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SAP Afaria June 2013 Level 1 Presentation. ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.2 Trends impacting how mobile devices are managed Cloud-based mobility services.

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1 SAP Afaria June 2013 Level 1 Presentation

2 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.2 Trends impacting how mobile devices are managed Cloud-based mobility services gaining momentum Device ownership and use models changing Mobile first and mobile only increasingly common Increasing quantity of information to and from mobile devices 1100101 1011010 0100101 Ever-changing privacy requirements

3 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.3 Rapid advance of mobile OS Bring Your Own Device  Mobile device and content security critical for the enterprise and consumers  Average Employee owns two mobile devices  Consumer driven employees demand similar mobile enterprise experience New deployment options  MSP SaaS Mobility addresses complexity, saves costs  Consumer and enterprise applications  Popularity of consumer- like self-service portals Key mobility trends affecting your business  Rapid diversity leads to fragmentation  Tablets and smart phones are becoming primary computing tools  Average household has five connected devices

4 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.4 A strong foundation makes mobile successful Mobile Security Device Mobile Device Management Application Mobile Application Management Mobile Enterprise App Store Secure e-Mail Container Content Mobile Content Management Mobile Portal Services Telecom Expense Management Systems Management Enterprise Mobility Management System SAP Mobile Secure On-PremiseHybrid Cloud

5 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.5 Mobile Platform Development Tools / SDK B2E apps The business solution A comprehensive end-to-end mobile portfolio SAP/Sybase buildEcosystem B2C apps Partner BankingRetail Travel & Hospitality Media & Entertainment Telco Automotive SAP Mobile Services messaging infrastructure SAP Mobile Platform Industr y LoBAnalyticsPartnerCusto m Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) Mobile Device Management Mobile Consumer Application Platform (MCAP) Enterprise Content Portal Platform Mobile Platform Development Tools / SDK

6 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.6 SAP Afaria SAP Afaria is the trusted solution to manage and secure deployments of mobile devices for any size of company – in the cloud or on-premise Use built-in robust analytics for instant insight into mobile device usage and the ability to take immediate action Meet the requirements of the world’s largest enterprises. Remotely lock and wipe managed devices, control security settings for bring-your-own- device (BYOD) or corporate-owned devices Quickly self-enroll devices for enterprise use; have control needed by pre- configuring settings and enforcing security and compliance policies Robust analytics Mobile device managementHighly secure and scalable

7 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.7 Leverage Points SAP 365 Device Onboarding  SAP 365 SMS services integrated into SAP Afaria for out of band device security, alerts and on boarding SAP Mobility Platform  Includes SAP Afaria SLL SDK, providing developers the ability to build in MAM into their projects  Hybrid Web Container with built-in SAP Afaria onboarding and management control Business Objects  Client integration for real- time reporting and business intelligence using SAP Afaria Containerized Email and Content Management  Fully managed Android and iOS secure email containers with NitroDesk integration  SAP Mobile Documents Mobile Content Management (MCM) offering distributed and managed by SAP Afaria Enterprise Apps  SAP Afaria delivers an Enterprise App Store enabling Enterprises to maximize their Mobile Application investment  Regulatory compliancy managed by SAP Afaria SDN Ecosystem Goes Mobile  Two million SDN participants are implementing SAP intellectual property  More than four dozen applications leverage SAP Afaria Static Link Library (SLL) for secure Mobile App Management (MAM)

8 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.8 SAP Afaria Product description SAP Afaria allows IT administrators to centrally manage, secure and deploy mobile data, applications and devices. From a central console IT can manage and control devices from the day that they are deployed to the day that they are decommissioned. MDM Device Security App Provisioning & Management Usage Analytics Data Partitioning Help Desk Device Configuration Integration with App Middleware Platforms Asset Tracking Afaria Frictionless Self Service  Manage complexity of device lifecycle while off loading routine tasks to end user Actionable Insight  Make sense of data by creating easy to understand reports to be consumed and acted on in real-time Flexibility  Make data interchange easy, with on- premise, cloud or a partner managed SaaS Enterprise-Grade  Build for scale and integrate with existing identity infrastructure, delegation and intuitive UI

9 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.9 Simple, intuitive administrative experience Browser-independent access to console  Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox Icon-based interface  Simple navigation  No complex menu system  Screens changes as ions clicked Icons  Dashboard, list view, activities  Inspector, linker  Views, import, export API to all SAP Afaria functions  Used by admin console  Fully available for use by customers/partners

