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May 2003 Overview of 3M Aerospace product line

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1 May 2003 Overview of 3M Aerospace product line
Presentation of new material development programs 3M 9323 B/A Cocure of fluoropolymer film. Surfacing Products Update Cleaning methods

2 3M Aerospace Materials Aerospace Materials Adhesives
Structural Non Structural Adhesives Structural Film adhesives Primers Core splice films Low Density Void fillers (Potting Compounds) Coatings PPT Paint Replacement film Chromated Primers Adhesion Promoters Aerospace Materials

3 Curing/In-service temperature
3M Aerospace Materials 3M Structural Bonding films Positioning of existing Bonding films Curing/In-service temperature 120/120 175/135 175/175 175/230 Today : AF163-2 AF AF191 AF30 AF126-2 AF AF147 AF10 Applications Metal/metal bonding Composite surfacing Composite bonding Composite cocure Metal/composite bonding Metal/Metal bonding Composite/composite Metal / Metal bonding

4 3M Aerospace Materials 3M Primers
Only Silan primer Epoxy Silan primer Silan based Adhesion Promotors Phenolic based 3M Primers Epoxy based Epoxy / Phenolic based With Corrosion inhibitor Solvant diluated adhesive Solvent based Low VOC

5 3M Low Density Void Filler
3M Aerospace Materials 3M Low Density Void Filler Applications Core splicing Abradable layer for jet engines Low Density Void Fillers Core edge sealing Insert Bonding Core reinforcement Fuel tank inside coating

6 5 families of Low Density Void Fillers
Cold curing H.T. curing High temp. resistance products B/A B/A 3439 HT 3439 HT AF High Strength products HS AF Fire, smoke, toxicity products 3524 B/A FST 3439 HS FST HS FST Low density products 3524 B/A 3524 B/A AF 3534 B/A Lowest density products 3584 B/A

7 3M Aerospace Materials 3M Core splice films Edge finishing
Honeycomb assemblage Principe : 1K epoxy film containing foaming agents and glass bubbles for assembling of light weight structures. 3M Core splice films Film Expansion range (%) AF AF AF 3030 FST Expansion = Final Thickness / Initial Thickness

8 3M Polyurethane Protective Tape & Boots
3M Aerospace Materials 3M Polyurethane Protective Tape & Boots Highly Durable, Long Service Life Very High Elongation & Toughness Puncture Resistant Conformable to Curvatures Solvent Free Technology Transparent or Limited Color Matching Easy and Fast Application Specialized Capabilities Extremely tough puncture resistant thermoplastic elastomer coated with an acrylic adhesive

9 3M Paint Replacement Tape (Applique)
3M Aerospace Materials 3M Paint Replacement Tape (Applique) Low Surface Energy Low WVTR Chemical / Fluid Resistance UV / Color Stability Conformability Flame Retardant Solvent Free Coating Simple Installation Wide Application Environment Coating Consistency Enhanced Performance

10 3M Aerospace Materials Existing structural 3M 2K epoxy systems
Mono component Bi - component Heat cure RT cure Mild heat cure Bulk EC 2214 EC 9360 Bulk SW 9323 B/A SW B/A EC 2216 B/A SW 7240 B/A FR SW 7260 B/A (FC) SW 7236 B/A SW 7838 B/A EPX DP 1xx series DP 4xx series DP 7xx series

11 Films and Primer Technology Migration
AF repl. R.T. stable 120°C Curing Films AF 500 120/175°C Curing Very High Peel AF 600 175°C Curing Films Composite Bonding Non-chromated 120°C/175°C EW-5000 LowVOC Primers EW-6000

12 AF-500 - New 120°C curing film development
Development effort : Composite bonding film adhesive Surfacing capabilities General purpose metal bonding Excellent out time (minimum 30 days) with good tack and handling characteristics New manufacturing process and system Overall purpose film

13 Status 30 days out time shows no change in viscosity and is expected to be adequate. Composite bonding,metal bonding, and potentially surfacing may be possible. Excellent control of cure rheology, need to optimize to composite and metal bonding performance Optimization of film adhesive in process.

