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1. Crankcase Small Engine Parts Four-Cycle. Engine Block 1. Crankcase 2. Cylinder Block Crankcase Cover.

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1 1. Crankcase Small Engine Parts Four-Cycle

2 Engine Block 1. Crankcase 2. Cylinder Block Crankcase Cover

3 Cylinder Block 2. Valves 1. Cylinder Bore 3. Cooling Fins Head gasket goes here

4 Cooling Fins-Cooling fins keep heat away from the cylinder block by increasing the surface area of the cylinder block and contacting the already existing cooler air for cooling efficiency. Spark Plug

5 Crankshaft Counterweights-balances the forces of the reciprocating piston and reduces the load on crankshaft bearing journals. Throw-measurement from the center of the crankshaft to the center of the crankpin journal. Determines the stroke of an engine. Throw = ½ stroke. Crankshaft-converts the linear motion of the piston into rotary motion. Crankgear-interlocks with the cam gear to turn the crankshaft

6 Crankshaft Magneto Journal PTO Journal Bearing Journal Crankpin Journal-attaches the connecting rod to the crankshaft

7 Piston Skirt Rings Piston Pin Bore Piston Head

8 Piston Rings 1. Compression Ring-seals the combustion chamber from any leakage during the combustion process. 3. Oil Ring-Wipes excess oil from the cylinder wall during piston movement. Openings in the ring returns the excess oil to the engine block. 2. Wiper Ring- used to further seal the combustion chamber and to wipe the cylinder wall clean of excess oil.

9 Ring Grooves Ring Lands

10 Connecting Rod- transfers motion from the piston to the crankshaft and functions as a lever arm Rod Cap Crankpin Journal Bearing Surface Piston Pin Piston pin Bearing Surface Piston

11 Valve Tappets-Rides on the camshaft and pushes the bottom of the valve stem to open the valve Valve Tappets

12 Cam Shaft- includes cam gear and cam lobes; driven by the crankgear 2. Cam Lobes- egg-shaped protrusion on the camshaft that moves a tappet to open a valve; controls the lift and duration of the opening and closing of the valves 1. Cam Gear- portion of the camshaft that interlocks with the crankgear.

13 Valve Spring Valve Stem Valve Head Valve Retainer Intake Valve- allows the air-fuel mixture to flow into the cylinder Exhaust Valve- allows exhaust valves to flow out of the cylinder

14 Flywheel Flywheel Nut

15 Magneto Armature Magneto Spark Plug Wire

16 Air Filter

17 Carburetor Carburetor- provides the proper mixture of air and fuel to the intake valve

18 Intake Manifold

19 Muffler Muffler Guard

20 Breather Assembly Breather Cover

21 Shields Cylinder Shield

22 Dipstick

23 Starter Housing

24 Gas Tank

25 Swivel socket starter

26 Starter clutch wrench

27 Flywheel puller.

28 Flywheel starter clutch wrench.

29 Flywheel holder.

30 Blade balancer.

31 Valve seating tool.

32 Carburetor nozzle screw.

33 Valve compressor tool.

34 Piston ring compressor.

35 Piston ring expander.

36 Foot lb torque wrench.

37 Telescoping gauge.

38 Cylinder hone.

39 Gear pulley.

40 Allen wrench.

41 Valve grinding compound.

42 Piston ring compressor.

43 Snap ring pliers.

44 Valve spring compressor – large engines.

45 Ridge reamer.

46 Small engine oil – 30W.

47 Feeler gauge.

48 Spark tester.

49 Spark plug gauge.

50 Test lamp.

51 Compression tester.

52 Repair Manual - BS.

53 Foam air filter.

54 Carburetor gasket.

55 Coil (armature) – two leg.

56 muffler.

57 Piston rings.

58 Connecting rod.

59 Gasket sets.

60 Spark plug.

61 .

62 Blower Housing Cover

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