10 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.10 Managing the device lifecycle  Enrollment Portal (EUSSP)  Configure devices  Assign to groups  Deploy apps by role  Configure and Enroll in E-mail  Configure Wifi and VPN access  Remote lock  Remote wipe  Access violation lock  Disable device, network, application and e-mail access  Track assets  Maintain/modify configuration  Monitor hardware, software and packages  App notifications and updates  Telco expense management  Location tracking  Enforce security policies  Monitor/track security violations  Compliance activity logging  Access Control  Monitor hardware, software and packages  Manage roaming and carrier  Monitor compliance  Location tracking  Drill-down by data element

11 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.11 SAP Afaria’s governing structures Devices ApplicationEnrollmentPolicies Configuration Groups Static Dynamic User (AD) Composite Enterprise Commercial Passcode Restrictions E-mail Wi-Fi & VPN Portal Access Control Groups Variables

12 Enrollment Two steps to complete device provisioning

13 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.13 Fully deployed profile with enrollment policy E-mail ContactsCalendar Wi-FiVPNApps Enterprise

14 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.14 Simple process empowers employees Navigate the Device to the Portal 1.Install the SAP Afaria Client 2.Launch Enrollment Process –User authenticates –Enters data prompts –Clicks through registration prompts The device is now under MDM control

15 Application Management Quick & easy mobile application provisioning

16 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.16 Fully configured apps Un-configured APPFully Configured APP Confused UserHappy User It works automatically! ??? What’s a port? Where’s the farm?

17 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.17 Personal to enterprise ready in minutes Not safe for the enterprise Lacking enterprise controls  No security  No app management  No enterprise app portal  No certificates Safe for the enterprise Simple enrollment takes a users device who is at risk to fully controlled device Enterprise control  Power-on-password  Enterprise App Portal fully configured  Certificates for SSO, Wi-Fi, VPN, and Email deployed  Apps enabled for configuration  Policies are automatically deployed

18 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.18 SAP Enterprise Store Helps auto-provisioning of apps without user intervention Integration with SAP Identity management systems Distribution & Onboarding Fully support Bring-your-own-device Enablement, security built-into mobile apps using SDK Integration with SAP Solution Manager to reduce TCO Management Integration with SAP Business Analytics & Reporting Provide App-centric usage and performance metrics Reporting

19 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.19 Discover Apps How the customer engages Discove r SAP Enterprise Store powered by SAP Store BuyConfigur e Distribute SAP Store 3 rd Party Apps Distribute apps to managed devices Consume directly by employees Position apps to the ecosystem Customer developed Apps Sap Afaria

20 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.20 SAP Enterprise Store Company-branded app store managed by SAP Tightly integrated with SAP landscape:  SAP Store  SAP Solution Manager  SAP Afaria  SAP Portal  FICO (cost center allocation)  SAP SRM (procurement) Available on every desktop and device of every customer’s employees  Making it easy for users to interact with enterprise mobile offerings Available for customers’ ecosystems:  Corporate end consumers  Customers  Suppliers

21 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.21 Product CapabilitiesKey Benefits  New client UI for iOS and Android device with focus on featured categories and apps  Application portal can now display rich content Apply custom images to categories Highlight featured apps and categories Multiple categories per app  Define separate app display name in the client UI Allow multiple app polices to have the same name The enhanced application portal simplifies the user experience by providing a familiar “store” type landscape. Increased mobile worker efficiency leveraging the ability to guide and instruct users how to leverage the most beneficial mobile applications that apply to their role. Afaria App Portal

22 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.22 Product CapabilitiesKey Benefits EUSSP user name can be used as a variable in policies Published APIs for self service portal functions EUSSP can connect to a directory in a different domain User Interface improvements Simplification of the interface used by mobile users to onboard and manage their devices. Enable organizations to build their own custom EUSSP interface. End User Self Service Portal (EUSSP)

23 Success Stories Large and small companies use SAP Afaria to run their mobile ecosystem

24 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.24 SAP Runs SAP A driver for development 2010 2011 2012 January 2012: Over 18,500 iDevices and 500 Android on one Global Instance of SAP Afaria October 2011: Over 17,000 iDevices under SAP Afaria Management October 2010: General Availability for iPhone/iPad Devices added to internal catalog for all SAP employees, with normal approval steps Q1’11 Security concept refined with requirement for enterprise management solution Continuous increase of iPhone/iPad numbers over the year and beyond...