14 AF-600 - New 175oC curing film development
Development Effort: Targeting Broad Performance capability with high shear/service temperature applications to excellent toughness requirements with a single film adhesive Shop friendly handling Excellent Durability Significant property and handling increase of current 175°C systems

15 Ease of Use and Shop Handling
Property AF-600 Tack (0-10) Conforming (0-10) Out time at ambient days Flow Controlled Reticulation Capable yes

16 Status New film adhesive will provide significant advancement in service temperature with toughness over current epoxy film systems Shop handling characteristics and out time significantly improved over current 175°C adhesives 90% of performance targets have been achieved Pilot Plant stage: evaluations and feedback to be commenced

17 Primer development programs
EW °C In service Primer EW-5000NC - 120°C In service Primer EW °C In service Primer

18 Primer development programs
Highlights : EW-5000 EW-5000NC EW-6000 Solvent Low VOC water-borne primer Chemistry Epoxy Epoxy Epoxy/Phenolic Inhibitor Chromate Non-Chromate Chromate Remarks Excellent corrosion and mechanical perf. User-friendly in shop handling Targeted for high productivity

19 Primer development programs
Key Properties: EW EW-5000NC EW-6000 Application Spray gun application Handling MEK & Skydrol resistance VOC content 247 g/dm g/dm g/dm3 Thickess range ,5 - 9,0 µm (cured) Remarks box coat to obtain 5 µm Quick flash dry Visible thickness difference prior to cure

20 Primer development programs
About Corrosion resistance : EW-5000 EW-5000NC After 100 days in 5% salt spray

21 3M Aerospace Materials Existing structural 3M 2K epoxy systems
Bi - component RT cure Mild heat cure Bulk SW 9323 B/A SW B/A EC 2216 B/A SW 7240 B/A FR SW 7260 B/A (FC) SW 7236 B/A SW 7838 B/A EPX DP 1xx series DP 4xx series DP 7xx series

22 3M Structural 2K Paste Adhesives 2K Paste adhesives in Bulk
SW 9323 B/A Very high performance (Probably best RT performance of all 3M 2K paste adhesives) Very tough adhesive Salmon pink colour (colour changes during storage) Temperature range from -55°C to 80°C Best mechanical performance with 100µm bondline thickness Optimal cure 2h at 65°C and 1kg/cm2 Qualified and used all over Europe by Aerospace manufacturers (Eurocopter, Agusta- Westland, Eurofighter, Fairchild Dornier, Ministry of Defence UK, SAAB Military….) Worklife of 90 min. minimum for 20g of mix

23 3M Structural 2K Paste Adhesives SCOTCH-WELD : PRODUCT POSITIONNING
Overlap Shear Strength (MPa) Test conditions DP 760 SW 9323 B/A DP190 DP490 - 55 ±3°C 17,4 (C) 29,0 (C) 10,3 (C) 27,5 (C) ±2°C 29,1 (C) 41,0 (C) 17,2 (C) 28,5 (C) +80 ± 2°C 24,2 (C) 23,5 (C) 2,8 (C) 11,9 (C) +120 ± 2°C 16,1 (C) 3,5 (C) 2,0 (C) 3,2 (C) +150 ± 2°C 11,9 (C) 2,5 (C) 1,4 (C) 1,7 (C) +175 ± 3°C 7,3 (C) 1,2 (C) 1,4 (C) +205 ± 3°C 5,2 (C) +230 ± 3°C 3,0 (C) Tg midpoint (2nd DSC Scan) Fully cured product °C 80-90°C 13-25°C 60-65°C

