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Copyright Medisport Ltd. Cavilon Barrier Cream Copyright Medisport Ltd.

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1 Copyright Medisport Ltd

2 Cavilon Barrier Cream Copyright Medisport Ltd

3 Barrier Creams 3M™ Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream Copyright Medisport Ltd

4 Cavilon Cream A Durable Barrier Cream provides a unique, long lasting protection from Bodily fluid’s. It is recommended to prevent skin breakdown on intact skin. Its Highly concentrated formula means a little goes a long way. Its presentation is available as a 92g tube, 28g tube or 2g sachet format. Copyright Medisport Ltd

5 Cavilon Cream Indications for use As a barrier against irritation from body fluids Prevention of skin damage A moisturiser Copyright Medisport Ltd

6 Cavilon Cream Features & Benefits Highly concentrated so a little goes a long way (apply in pea sized amounts only!) Non- petrolatum based so will not clog or reduce the absorbency of the skin. Wash off resistant- no need for application every wash Does not decrease tape or dressing adhesion( allows tape to stick) Copyright Medisport Ltd

7 Cavilon Cream Precautions Apply sparingly, if the after skin feel is still oily, you have applied to much. Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream may increase the adherence of some adhesive products, persons with fragile skin should avoid using the cream under all adhesive products Not to be used on infected areas of skin. Copyright Medisport Ltd

8 Over Eyebrows Malar Bone Front & Supraorbital area Under eyebrow (Avoiding contact inside eyes) Bridge of Nose

9 Cavilon Protocol A two grams single dose pack of Cavilon will be given to each boxer’s coach for IMMEDIATE application with examination gloves on the boxer’s face after Daily Weigh-in. The Daily Pass for entering the bout will not be provided if Cavilon has not been administered under the control of officials Copyright Medisport Ltd

10 Second Application At least half hour before the beginning of the bout, the coach must go to the equipment manager to be provided with a single dose of Cavilon to be as before. Copyright Medisport Ltd DODon’t Before Putting Cavilon Wear gloves and wipe skin carefully Put Cavilon directly with out wearing gloves and clean skin Cavilon layer aspectCarefully wipe and remove the excess of Cavilon until the skin is transparent Let the white color if the Cavilon over the skin Drying the skin after putting on Cavilon Carefully remove the excess of Cavilon and help the skin to dry until is transparent Let the brightness appear over the skin

11 Cavilon Cavilon Barrier Cream is believed and used to reduce cuts. It should be used instead of Vaseline, NOT with it Copyright Medisport Ltd

12 Cuts to be aware of Copyright Medisport Ltd Be aware of cuts to bridge of nose especially if nose is broken Cuts to tear duct area of boxer must be treat carefully and by professionals Deep cuts to lip especially if affects symmetry of the face Deep cuts will require specialist help, as nerve endings may be affected.

13 Copyright Medisport Ltd

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