25 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.25 SAP runs SAP Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program 100% of sales force and pre-sales have tablets It takes only 1 minute to decommission a device 2 nd largest iPad deployment globally Enrollment is 100% self-service 92% reduction in provisioning and app deployment cycle times Minimal impact on usability

26 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.26 Standard Bank of South Africa Banking industry – Banking the unbanked in South Africa Business Challenges  Create a low cost banking services channel for millions of unbanked and under-banked  Deploy at 5,000 "bank shops" (franchised bank facilities or outlets) to service customers  Simplify and speed up account activation time and card usage process Benefits  Improved customer satisfaction – less than eight minutes to open an account  Increased market reach with low cost mobile based channels anywhere in the country  Capability of cross-selling other banking products such as loans and funeral plans 10 million people do not have access to day-to-day banking services. We see that as an opportunity to bring the unbanked formally into the banking sector. The infrastructure that we’ve got historically does not really suit the needs going forward and the mobile technology gives us a fantastic opportunity to actually leapfrog that. Willie De V Stegmann, Director Core Banking Transformation, Standard Bank “” SAP ® Mobile Platform for reducing TCO and TTM of mobile apps development SAP ® Afaria ® to secure data, manage in-field devices and comply with security and regulatory requirements Custom App - Mobile Banking allowing account creation, account access and buying airtime and electricity

27 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.27 Asian Paints Chemicals industry – Connecting sales and dealers in real time Business Challenges  Enable a sales force of 1,700 people to better engage with its 30,000 shops in planning dealer visits, recording dealer issues, creating credit notes and taking orders  Provide the ability to track incentives, product complaints and stock status in real-time Benefits  Improved sales productivity by having dealer- relevant data available real-time and in just one click  Quicker response to market with easy access to incentives and product complaints Having these data available to our people on the field so that they are able to make better decisions is something which has become very critical to us. That's where the mobility solution comes in. Sanjay Joshi, Senior Manager Field Readiness, Asian Pains SAP ® Mobile Platform implemented for Android 2.1 to mobilize business processes with plans to add ten more apps SAP ® Afaria ® for MDM Custom App - SFA Application:  Native app for sales force on Samsung Galaxy tablets  Online (Hybrid Web Container) app for office workers on iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile  Apps development by Advent Global “”

28 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.28 Tommy Hilfiger Consumer products – Featuring upcoming collections on the iPad Business Challenges  Replace production of expensive catalogues shipped to potential retail customers with a lower cost digital alternative  Protect valuable creative capital from imitators and preemptive digital sales Benefits  Engage retailers in an instant to get designs on more shelves and in more stores  Increase competitive advantage by revolutionizing the way to showcase collections with easy to use, beautiful HD imagery  Easily wipe out misplaced iPads with sensitive data Afaria and mobility changed the way Tommy operates b/c we’re getting better connected to our suppliers and customers b/c of always real time, up to date information. Arne Tjalma, VP ICT Tommy Hilfiger SAP ® Mobile Platform for developing a custom LookBook app for iPad SAP ® Afaria ® to secure devices and sensitive data especially from competitors; remote wipe feature is a must-have in the CP industry. Custom App – used for:  Digital product catalog with upcoming collections for reps to share with retailers  Order entry functionality “” Video

29 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.29 Computer Sciences Corporation Professional services – Managing a global workforce with a diverse set of mobile devices Business Challenges  Keep employees, sales reps and clients effective by enabling timely mobile collaboration across processes and workflows (e.g., purchase cart approvals)  Simplify and rationalize the management of a diverse set of mobile devices given the company’s BYOD policy Benefits  More effective engagements with customers  Better decision making with real-time visibility into opportunities, revenue, and trends  Reduced costs by providing a single provisioning environment for all mobile applications SAP Mobility really helps me do my job more effectively. All leads aren’t created equal, all opportunities aren’t created equal, and it’s incredibly important that we put the right people on the right opportunities at the right time. SAP Mobility helps me do that. Tony Keyes, President, Business Development CSC SAP ® Mobile Platform to develop and manage apps SAP ® Afaria ® for provisioning and securing various device types from BYOD policy SAP CRM Sales App Mobile App SAP Customer Briefing Mobile App “”