24 3M Structural 2K Paste Adhesives SCOTCH-WELD : PRODUCT POSITIONNING

25 High Performance Surface Coating & Protection Technology
Fluoropolymer Paint Replacement (Applique) Tapes & Film Currently Available Product Description Thickness Application Film (no adhesive) mm (4mil) Co-cure In Process, Bonding w/Alt Adhesives Paint Replacement Tape mm (6mil) Smooth Surfaces <100µinch Roughness For Smooth Surfaces (Not Suitable For Aircraft Exterior) Paint Replacement Tape mm (9mil) Rough Surfaces > 100µinch Roughness For Rough Surfaces (Not Suitable For Aircraft Exterior) Paint Replacement Tape mm (5.5mil) Aircraft Top-Coat Paint Replacement For Aircraft Exterior Paint Replacement (Applique) Technology Support Products Product Description Application Adhesion Test Strip For Indicates Adhesion Above and Below 40oz/in width per ASTM D3330 Sealing Film Used with DP190 or DP460 Provides Color Matched Edge Seal Support Kit Tools to Support Installation/Repair of Paint Replacement Tapes

26 High Performance Surface Coating & Protection
Benefits of Fluoropolymer Film Coating Technology: “Paint By The Roll” Features Attributes Benefits Low Surface Energy Low WVTR Chemical/Fluid Resistance UV / Color Stability Conformability Flame Retardant Reduced Dirt Collection Reduced Corrosion Expanded Durability Expanded Longevity Expanded Coverage Areas Non-Flammable, low Smoke Reduced Cleaning Requirement Reduced Repairs, Extended Service Life Extended Service Life Enhanced Substrate Protection Improved Safety

27 High Performance Surface Coating & Protection
Surface Protection Film Co-cured With Composite Parts Incorporate Surface Protection Film into the Parts During Cure Colored, Cleanable, Moisture Barrier, Chemical/Fluid Resistant, UV Stable Eliminates Finishing, Priming, Coating Curing temperatures to 360°F (182°C) at 100 psi (Possibly Higher) VACUUM PORT COMPOSITE PLIES AND/OR CORE TOOL BAG SEAL AROUND PERIMETER SURFACE PROTECTION FILM OR PAINT REPLACEMENT TAPE CAN BE APPLIED TO EITHER OR BOTH SURFACES BREATHER VACUUM BAG

28 3M Low Density Surfacing Film
AF 325 New Carrier Excellent surfacing with minimal pinholes Low flow and customized tack Co-curing with most prepregs 120° / 180°C curing Little or no resin intermingling Readily sanded and painted

29 Lightning Strike/EMI Protection - Surface Films
AF LS Excellent wet-out Flexible cures from 105° to 180°C Minimal Preparation for paint Excellent surface and fill .45wt: .30wt film/.15 wt grid .60 wt: .30wt film/.29 wt grid

30 Cleaning methods The following cleaning methods are suggested for common surfacess Aluminium Vapor Degrease – Percholorethylene condensing vapors for 5-10 minutes.* Alkaline Degrease – Oakite 164 solution (9-11 oz./gallon water) at 190F+/- 10F (88C +/- 5C) for minutes. Rinse immediately in large quantities of cold running water. Acid etch – Place pannels in the following solution for 10 minutes at 150F+/- 5F (66C +/- 2C).* Sodium Dichromate oz./gallon Sulfuric Acid, oz./gallon 2024-T3 aluminum (dissolved) 0.2 oz./gallon minimum Tap water Balance of volume Rinse – Rinse panels in clear running tap water. Dry – Air dry 15 minutes; force dry 10 minutes at 150F +/- 10F (66C +/- 5C) If primer is to be used, it should be applied within 4 hours after surface preparation

31 Cleaning methods Steel Plastics Rubbers
Wipe free of dust with oil-free solvent such as Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)* Sandblast or abrade using clean fine grit abrasives Wipe again with solvents to remove loose particles Plastics Solvent wipe with Isopropyl Alcohol * Abrade using clean fine grit abrasives Solvent wipe again with Isopropyl Alcohol * Rubbers Solvent wipe with Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)* Abrade using clean fine grit abrasives Wipe again with MEK *

32 Cleaning methods Glass
Solvent wipe with Acetone or Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)* For glass applications which will be subjected to high moisture/humidity conditions, a primer should be used to prime the glass * Note: When using solvents or chemicals, be shure to extinguish all ignition sources and follow the manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use when handling such materials

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