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Biofreeze New Product Overview Pain Relieving Wipes & Hands-Free Applicator.

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1 Biofreeze New Product Overview Pain Relieving Wipes & Hands-Free Applicator

2 Hands-free Applicator General Description (Catalog Copy) –The Biofreeze 4 fl. oz Tube with Hands-Free Applicator is the first of its kind in the clinical market. This new packaging design allows patients and/or clients to apply Biofreeze either Hands-Free or Hands-On. When applying Hands-Free the no-mess, delicate sponge applicator is ideal for even application of sore joints, including knuckles, knees, and elbows. When a stronger massage is needed, simply unscrew the applicator to apply the product directly with your hands. Now the patient has two ways to apply and one way to relieve.

3 Hands-free Applicator Features & Benefits –Versatility Meets Simplicity Apply either Hands-Free or Hands-On No-Mess Delicate Sponge Applicator

4 Hands-free Applicator Packaging Details –Formulation: Current Biofreeze Gel –Product Number: BUSAT04A-144 –Description: 4 fl. oz Tubes with Touch-Free Applicator Removable Hands-Free Applicator Shrink banded cap Case Pack: same as current tube (12 x 12) Unique green band across the top of the tube stating “Hands- Free Applicator” –Case Weight: 50 lbs.

5 Hands-free Applicator Pricing –$6.18 / tube ($500 - $1,999 bracket) –$5.62 / tube ($2000+ bracket) –$7.99 / tube (MAP Price) –$15.99 / tube (MSRP) Shipping –FOB Akron

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7 Pain Relieving Wipe General Description (Catalog Copy) –In addition to being the first Pain Relieving Wipe in the market today, it is also the first high potency Biofreeze product in our line. The high potency is obtained through our integrated cooling technology and is easily identifiable with our all green label and a new ‘high potency, maximum intensity’ symbol (above). In addition to being strong enough for the deepest pain, the new Biofreeze Pain Relieving wipe is small enough to place where patients and/or clients might anticipate pain events such as gym bags, first aid kits, office desk drawers, purses, pockets, or in the glove box of your car.

8 Pain Relieving Wipe Features & Benefits –High Potency meets Convenience New high potency strength Integrated Cooling Technology On-the-go Tagline –Rip, Wipe, Relieve

9 Pain Relieving Wipe Packaging Details –Product Number: BUSAWSU-048 –Description: Pain Relieving Wipe – Single Use, 24- Count Boxes –Case Pack: 12 boxes per Inner, 4 Inners per Master (48 total boxes) –Case Weight: 40 lbs.

10 Pain Relieving Wipe Pricing –$8.18 / box ($500 - $1,999 bracket) –$7.44 / box ($2000+ bracket) –$9.99 / box (MAP Price) –$19.99 / box (MSRP) Shipping –FOB Akron 1 box = single use wipes

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12 New Product Promotion To drive immediate trial of these two great products, Performance Health, Inc. is offering the following limited, one-time promotion. Date January 1 – February 15, 2010 Deal #1 Buy (9) Boxes of Biofreeze Pain Relieving Wipes, Get (3) Boxes Free + (1) 4 fl. oz Biofreeze Gel Tube with Hands-Free Applicator Deal #2 Buy (9) 4 fl. oz Biofreeze Gel Tubes with Hands-Free Applicator, Get (3) Tubes Free + (1) Box of Biofreeze Pain Relieving Wipes (1 box / 24 wipes)

13 New Product Promotion Promotion Guidelines Orders can be pre-booked starting the week of December 14, 2009 All promotion orders must be booked separately (i.e. not combined with non-promo products) Promotion invoices must be dated from January 1st, 2010 through February 15th, 2010. Purchases of promotional products must be in master case packs. –Pain Relieving Wipes (48 boxes per master case / 1,152 wipes) –Hands-Free Applicator Tip (144 tubes per master case) All promotion invoices must be received by Hygenic / Performance Health, Inc. by March 1, 2010 to be eligible for the free goods credit. Free goods credit is only good for the same product. Free goods credit must be used or orders must be placed by March 31, 2010. Each dealer must register by returning a completed and signed form to Hygenic / Performance Health no later than December 1st, 2009.

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