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Infection Prevention & Control An introduction for new clinical employees Contact the CDHB IP&C Service.

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1 Infection Prevention & Control An introduction for new clinical employees Contact the CDHB IP&C Service

2 The aim of infection prevention & control is to prevent patients, staff and visitors from acquiring an infection while receiving healthcare.

3 Achieving the Aim Always use Standard PrecautionsStandard Precautions Use Transmission-based Precautions appropriatelyTransmission-based Precautions


5 Hand Hygiene All health care workers are required to undertake the self e-learning package which describes the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene self e-learning package Hand Hygiene is the single most important activity for preventing the spread of infection

6 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)




10 PPE Quiz – True or False

11 Transmission-based Precautions (Isolation Precautions) Standard Precautions For all patients all of the time Transmission -based (Isolation) Precautions When we know or suspect a patient has a microorganism spread by a certain route Contact Droplet Airborne

12 Contact Precautions Used when in direct contact with patient or their environment e.g. MRSA, infectious diarrhoea, scabies Next Slide

13 Contact Precautions question Which of the following diseases are NOT spread through contact ?  MRSA  Scabies  Pulmonary TB  Clostridium difficile

14 Droplet Precautions Used for diseases which generate large droplets which travel approx. 1 - 2m then fall to the floor e.g. Influenza, Pertussis

15 Look how well a mask works Click for Next Slide

16 Droplet Precautions scenario and question Mrs Jones has influenza and is being nursed in a single room. What personal protective equipment is required when inside her room?  You wear a surgical/procedural mask  Mrs Jones wears a surgical/procedural mask  You wear gloves and a gown/apron

17 Airborne Precautions Used for diseases which are carried on small droplet nuclei suspended in the air e.g. Pulmonary TB, Chickenpox, Measles. Learn how to fit test your N95 mask

18 Contact and Droplet This sign is used when a patient presents with signs and symptoms that are spread via Droplet and Contact. Use a combination of Contact and Droplet Precautions E.g. Influenza with diarrhoea, Norovirus

19 Multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO ) ESBL- producing enterobacteriaceae MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus VRE Vancomycin-resistant E. faecium & E. faecalis Other MDRO Multi-drug resistant Acinetobacter species MDRO policy

20 MDRO screening

21 Placement of ESBL patients Assessment tool for placement of patient with Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase or ESBL Based on risk factors for spread

22 Cleaning & Disinfection Cleaning & Disinfection Policies Cleaning requires detergent wipes or a detergent solution Disinfection requires use of a suitable disinfectant e.g. bleach solution or alcohol wipe Cleaning must always come before disinfection

23 DynaMap IV pump and stand ECG machine and leads Blood pressure cuff Patient call bell Stethoscope Bed frame and mattress Do you know how to clean patient equipment when discharged?

24 Blood and Body Fluid Exposures Report all Blood Body Fluid Exposures (BBFE) BBFE packs are in all clinical areas Ensure your Hepatitis B immunisation is up-to- date

25 Achieving Infection Prevention…. Always use Standard Precautions –Hand hygiene –Cough and sneeze etiquette –Personal protective equipment –Safe sharps practice Use Transmission-based Precautions appropriately

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