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By: Mark Vallaro & Kishan Patel

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1 By: Mark Vallaro & Kishan Patel
Timeline By: Mark Vallaro & Kishan Patel

2 Writing Writing has been a huge part of world history and will continue to be so. Writing is a very efficient way of documenting anything. Writing can also be used for entertainment, communication, learning, and many other things. The world wouldn't have been so successful without writing and its gift. This also what drew the line between prehistory, and history. Mr. Sink’s correction: Cuneiform emerged in Sumer in ancient Mesopotamia which is in the MIDDLE EAST not Europe.

3 Christian Cross Christianity, which can be represented by the Christian cross, is very major in world history. It is one of the biggest world religions and is shown in world history. Christianity can, by itself, be seen as a milestone. It has played a big role in world history and will continue to in the future. Mr. Sink’s correction: Christianity emerged in Palestine in the 1st c. CE in the MIDDLE EAST. At the time of Christianity’s emergence the region was under control of the Roman Empire that named it Judea.

4 Gold Medallion of Christ
This artifact shows the coming together of wealth and religion. This represents the wealth of the Byzantine empire and the importance of Christianity. For a long time many people were extremely devout to their religious beliefs. The artifact shows this and how empires were built on various religious beliefs and practices.

5 Silver Silver was mass produced and traded all around the world. It was also quite possible the first universal form of currency, "the pieces of eight". This was before the industrial revolution, when mass production was easier, so it was quite the accomplishment for it to be produced in the quantity it was. In fact, it was so largely produced that some merchants came back to their country with nothing but silver, due to its high value.

6 Berlin Conference Maps
The Berlin conference led to the division of Africa, the continent. That led to the scramble for Africa, in which European powers competed with each other for African colonies, which were exploited for the Europeans' benefit. This was a direct result of Britain's Industrial Revolution, and the invention of the Maxim machine gun. This shows how powerful some nations are and can even take over other nations, as seen in the Berlin conference maps and the scramble for Africa. This was also the first time in history that a whole continent was conquered.

7 Camera Thanks to the camera, we have a lot of things that we have today. (Movies, television, YouTube videos, photo albums, etc.) Now, we can record and share easier than ever. For example, we can take a video of an event and re watch it over and over again. Documenting is more accessible, accurate, and easy than ever before.

8 Citations Ways of the World by Robert W. Strayer

9 Image Citation

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