30 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.30 Wipro Professional services – Managing service delivery processes more efficiently Business Challenges  Upgrade an outdated and costly CRM sales legacy system that leads to suboptimal resource planning, escalation management, and service desk operations  Establish ITIL compliance Benefits  More efficient service delivery process and improved customer satisfaction thanks to greater visibility into activities and call processes  Upgrade to an all digitized, paperless office  Alignment with ITIL practices  Full integration with SAP ERP The best thing which came out of doing SAP project was the wow factor. I still remember when we took the first signature of the customer on the mobile, the customer said ‘Wow, this is a wonderful solution’. So that is what we have achieved. Sandeep Karan, Head of Information Systems, Wipro Infotech SAP ® Mobile Platform to connect business data from various backend applications SAP ® Afaria ® to secure data shared on the mobile devices Custom App – Field Service App for field engineers to access service information and update service status in real time “”

31 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.31 Air Products Chemicals industry – Empowering the field through better mobile device management Business Challenges  Keep up with business growth  Gain more control over and securely manage mobile assets  Enable clinical and administrative remote updates using a variety of mobile devices Benefits  Increased employee productivity (in product traceability) by 5%  Decreased document processing time by 50%  Decreased lost assets by 50%  Better services through dependable data and a comprehensive view of the patient situation  Improved logistics distribution and reduced paperwork  Reduced system maintenance costs by replacing legacy system Now that technicians have actual information from our central system, we can react to customer requirements more precisely, give technicians nearly real-time information, and integrate PDA information with our portal. José Antonio Garcia Espinoso, Project Leader, Air Products “” SAP ® Afaria ® to distribute, update, and synchronize mobile data and applications quickly and securely

32 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.32 Mekorot Utilities industry – Fortifying its mobile platform to enhance field crew productivity Business Challenges  Provide mobile access to back-end maintenance functionality  Establish a mobile platform as a base for upcoming applications through an effort known as Project Maslul  Manage and secure mobile devices Benefits  Ability to integrate data and process with the SAP ERP application and synchronize data for offline use  Ability for 400 field crews to perform processes such as work-order management, work progress reporting, equipment management, and notificiations  Real-time access to all work orders The most important benefit of the Maslul project is that it has enhanced our ability to make the best use of scarce water resources, improve water quality, and reliability and cost-effectively deliver water to Israel’s citizens, farmers, and industries. Zvika Gleichman, CIO, Mekorot “” SAP ® Mobile Platform enables the creation of mobile apps and the secure exchange of data SAP ® Afaria ® supports the secure and remote management of mobile devices

33 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.33 Abbott Laboratories Life sciences – Keeping 4,000 sales reps always informed Business Challenges  Keep customized reports, tools, and sales aids up-to-date for 4,000 field sales reps  Keep Microsoft Windows tablets current with system patches and software upgrades  Allow centralized control and management of tablets  Provide ability to extract data from Microsoft Windows tablets Benefits  Improved sales rep productivity by allowing real time extraction of data from mobile devices  Greatly reduced cost of keeping remote devices up-to-date  Maintained security of all data exchanges  Attained scalability and flexibility to accommodate future device types SAP ® Afaria ® to maintain security and provide centralized control and management of its Microsoft Windows-based tablets “” With the centralized management and control enabled by Afaria, we can update our sales reps’ mobile devices faster than ever before and at a much lower cost. Bernie Tucker, Application Technologies, Abbott Laboratories

34 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.34 Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE) Public sector industry – Keeping employees connected while on the go Business Challenges  Establish mobile device management platform  Remotely administer and maintain a wide variety of mobile devices Benefits  Increased data and device security  Lower TCO by avoiding costs associated with the physical transfer of devices  Reduced effort to maintain and manage mobile devices by 50%  Cut number of incidents by 50%  Lowered resolution time by 60%  Decreased time to setup new devices by 80%  Increased employee satisfaction by 100% The Afaria mobile device management solution makes it possible for us to manage a vast number of heterogeneous devices in an organization fully dependent on the mobility of our workforce. José Antonio Perea Yustres, Innovation Unit Head, Instituto Nacional de Estadistica “” SAP ® Afaria ® to centrally control mobile applications, data, and communications

35 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.35 Customer highlights from SAP mobile ecosystem

36 Architectural topology Major components, services, and connections

37 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.37 The SAP Mobile Portfolio Support for All Popular Devices Instant Mobilization Full Service Platform Cloud or On Premise Backend Agnostic LoB/Industry AppsCustomer/Partner Apps Analytics Apps SAP Store and Mobile Apps SAP Mobile Platform Cloud Customization and Hosting Services MADPEMM Enterprise Content Portal SAP and Third Party Development Tools SAP 3653 rd Party Systems SAPDBsSAP HANA End-to-End Security

