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1 云南师范大学商学院 2009年教师 “ 三精心 ” 教学技能 讲课比赛 参赛教师:张晓莲 2009年6月1日.

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Presentation on theme: "1 云南师范大学商学院 2009年教师 “ 三精心 ” 教学技能 讲课比赛 参赛教师:张晓莲 2009年6月1日."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 云南师范大学商学院 2009年教师 “ 三精心 ” 教学技能 讲课比赛 参赛教师:张晓莲 2009年6月1日

2 第四节 Western Food Etiquette 西餐礼仪 第八章 旅游社交宴请活动礼仪规范

3 3 Questions Have you ever been to a western restaurant? How do you feel to have dinner over there? Do you like it? Why?

4 4

5 5 Restaurant etiquette Eating manners (用餐礼仪) Western food introduction (西餐介绍) Western food introduction (西餐介绍) Ordering (点餐) Ordering (点餐)

6 6 3. Eating manner (1) Sitting manners (入座礼仪) (2) Tableware introduction (餐具介绍) (3) Method of using tableware (如何使用餐具) (4) Other manners of dinning (其他用餐礼仪)

7 7 Sitting manners (入座礼仪) a.Sitting orders (座次) b. Help the elderly and lady be seated and say “hello” to other guests

8 8 c. Sitting in right gesture -Take 2/3 of the seat -Straight back -Do not put hands on the table d. Mind the people next to you when ask for a leave Sitting manners (入座礼仪)

9 9 meat tableware fishsalad bread plate butter meat fish salad soup wine water champagne sweet fruit plate napkin

10 10 Method of using tableware Left fork, right knife, start form outside Knife and fork (刀叉)

11 11 Main dish (主菜) - Cut little by little - Serving by fork steak

12 12 spaghetti Hamburger

13 13

14 14 Method of using tableware Napkin (餐巾) -Folded and put on your leg -Only use for wipe mouth not tableware and face

15 15 Wipe up When you leave table

16 16 Bread (面包) - Use hand to tear the bread and put on butter or jam

17 17 Soup (汤) -Put the cup on the table -Scoop from inside to outside

18 18 Coffee (咖啡) -Take the cup, place the plate on the table -Do not use the coffee spoon to serve

19 19 Wine glass (酒杯) - Hold the glass leg or body

20 20 O ther manners of dinning a. Use your own tableware b. Do not cross over to get the food c. Use tissue or fork to spit out unwanted and put it on your own plate. d. Do not speak when full of food in your mouth

21 21 e. Avoid yawning, burping, coughing, blowing nose and pick-up teeth in front of other people g. Do not make up on the table h. If your tableware drop Down, let waiter or waitress to help you

22 22 Summery (小结) 3 、 Eating manners (用餐礼仪) 1 、 Western food introduction (西餐介绍) 2 、 Ordering (点餐)

23 23 Homework (作业) Think about (思考) What is the difference between having dinner in a western restaurant and Chinese restaurant? Practice (实践) Please go and have dinner in a western restaurant If got chance!

24 24 Thank you !

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