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+ Technology and the Higher Education Landscape Dr. Pam Northrup.

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1 + Technology and the Higher Education Landscape Dr. Pam Northrup

2 + Framing the Issues for the Technology Landscape

3 + Annual Report of the New Media Consortium: The Horizon Report Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Tablet Computing Gaming Learning Analytics 3D Printing Wearable Technology

4 + Increase access and reduce the cost of education The US isn’t producing enough college graduates for the workforce. In Florida, 2.1 million students have some college but did not complete their education. State support is being reduced, competition among institutions is significant

5 + Nationally, student loan debt tops $1 trillion and the price of going to college has risen 440 percent in the last 25 years, according to Sallie Mae.

6 + Before the decade is out The “parallel universe” of an online-age education will reach a point of sophistication and credibility where the degrees granted—or whatever new method is invented to mean “ evidence of your skills and knowledge ”—will be accepted and taken seriously by employers. American colleges and universities will start to feel real pain. Political pressure will continue to grow for credits earned in low-cost MOOCs to be transferable to traditional colleges. Profit margins that colleges have enjoyed in providing more- traditional education will shrink. Colleges with strong brand names and other sources of revenue will emerge stronger than ever, but everyone else will scramble to survive as vestigial players. Kevin Carey, Director of Program Policy, Washington Monthly

7 + MOOCs Massively Open Online Courses



10 2 million students in 200 courses right now.

11 +

12 + MOOCs Massively Open Online Course

13 + MOOCs: Why would we consider? The free, open resource provides open access to education, primarily for our non-traditional learners. It creates an environment for experimentation on new models for teaching. Many institutions and contemplating how MOOCs can solve issues of high enrollment courses Extends the brand of the institution “MOOC 2 Degree” model Alignment with Coursera Connects to the world

14 + Do MOOCs Work?

15 + More Strategies to Reduce Costs - Open Resources - Reduced Cost Third Party Support - Competency-Based Education - Prior Learning Assessment




19 pushing-10g-bachelor-degree/



22 + Complete College Florida: Led by UWF The proposed Degree Completion Initiative is designed to provide an opportunity for qualified Florida residents with some college credit to complete a degree within a reasonable and flexible timeframe. Partners with St. Petersburg College to offer the state’s first Competency-Based Program in a 2+2, fully online, modular format Work with other Florida institutions to develop a degree completion model for Florida 2 million recurring -- 2 million non-recurring

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