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Learning about and helping schools in Africa Bea, Mack & Tom Ottway.

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1 Learning about and helping schools in Africa Bea, Mack & Tom Ottway

2 Tom & Bea talking at St Luke’s

3 SUMMARY  As a family, we recently went to The Gambia, where we visited a typical village school and saw the challenges they are facing: lack of materials, even pencils and paper, and trained teachers; education is not free.  Tom is volunteering in August in Uganda for the Great Generation charity to help train local primary teachers, helping setting up a teacher forum, which will benefit up to 10,000 students in the coming years.  Tom, Bea and Mack are raising money for the project and need St Lukes children and parents’ help to get to the £1500 total, please!

4 Please help! Make cakes… content/uploads/local_img_fldrs/local_imgs/logos/cak esale.jpg

5 Sponsor Mack & Tom in the Heroes vs Villains Run (or run yourself) Look out for Mack and Bea in the playground with sponsorship forms

6 If you/(your child) wants to join the Heroes Vs. Villains race  Please see this link:  All children must be accompanied by an adult  When completing the application please DO NOT tick ‘rasing money for Pass it On’ as hopefully you will be running for the Great Generation, so just use the sponsorship forms ‘Heroes and Villains Run for great Generation Sponsorhip Form 2014’ on the St Luke’s website  Please return all money raised and sponsorship forms to school office for attention of ‘Tom Ottway/Great Generation’

7 How to donate  Online: ayuganda   Make a text donation: Text BDTF14 + space + £5 (or any amount you can afford) to 70070


9 Gambian wildlife

10 Learning about animals…

11 Visit to a school





16 School Years- Gambia Year 1 = Aged 7 Year 2= Aged 8 Year 3= Aged 9 Year 4= Aged 10 Year 5= Aged 11

17 What tourists bring…

18 Uganda map,31.3584172,6z/data=!4m2!3 m1!1s0x1771a69f6499f945:0x874155ce43014549

19 Buikwe District,33.5370224,10z/data=!4m2!3 m1!1s0x177dd900e6a739d9:0xfe32d6306e769a0b

20 First some history…Carving up Africa 1890

21  1890 Treaty of Berlin- Africa was carved up. Britain got Uganda, Kenya & Zanzibar  1962 - Uganda becomes independent with Milton Obote as prime minister  1971 – Army replaces Milton Obote with Army chief Idi Amin.  1986 - Yoweri Museveni put in power by army as president.  Political problems> multi-party  Children face unstable environment- education is not guaranteed Uganda –a difficult history

22 Great Generation Video  Go to:  

23 Update in Autumn term  I’ll come back and tell you all about Uganda and the project. O_G8p2_N_wg1_CiGUIpDs1C1NkMA

24 Thank you!!

25 Links and reading MORE ABOUT THE SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA (suitable aged 9 +,with parent)  THE CHARITY:  TOM’S FUNDRAISING PAGE- donate here: PROJECT BLOGS UGANDA

26 Contact me  PARENTS/CARERS:  Please email me if you or your company would like to get involved in fundraising or donating to the cause:   Using social media to help publicise is really helpful so please retweet and like on  Twitter: @tottway

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