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Rules & Expectations *there will be a quiz after this presentation*

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1 Rules & Expectations *there will be a quiz after this presentation*

2 S a f e t y

3  Wear appropriate work out attire  Use collars on barbells and properly use safety pins on machines.  Use equipment for its intended use-do not modify the equipment.

4  No food, gum, glass bottles or cans.  Do not drop weights or dumbbells on the floor.  Wear only one (1) earbud/headphone while working out.

5  Know your limits.  No cellphones/books/homework while using the equipment.  No fooling around; no loud or offensive language.

6  Put away all weights after using them and wipe down upholstery as needed.  Immediately report all accidents, injuries and equipment failure to your teacher.  Use spotters and safety racks.

7  Load and unload free weights evenly and carefully.  When in doubt, seek proper instruction.  Perform exercises within your capability.  Be aware of your surroundings and walk carefully around the equipment and classmates.

8  Because of the location of the barbell or dumbbell in relation to the student’s head or face. More Potential for injury

9  Many people tend to hold their breath when they work out (exercising muscles require more oxygen).  Failing to breathe can lead to dizziness and could even lead to the client passing out.

10  *Breathe out during the hardest part of the exercise and breathe in during the easiest part of the exercise


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13  Reason why people can feel dizzy:  due to a lack of a cool down (5-10 minute cold down is recommended to prevent dizziness).

14  Caused by not looking forward which can cause a person to lose balance and fall.  Also caused by people jumping off and on treadmills while they are still running.  Safety clip should be worn at all times.

15  Occurs when someone falls and the treadmill continues to run rubbing the skin raw.

16  Caused by not wearing proper shoes or not wearing shoes at all.

17  Pain and discomfort that is felt in wrist, upper back, neck and lower back.  Caused by relying too much on the handrails and not walking in an upright position.

18  Use the safety tether  Pause the treadmill if you need to step off  Straddle the belt when you start  Maintain an upright position  Keep your eyes forward  Use handrails sparingly  Wear appropriate shoes

19  Keep the back straight and torso centered over the pelvis  Keep the chest lifted and shoulders drawn back  Keep abdominals engaged  Relax arms at the side

20  Use caution while walking or running, distractions may cause you to lose balance which could lead to serious injury. NO CELL PHONES!  Safety tether must be worn at all times.  Mandatory 3-5 minute cool down on all programs.

21  Always clean the equipment after every use with a gym wipe and remove any trash.

22 1. Console 2. Handles and Heart Rate Monitors 3. Motor Covering (as needed) ** Remove Trash

23  QUIZ time!!!

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