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LAPS Analysis & Software by Steve Albers. 2 Basic Solution LAPS coupled with MM5 NWP model Use diabatic initialization (“hot start”) Utilize parallel.

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1 LAPS Analysis & Software by Steve Albers

2 2 Basic Solution LAPS coupled with MM5 NWP model Use diabatic initialization (“hot start”) Utilize parallel code on Linux cluster Integrate with AWIPS in a modular fashion

3 3 AWIPS Integration AWIPS Data Server AWIPS Workstation Modeling Server NOAAPORTLDAD LAPS Anal/Fcst Grids Obs/Radar/Sat/NCEP

4 4 LAPS Domain Configuration Triple Nest Domain – 97x97 – 10.0/3.3/1.1 km  x – 10km for Model Init – 3.3/1.1 for NowCasting LAPS Runs – Hourly analyses – 41 Pressure levels – Runs at H+20 min – Available at H+30 min

5 5 RSA LAPS Data Sources National Data (NOAAPORT SBN Feed) – Eta (Grids 211, 212, and 215) – Regional narrowband WSR-88D reflectivity – GOES imagery (Vis, SWIR, 2 LWIR) – MDCARS – RAOBs – METARs/Ship Reports/Buoys – National Profiler Network

6 6 RSA LAPS Data Sources Sea Surface Temperature Data – NCEP internet FTP feed – GFS model

7 7 RSA LAPS Data Sources Local Data (via LDAD) – Local wideband WSR-88D (Z and Vr) – Local ASOS Observations – 50/915 MHz Wind Profilers – MiniSODAR Wind Profiles – RASS – Tower observations – AMPS Soundings – Local MM5 forecast grids

8 8 RSA ER 10km analysis

9 9 RSA ER 3km analysis

10 10 RSA ER 1km analysis

11 11 Build History RSA LAPS/MM5 V1: Dec 2001 – Initial installation at WR RSA LAPS/MM5 V2: Aug 2002 – Initial installation at ER – Included “easy” install CD, provided to LMMS RSA LAPS/MM5 V2.1: July 2003 – Delivered to LMMS on CD RSA LAPS/MM5 V2.2: July 2004 – Delivered to LMMS on CD RSA LAPS/MM5 V3.0: September 2005 – Delivered to LMMS on CD

12 12 Current Status Current RSA status – Fully adapted to AS 2.1 OS – Testing criteria delivered to LM

13 13 Current Activities Current activities – Working periodically with LM on server OS upgrade tests

14 14 Test / Build procedure Previous CD’s “updated” existing installation – Previous software version in place on machine – CD contained somewhat limited software changes New “wipe-clean” installation needed? – recent GSD server tests erased existing software – full install needed on blank system – Existing CD requires add-on instructions and patches – More complete software/data proposed for CD

15 15 Test / Build procedure Same system now used at GSD for staging CD and testing CD installation – change from past procedures – also requires “wipe-clean” of machine – down time during testing – full backup thus needed to restore developmental software after testing – acquire separate machines for software staging and installation testing?

16 16 Recent Issues FSL access to RTAMPS data Complete real-time data preferable to partial archived –Helps evaluate spatial distribution and QC performance Analysis bulls-eyes and QC –Land/sea weighting function adjusted to address this NOAAPORT buoy data timing

17 17 Recent Issues (cont) Additional SST testing Ingest /Analysis of Soil sensor data Interface to GOES Sounder on NOAAPORT? 30-min LAPS cycle

18 18 Narrowband Radar Narrowband (Level-III) radar – may not be getting into LAPS at the ranges – AWIPS to LAPS NetCDF converter needs checkout – plan to retest radar processing on shadow system

19 19 Soil Moisture (next steps) Identify soil data in RSA database – LAPS now reads TOWER (overall) soil moisture (if available) – what other range soil observations exist? – NetCDF data format? What LAPS ingest improvements are needed? Develop soil data analysis techniques – overall Soil Moisture currently in Big File – add other (multi-layer) soil related fields – blend in-situ data with radar-derived precip Initialize forecast with LAPS soil analyses

20 20 Verification Verification Package – Surface observations vs. MM5 forecast – Requires MySQL database – Interactive query capability Command line or web based User customization options – Being set up on development system for 10- km MM5 grids – Still testing interface scripts

21 21 Verification Verification package – Can run on more powerful headnode MySQL database Verify state variables Apache web server running on Range headnodes for interactive displays Forecasters use web browser to access verification info Product reliability monitor will be included

22 22 Grid Size Should analysis/model grids be enlarged? – More computer power may be needed for this

23 23 Recommended Schedule Deliver LAPS/RSA v4.0 – Jan 2007? – Incorporate WRF forecast model – 30-minute analysis cycle – capability of “wipe-clean” install – soil moisture improvements? – improved verification package

24 24Summary July build on-track – Improved LAPS analysis with additional local data and improved algorithms – Better forecasts from new microphysics, better SST Apache server installed for verification display at ranges Continue planning for future

25 25 Discussion?

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