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1 2013 EnergyShare Load Management Standard Offer Program.

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1 1 2013 EnergyShare Load Management Standard Offer Program

2 Contact Information David Dzierski 713-207-3341 office 281-782-2265 cellular CenterPoint Energy 1111 Louisiana St. Floor 9 Houston, TX 77002 Attn: David Dzierski 2

3 Load Management 2013 What is it? The Load Management Standard Offer Program (EnergyShare) is a performance-based demand response program that offers financial incentives for curtailing electric load when notified during the summer peak period. – EnergyShare – Load Management – Demand Response – Curtailment Program November 2012 3

4 Program Eligibility CenterPoint Energy metered customers meeting kW thresholds: – Non-residential Distribution level customers – Governmental agencies (all levels) – Educational facilities (all levels) – Other not-for-profit agencies (all levels) – Industrial non-transmission class ___________________ *(Transmission customer sites are NOT eligible unless in the government, education or non-profit category) November 2012 4

5 Why should you participate? To provide assistance during an ERCOT emergency situation. (EEA2) The test curtailment is an excellent way to prepare for a hurricane or disaster. The Sponsor will be compensated. A good way to exercise your equipment under load. It is a good thing to do. Help David make his goal! November 2012 5

6 EnergyShare Program History Program YearMW GoalMW Actual 200812.516.0 200931.533.0 201070.081.5 201178.071.2 avg 2012112.0140 avg 2013160.0? November 2012 6

7 2012 Results Proposed156,240 MW – 38 Sponsors – 339 Sites (meters) 52 Smart Meters 287 IDR Meters June – 134 MW Test curtailment 6/28/2012 August – 146 MW CNP initiated curtailment 8/30/2012 Total (average) – 140 MW November 2012 7

8 What was new in 2012 Allowed the use of Commercial Smart Meters in program. New database – Sponsor can view results of each curtailment – Allows Sponsor to update names and phone numbers at any time – Easier to navigate New Sponsors – 17 new Sponsors 8

9 2012 Results - Participants Participant TypeNo. of ParticipantsAvg kW Curtailed Manufacturing1927,830 Hospital86,178 Office11,472 Retail917,092 School3319,238 Water/Waste Water Treat299,408 Total18171,218 November 2012 9

10 2013 Program Basics A Standard Offer Program – Standard Offer = First Come First Served Pays incentives ($35/kw curtailed & verified ) to participating Project Sponsors 30-minute curtailment notice Application deadlines and program rules will be posted at: Electronic Application procedures are posted at November 2012 10

11 2013 Incentive Budget $5,700,000 160 MW approx. November 2012 11

12 Issues – Opportunities for Improvement Speculative submittals Incorrect names, emails and phone numbers Submittals less than 100 kW Submit, remove, resubmit, remove, resubmit 12

13 Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) November 2012 13 Federal electric reliability councils, including ERCOT, are shown in the map below. EnergyShare benefits not only the local area but also helps to lend mutual support to others served by ERCOT

14 Peak Day Generation Fuel Mix August 3, 2011 >28,000 MW delta

15 Weather Impacts on Load by customer type Customer class breakdown is for competitive choice areas; percentages are extrapolated for munis and co-ops to achieve region-wide estimate Large C&I are IDR Meter Required (>700kW) Large C&I 23.7% Residential 51.2% (~35,000 MW) Residential 27.4% (~8,500 MW) Small Commercial 25.2% Small Commercial 28.9% Large C&I 43.7% Wed., Aug. 3, 2011 5:00 PM ERCOT Load: 68,416 MW Temperature in Dallas: 109° Wednesday March 9, 2011 5:15 PM ERCOT Load: 31,262 MW Temperature in Dallas: 64°

16 An orderly plan to reduce load during a shortage of generation Procedures for reducing System Demand in emergency situations Provides for maximum possible continuity of service while maintaining the integrity of the ERCOT System Reduces the chance of cascading outages Outlines when and how demand (load) can be curtailed The Energy Emergency Alert (EEA)

17 Program Eligibility CenterPoint Energy electric customers and 3 rd Party entities representing distribution level or other governmental, educational, and non-profit customers. Project sponsors must have a normal aggregate peak demand of 750 kW or more, and with each participating site averaging 250 kW peaks and capable of curtailing at least 100 kW. Project Site(s) must be equipped with a CenterPoint Energy Interval Data Recorder (IDR) meter. November 2012 17

