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Rudyard Kipling The White Man’s Burden. Social Darwinism Imperialism Breeds Racism.

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1 Rudyard Kipling The White Man’s Burden

2 Social Darwinism Imperialism Breeds Racism

3 EGYPT Fall of Ottoman Empire Muhammad Ali “Father of Modern Egypt” Economic and Political Reform Increased foreign relationships “Westernize” to fend off imperialism Muhammad’s death= Fall of Egypt French investors British “protectorate” Suez Canal Economic Imperialism

4 “ Yankee Imperialism” 1823 Monroe Doctrine US to protect business in Mexico. Europeans not to Colonize the Americas. 1853 Open Japanese Ports 1889 Spanish American War US gains Cuba and pays 2 million for Spain to “hand over” the Philippines 1901 Platt Amendment US establishes naval bases in Cuba 1914 Panama Canal US helps Panamanians defeat the Columbians, but then steals their land Economic Imperialism Humanitarian Imperialism

5 Intercontinental Trade Suez Canal Egypt British Protectorate Panama Canal Panama US protectorate

6 Imperialism in Asia

7 China Qing Dynasty Opium Trade 1 st Opium War Treaty of Nanking 1842 Hong Kong surrendered An indemnity of $100 million Open four large cities to trade Open Door Policy Partition of China Economic Imperialism Self Preservation

8 Imperialism in Asia Open Door Policy Boxer Rebellion Nationalist movement Anti foreign/Anti Christian

9 Japanese Imperialism Japan and China 1500= “Isolationism” US forces Japan to open Ports in 1853-4 $ appeals to the ruling classes Sino-Japanese War- Russo-Japanese War

10 Imperialism in India British East India Company Sepoys= Indian soldiers Sepoy Rebellion- “Great Rebellion” Muslim & Hindus forced against beliefs Indians lost, British increase taxes 1858 British Parliament controls India from London All white civil servants working in India (3,500) India serves as a “gate” to China

11 Imperialism in India Railways and Roads Cash Crops Massive Deforestation Better Healthcare British “Modernization”

12 Imperialism in Africa

13 The African “fever” European powers stepping on each other Scramble for land Scramble for gold, diamonds, exotic Berlin Conference 1884 Ethiopia & Liberia = Free

14 Berlin Conference

15 Imperialism in Africa South Africa Afrikaners v. Zulu British v. Zulu British v. Dutch Settlers 1910 British Apartheid Government established Boer War

16 Imperialism in Africa Cecil Rhodes De Beers Mining Co. 1880 Maxim Machine Gun Sierra Leone

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