from the work Personification- giving something that is not human, human characteristics

5 Types of Poems Bio Poem I Am Poem Haiku Limerick Diamante
Concrete Poem Cinquain Poem containing Alliteration Poem Containing Personification Poem containing Simile and Metaphor A Rhyming Poem A Sports, Music, Art, Dance or other interest poem

6 Bio Poem Line 1 Your first name Line 2 4 traits that describe you
Line 3 Sibling of…Or Son or Daughter of Line 4 Lover of…(three items) Line 5 Who feels (three items) Line 6 Who needs (three items) Line 7 Who gives (three items) Line 8 Who fears (three items) Line 9 Who would like to see (three items) Line 10 Resident of (your address) Line 11 Your Last Name

7 I Am Poem Stanza 1 I am ( two special characteristics that you have)
I wonder (Something that you are curious about) I hear (an Imaginary sound) I see (an imaginary sight) I want (an actual desire) I am (repeat line 1) Stanza 2 I Pretend (something you actually pretend to do) I feel (a feeling about something imaginary) I touch (an imaginary touch) I worry (something that really bothers you) I cry (something that makes you sad) Stanza 3 I understand (something that you know is true) I say (something that you believe in) I dream(something that you actually dream about) I try (something that you make an effort about) I hope (something you actually hope for)

8 Our snow days are all used up
Haiku Poem Haiku poetry is a very short, centuries old form of Japanese poetry, that usually deals with nature. The poem follows a specific pattern. 5 syllables 7 syllables Snow is falling down Our snow days are all used up That means I’ll see you

9 Limerick A limerick is a funny little five line poem that has a rhyming pattern and a rhythm. The last words of the 1st, 2nd, and 5th lines must all rhyme. The 3rd and 4th lines must also rhyme, but not with the other three lines. A clumsy young fellow named Jim Was never informed how to swim He fell off a dock And sank like a rock And that was the end of him

10 Diamante Diamante poems are shaped like diamonds. They also have a set pattern with opposites being used. Noun Adjective, Adjective Verb, Verb, Verb Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun Cocoa Tree Tropical, Gnarly Growing, Producing, Flowering Pods, Beans, Buds, Apples Dropping, Crunching, Baking Delicious, All-American Apple Tree

11 Concrete Poem Concrete Poems are also called picture poems, because they are poems that take the form of an object that the poem is about.

12 Cinquain They are 5 line poems that describe a person, place, or thing. Traditional cinquain poems follow a specific pattern. That pattern is: 2 syllables, 4 syllables,6 syllables 8 syllables, and 2 syllables. Modern cinquains poems are based on a word count of words of a certain type. 1 word (Noun), 2 words (adjectives), 3 words (verbs), 4 words (describing a feeling about the title), 1 word referring back to the title.

13 Alliteration The repetition of a consonant sound
Windshield wipers wipe the windshield Wipe the water off the pane This Way That Way In the rain

14 Personification Poetry that assigns human characteristics to non human things. Dinner Knife was the first to speak He was known mostly for his sharp cutting remarks Chairs sat down underneath the table Napkins folded themselves into their laps Teapot. Unable to stand the tension, began to boil Cup held one hand on her hips Knowing she could hold her own Fork and spoon huddled off to the side next to the plate They knew plate could handle whatever was dished out

15 Simile and Metaphor Sky, Earth, and Water
The sky was as mad as a raging bull, The earth as hurt as a rabbit in a snare, The water as strong as a lion, But Mother Nature calmed them all. Love Love is as wide as the earth, Friendship are as thick as the sea. Happiness is as deep as a song, Laughter in you and me.

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