18 How do I know if I am a CenterPoint Energy customer? 22 digit ESID number on electric bill ESID 1008901003455779101009 The 1 st seven digits identify the utility – 1008901 = CenterPoint Energy If you are not sure, call David. November 2012 18

19 Meter Requirements May have an IDR meter or Smart Meter to participate Cost of new IDR meter = $365 (minimum) – Additional monthly customer cost to read meter = $84 – Cost of IDR meter is customer’s responsibility Smart Meters – Itron Open Way Meter Contact Kevin Kulhanek @ 713-207-3444 to schedule an IDR meter installation November 2012 19

20 Ways to participate Substantial backup generation Underutilized cogeneration capacity Blower motors as in wastewater plants Loads that can be shifted off peak for brief periods Alternative drive systems (such as steam absorbers, gas-drive motors) Unnecessary daytime lighting, air handling, elevators (limited applicability) THESE ARE EXAMPLES ONLY..ANY EFFECTIVE ELECTRIC LOAD SHIFTING CAN QUALIFY. November 2012 20

21 Ways to Participate November 2012 21 Pipelines (alter pumping schedule) Water & wastewater (pumping/blowers) Commercial (with stand-by generators) Gen-sets and angle-drive (power substitute) Pumps and Motors (alter schedule) Electric Furnaces (slow processes) Chillers (“coast” through peaks/direct drive)

22 Curtailment Information The peak demand period is June 1 through September 30, 1-7 p.m. weekdays, excluding federal holidays. 30 minute notice for all curtailments! One (1) or two (2) Scheduled Test Curtailments from 1 - 3 hour’s duration. A maximum of four (4) Unscheduled Curtailments of 1 to 4 hours of duration each year. Maximum of five curtailments totaling 19 hrs./yr. Trigger = ERCOT EEA2 November 2012 22

23 Participation is a 5 Part Process 1.Application 2.Contract 3.Performance Period 4.Measurement and Verification 5.Incentive Payments a)$35/kw at the completion of the summer peak period b)Potential for additional performance payment November 2012 23

24 Load Management Application Electronic applications will be accepted beginning November 6, 2012 beginning at 10:00 am CST. Electronic applications will be submitted on December 6, 2012 beginning at 10:00 am CST. Frontier Associates will provide instructions on how to access and complete an application. Sponsors who have signed a contract will not be required to re-sign the contract but will be required to submit a new application each year! November 2012 24

25 Load Management Application November 6 – Begin filling out applications. December 8 – Submit applications beginning at 10:00 am CST. You must submit an application to be considered for participation! The database will remain open until May 31, 2013 or when the goal is achieved, whichever comes first. November 2012 25

26 Application Submitting an electronic application does not guarantee that you will be approved to participate in the 2013 Load Management Program. CenterPoint Energy will review and approve qualified applications. (service territory, kw reduction min., past performance, etc) I am going to use a very sharp pencil! We will not oversubscribe the program goal. November 2012 26

27 Contract The project Sponsor will be required to sign CenterPoint Energy’s Load Management Standard Offer Program contract. – W-9 – MWBE Certification – Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization – Contract questions – Terry Munder 713-207-6398 November 2012 27

28 Incentive Payments Payments – $35/kw at the conclusion of the summer peak period + the potential for a an additional performance payment. (mid October – end of November) Checks will be issued when initiated in SAP by the Program Manager! – (in lieu of net 30 days) November 2012 28

29 EnergyShare 2013 FOR MORE INFORMATION: To access the Program Manual, Application instructions and sample contract, please go to the following web site : For answers to specific questions about your facility or potential participation, contact David Dzierski at 713.207.3341, or by e-mail at: November 2012 29

30 The Most Important Slide Golf – 4 person scramble. – Bogey is your friend. – Absolutely no mulligans! – Maintain the pace of play! Its getting dark earlier! – Nothing worse than a slow golf tournament! – Keep up with the group in front of you. – Meet under scoreboard for prizes and awards immediately after play @ 5:30 p.m. – Please do not play extra holes! November 2012 30

31 Thank you! Bobbie White Heather Dunagin Tempie Fulwiler Loretta Battles Dan Martinez Jerry Golden Distribution Dispatch personnel CNP IT Department CNP AMS Team Sugar Creek Country Club November 2012 31

32 Frontier Associates Please welcome Blaine Carpenter (Frontier Associates) – A Demonstration of the electronic application process November 2012 32

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