38 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.38 Simple Architecture Firewall Reverse proxy ISA/Apache or IAS relay server Firewall TCP/IP HTTP SSL Windows iPhone iPad Android Windows Mobile Windows Phone 8 BlackBerry E-mail Exchange, Lotus, Office 365 Administrative browser-based console Additional Services SSP, Packages Enrollment, CA LDAP/AD Afaria server(s) IIS server Database Proven scalability * to 140,000 devices * 2010 U.S. Census

39 Reporting and analytics Monitor and control with SAP Analytics in real-time

40 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.40 Advanced reporting, analytics, and device usage SAP Analytics Mobi (mobile BI) and Explorer Download and explore Highly graphical Drilldown capability

41 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.41 Monitor and control with SAP Analytics Devices Applications  Number of Devices by Operating system (OS)  Number of Devices by Carrier  Number of Devices by Manufacturer  Number of new devices added each month by OS  Ownership of Devices [Corporate/Personal]  Roaming activity of Devices [Data/Messaging/Voice]  International roaming activity of Devices in time  Number of devices that exceed the defined activity threshold  Data, Voice and Messaging Usage by Carrier Compliance  Devices that are compromised (iOS & Android)  Number of Devices that have not connected in time  Number of iOS Devices without a password policy  Number of Devices that are out of compliance (by platform)  Number of Devices that have access violations (by platform)  Number of Enterprise Applications installed by month  Top 10 Enterprise Applications by installation status  Volume Licensing status for Enterprise applications  Top 10 Enterprise Applications by platform and installation status  Number of Enterprise applications that are out of version Activity

42 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.42 Manage international roaming costs Get early warning for cost and usage overages Act on insights in real-time - International roaming notifications Enable consistent monthly telecom expenditures

43 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.43 Use dynamic views to create actionable insight Devices and Users Hardware and software selection criteria Compliance monitoring and actions Dynamic ViewsDynamic GroupsAutomated RefreshAutomated Policy Management Selection criteria

44 iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 The latest support for leading marketplace devices

45 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.45 Platform Support

46 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.46 Apple iOS  iOS 6 (MAM) –“Authorized Mode” to pre-load Apps via MDM payload, remote device instruction including enable/disable a particular app via policy compliance or permission –“Guided Access” for apps critical for retail, field service and education users to lock and load in kiosk, restrict touch input on certain areas of the screen –Growing ecosystem @ 400 million iOS devices sold through June 2012, 250,000 iPad apps

47 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.47 iOS key benefits Flexibility to support regions of the world where jail broken devices are prevalent. Ability to support organizations that require additional custom Wi-Fi configuration like proxy server settings. Protect your most sensitive applications with an extra authentication challenge before installation. Ensure accurate jailbreak detection. Provides the highest level of control and manageability by enabling all applications to be installed using the MDM protocol. Increase user awareness with the ability to send out of band messages (e.g. a text message could be delivered to their mobile device alerting them of a condition that may need their attention). Increased the ability to quickly understand the current Afaria status from and individual user/device to the overall system. Ease installation of new servers by quickly identifying if a system has all the necessary installed components for a successful Afaria install.

48 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.48 Android OS  Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (MAM, BI, SCM) –UI including predictive typing and autocorrect, HTML vs flash, better notifications and Android Beam NFC Bluetooth-sharing of images, videos and other data –Consistent OS across multiple form factors, customizable app widgets and GooglePlay, Googlenow search and Voice app –Security malware exploit protection confirmed by leading security analyst experts, leverage of Google Cloud Messaging –39 OEMs making millions of Android devices, growing ecosystem @ 500 million Android devices activated, 1.3 million activations per day Key Benefits Include: Enhanced usability during the installation process by enabling a single client on GooglePlay Greater flexibility in the configuration and management of Android device users with user-defined variables

49 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.49 Microsoft Windows & Windows Phone 8  Windows 8 Platform - Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, –UI multitouch-enabled “Metro” interface consistent across mobile devices, attractive to OEM marketspace, Windows 8 leverages x86 –Windows 8 Pro version delivers mobile security features including Microsoft's Encrypting File System (EFS) as well as BitLocker and BitLocker To Go drive encryption –Windows 8 Pro delivers Remote Desktop for training, software installations, sharing applications, and other collaborative tasks

50 Cloud Deployment Options Stand-alone Cloud on ASW or Managed via Partners

51 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.51 Option 1: Hosted and Managed by Partners (MMO) Managed Afaria enables customers to buy a solution as a service (MaaS) through our strong partner ecosystem Total cost management (TCM) PaaS Platform-as-a-serviceMobile applications Application management Mobile device management Mobile security Managed mobility provider Enterprise

