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Dedicated to Repairing Sikorsky Rotor Blades. ABS started in June 1994 doing S-55 & S-58 blades. History.

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1 Dedicated to Repairing Sikorsky Rotor Blades

2 ABS started in June 1994 doing S-55 & S-58 blades. History

3 1998 - Pemco needed a shop to complete H-3 blade repairs for an Egyptian contact. History

4 March 29, 2001 - ABS became U.S. Navy qualified for support of the H-3 fleet. Present

5 ABS is currently repairing S-61/H-3 CH-54/S-64 Skycrane UH-60 Blackhawk Westland SeaKing S-55/S-62/S-58

6 FAA Authorizations

7 Authorizations

8 Main Rotor Blades

9 Spar corrosion is dressed out & area cleaned up. Main Blade Repair

10 Blade is X-Rayed for further hidden damage and defects. Main Blade Repair

11 The cuff is removed and area is cleaned before X-Ray. Main Blade Repair

12 Pockets are installed using an alignment fixture. A computerized controller system runs the heater bars. Main Blade Repair

13 Replacement nickel leading edges are installed. Main Blade Repair

14 Cuff installation. Main Blade Repair

15 Bolt holes are machine reamed to.0002 ” pinch fit. Main Blade Repair

16 S6115-20201-1 or -2 converted to -3 Counterweights being changed. Main Blade Repair

17 Blade is painted to operator’s colors and specifications. Stenciling is completed. Main Blade Repair

18 Helium leak detection unit used for final QA of BIM System. Main Blade Repair

19 Static Balance using Electronic Balancer Main Blade Repair

20 Tail Rotor Blade

21 New pocket being installed in ABS designed and built fixture. Tail Blade Repair

22 New nickel abrasion strip installed on spar. Tail Blade Repair

23 Damaged spar attachment bolt holes. Stainless steel bushings installed. Tail Blade Repair

24 Paint applied according to specifications. Tail Blade Repair

25 Blades are balanced using Electronic Balancer. Tail Blade Repair

26 Westland Honeycomb Tail Blade Refurbishment. Typical leading edge damage

27 Westland Honeycomb Tail Blade Refurbishment. Total dis-assembly and inspection of spar prior to buildup

28 Westland Tail Blade after Bonding

29 Westland Tail Blade Completely Assembled

30 Westland Composite Main WD01-29-90250

31 Paint Removal

32 Westland Composite Main WD01-29-90250 Repainted and Balanced

33 Westland Composite Main WD01-29-90250 Balance Difference IncomingAfter Re-Paint Weight212.3 lbs.210.2 lbs. Span Moment37,077 “lbs.36,600 “lbs. Chord Moment976.9 “lbs.963.4 “lbs. Blade had been repainted 4 times. Found 3 sets of stencils This why you do not have interchangability between blades

34 Balance Dynamic vs Static Is it Necessary? Dynamic is essentially the same as ground runs. Cannot simulate forward airspeed. Really all it does is give you a track number to start from.

35 Westland Composite Main WD01-29-90250 Typical erosion damage to leading edge.

36 Westland Composite Main WD01-29-90250 8’ Nickel abrasion strip installed.


38 Cracks radiating from bolt holes. BIM indicator caught this problem.

39 Corrosion on spar under cuff.

40 Corrosion on spar under abrasion strip Problems

41 Westland built pockets. Problems

42 Westland built pockets. Problems

43 Corrosion damage caused by prolonged storage in a humid environment. Problems

44 Do not stop drill pocket skin cracks. Drill bit went thru skin into spar. BLADE SCRAP. Problems

45 Internal borescope inspection along with an X-Ray is conducted looking for Corrosion. Problems

46 Water damage to honeycomb tail blade. Problems

47 Abrasive blast damage to pocket skin during paint removal. Problems

48 Maintenance Tips

49 Repainting the blade causes the blade to be out of balance. Touch up paint only.

50 Replacement O-rings MS 28775-6 BIM Indicator and Shrader Valve BIM System Maintenance

51 Never - Never - NEVER! Put a wrench on nuts or bolts to check torque. Breaks the seal and causes a leak. BIM System Maintenance

52 1. Believe the indicator. 2. Replace with serviceable one if suspect indicator. 3. Conduct 30-second test to verify operating correctly. Full color change to red within 30 sec. BIM System Maintenance

53 Storage Help Consider the life of the blades during storage. A lot of damage occurs during prolonged storeage.

54 Clean and wipe down with preservative. Wrap up to protect. This one is scrap. Storage Help

55 Bushings installed in spar attachment holes. Repairs

56 ABS initiated nickel plated tip cap repair on Westland Seaking tail rotor blade. Repairs

57 Dedicated to Repairing Sikorsky Rotor Blades

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