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Order Information Call: , or visit

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1 Order Information Call: 1-866-620-3677, or visit
Official Surface Disinfectant Order Information Call: , or visit

2 New Tools to Prevent Skin Infections
The ProKure product line and its protocols are tailored to meet the needs of athletic programs focused on providing healthy environments for their athletes to compete. ProKure provides an exclusive line of products in liquid and gas form that… Produces the most effective pathogen & odor control with minimal contact time Is compatible with hard & soft surfaces – won’t fade and crack mats or gear Is safe for your staff & athletes (No carcinogens, poisons or residuals - No VOCs or THMs) Reduces your facility’s overall chemical footprint Is simple to use and requires minimal storage space

3 Put the Power of ProKure to Work for You
Proven as an effective disinfectant against… Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) Staphylococcus aureus Trichophyton mentagrophytes (Athletes Foot) Hepatitis A HSV1 – HSV2 (Herpes) Tinea Corporis (Ring Worm) HIV-1 Influenza A virus Norovirus Rotavirus Rhinovirus Coronavirus Mycobacterium bovis (TB) Salmonella enterica Pseudomonas aeruginosa Legionella Poliovirus-1 E. Coli E. Coli O157:H7 Listeria Enterrococcus faecalis Klebsiella pneumonia Salmonella typhimurium Penicillium digitatum Fusarium solani Botrytis Sp

4 Use the Power of ProKure on…
Mats Gear Equipment Training tables Locker rooms Showers Training rooms Artificial turf …and other surfaces that impact the health of your athletes

5 The ProKure Product Line:
ProKure PK7 – deodorize and disinfect smaller surface areas with minimal contact time Drop 1 PK7 in the 5 gallon dispenser of water Spray, pour, or wipe on surfaces Safe for users (non carcinogen, no VOCs or THMs); safe on surfaces

6 The ProKure Product Line:
ProKure VK75 – deodorize and disinfect large surface areas with minimal contact time Drop 1 VK75 in the 30 gallon drum of water Spray, mop, or wipe on surfaces (including commercial carpets) Safe for users (non carcinogen, no VOCs or THMs); safe on surfaces

7 The ProKure Product Line:
ProKure RK25 – eliminates room odors without masking or developing harmful VOCs or THMs Safe, effective broad-spectrum solution for athletic facilities Self contained, disposable delivery system, simple to use Use 1 RK25 to deodorize 400 sf of space

8 The ProKure Product Line:
ProKure TAC10 – safe solution for sanitization and odor elimination in all types of sports gear Simply place sports gear in an air tight bag/container Self contained, disposable delivery system No manual spraying, pouring, wiping or batteries required

Dedicated to Healthy Environments Discreet professional application services to customers wanting to get their facilities back to an overall odor-free & pathogen neutral environment. Follow up with ProKure Maintenance Program Large scale pathogen & odor control needs Athletic Facilities, Turf Fields, Gym Facilities, Student Facilities and Training Facilities Any occupied environment

10 What People Are Saying…
“I've been trying to find a product that could manage constant breakouts of skin infections with limited success. Until I met the people from ProKure at the Virginia Duals, I had been at a loss. Since purchasing ProKure PK7 and ProKure RK25, for the first time in years skin infections are not an everyday thought. When a skin infection does occur it always seems to be on the day after we return from a road trip. ProKure is by far the best product I've come across in my 24 years of coaching.” Bruce Haberli Head Wrestling Coach NYU “I haven’t seen a product that has a lasting effect on cleanliness and odor like ProKure. We haven’t had a skin irritation or skin infection since we started using it.” Jim Thorton Head Athletic Trainer Clarion University

11 What People Are Saying…
“I have had the pleasure of using ProKure VK75 for the past four years with two different organizations.  The Virginia Duals Wrestling Tournament has used ProKure as  the sole product responsible for cleaning the mats since 2009.  We have not had any skin issues since we started using this product.  We have ten mats at the Virginia Duals and all ten are all cleaned between every individual dual meet over the course of the two day tournament.  It is incredibly easy to apply, and  it is  not toxic to the skin or the mats.  I personally have used it in the Poquoson High School Wrestling room for the same time period.  Our youth program shares the mats with the high school team and the mats are cleaned before every high school practice and then when they are finished, we clean them before the youth practices begin.  We have used the product faithfully in our room and have not had any skin issues at all.   I have been promoting ProKure to anyone that will listen when discussing skin issues since I started using it.  It is a great product that the wrestling world needs to get behind in my opinion.” Mike McCormick College Director of the Virginia Duals NCAA Official

12 , or
Introducing: For immediate inquiries, please contact ProKure Solutions at , , or

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