52 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.52 Option 2: SAP Afaria, cloud edition Pay-as-you-go pricing model No upfront capital expenditure Low cost cloud platform and no long-term commitments Provision infrastructure in minutes Scale infrastructure up or down to meet business demand in real time Leverage multiple geographic regions Conduct proof of concept projects, trials, or test labs without typical procurement lead-times Provision preconfigured virtual machines and multiple SAP systems in a single step Cost savingsOperational flexibilityFaster time to market €1 or $1.11US per device per month

53 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.53 SAP’s Cloud Ecosystem Mobile OS & Devices System Integrators & ISVs Mobile Development Tools Managed Mobility

54 Rapid Deployment Services Let us help you

55 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.55 Afaria rapid-deployment solutions All your mobile device management needs in one “box” Afaria Platform configuration Configuration of Afaria server, Relay server, Afaria enrollment server, Afaria self service portal, custom Afaria client, secured network configuration High availability Supported Afaria Platform Installation Perquisites check, installation of Afaria server, Relay server, enrollment server, self service portal, package server Including automated relay server installation Business Objects Analytics for Afaria** Installation and configuration of SAP Business Objects analytics package for reporting over Afaria. Including out of the box pre-built report content ** Optional component Device management Device provisioning, Operations and decommissioning for iOS, Android and Blackberry Including out of the box pre-built policies and roles Mobile Application On-boarding Deploy mobile application to the device from Apple AppStore, Android marketplace (Google Play), enterprise internal app store Integration to SAP Mobile Platform Device Asset Tracking Manage a central administrative view of all the mobile devices

56 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.56 Containerized Email for iOS and Android Afaria TouchDown by NitroDesk Android Native integration since 2011 Afaria TouchDown by NitroDesk iOS Afaria Static Link Library integration since Q4 2012 Native integration Q1 2013 Afaria TouchDown for Enterprise Edition by NitroDesk / Mocana Encrypted using FIPS 140-2 certified encryption and Suite B algorithms by Mocana MAP Available via private distribution Q4 2012

57 Market Position Industry Recognition

58 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.58 SAP positioned as “Leader” for Mobile Device Management Gartner recently recognized SAP Afaria as a market leader in MDM for its ability to execute and completeness of vision. Source: Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software 23 May 2013 ID:G00249820 Analyst(s): Phillip Redman, John Girard, Terrence Cosgrove, Monica Basso This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available upon request from SAP. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

59 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.59 Cloud and Mobility Highlighted

60 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.60 SAP Afaria top 10 1 Scalability Afaria scales to more than 15,000 users per instance where competitors are unable. 2 Complete mobile lifecycle support Afaria includes native App development and security integration with SUP, MQ leading Mobile Application Development platform. 3 Common platform Synergistic components between SUP, Business Objects, Gateway, Syclo and Afaria further enhance Mobile Enterprise ROI and reduces TCO. 4 Experience SAP has more than 200,000 customers and has been building mobile products for 15+ years offering superior product maturity and flexibility. 5 Innovation SAP/Sybase co-authored Samsung’Approved for Enterprise “SAFE” Android platform APIs and leads all MDM vendors in implementation (SAP 180 APIs vs. Mobile Iron 30 or fewer APIs).

61 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.61 SAP Afaria top 10 World-class Self Service Portal Reduces support overhead and administrative costs while speeding enterprise mobile adoption. Multi-tenant functionality well-suited for multi-org enterprise and MSS instances In compared to MobileIron’s secondary product Atlas meant as a stop gap overlay, SAP delivers independent / sandboxed administration and policy enforcement by department.Atlas Win 32/64 laptop process automation Afaria continue to support Window laptops and also offers users a iPad native dash using Safari Afaria is available on the largest, most secure (e.g. FIPS compliant) SaaS instance Amazon Web Services (AWS) with subscription pricing and a fully IT supported free trial. SAP makes it easy to move capital costs to a SaaS rental model to plan for future mobile needs. Low per user price Price per user (subscription or perpetual) not per device protects CIO – most users have 3 to 4 devices so pricing is 3-4x higher with AW or MI. 6 7 8 9 10

62 ©2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.62 Enterprise Mobility Management Key Messages Plan for the Future with a platform Mobile means more than MDM Work with SAP, a vendor you can trust Innovate and Transform with Secure mobility

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