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Wilmington University’s Student Response System “Clickers” 1.

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1 Wilmington University’s Student Response System “Clickers” 1

2 Technology used for polling, surveying RF Technology Up to 82 Channels can be used at once in close proximity Transmission range is @200’ Supports 1000 participants per receiver Default Channel ID = 41 USB Receiver Students may change their mind, simply press another button before polling closes 2

3 Why Should I Implement the Student Response System in My Course? Active participation Offers instant feedback Promotes positive reinforcement through drilling course content Offers a change of pace during class time 3

4 Use of Clickers Promote Active Participation Ice Breakers Voting Review Opinion Polls/Discussion Starters Problem Solving/Peer Interaction Assessment 4

5 How Do I Get Started? Download the TurningPoint Software from the website and Install: One Download, One Dashboard TurningPoint – Requires PowerPoint – Open up TurningPoint software first – Then, open your.ppt file TurningPoint Anywhere – Poll on top of any window 5

6 6 Download Options Install Your Version, Mac or PC One Download, One Dashboard

7 7 Turning Point PPT TurningPoint Anywhere The Dashboard

8 Toolbar Share 9 Steps to Success Create Questions Tools and Settings 8 Learn the Tools in TurningPoint PPT

9 Create the Questions Turning Point in PPT 9 Select New, Choose a question type Type in your question Type in answer choices Click outside the text box Mark correct answers as needed Add optional timer “File, Save As” the PPT To poll, make sure the receiver is plugged in before launching software

10 Run PPT Polling Have the receiver plugged in Open up TurningPoint Open up the PPT Run in Slide Show view – Polling show bar opens on polling slides – Advance to see close polling – Advance to see Chart – Advance to see Correct Answer Indicators and other objects 10

11 Troubleshoot Polling Another classroom in the same range at same time? – Reset the Receiver Channel ID – use the Dashboard Receiver icon and change the channel ID different from 41 – Then change all ResponseCards “Clickers” – Go/Ch/Channel button, Press the new channel number, and then press the Go.Ch/Channel button again Test the Clickers – On the ResponseCard RF press Ch/GO/Channel – (Channel number, default number is 41) – Press Ch/GO – A green light will display Test the Clickers – Click the Receiver icon – Click on the Connections link – Click on the “Test” button – Students can then press any key on their response device. – TurningPoint displays the Device ID, Channel, and the key entry from each response device in the order in which they were tested. – Have students check if their ID displays on the screen. – Click Close on the Polling Test window. – Click Close on the Preference Window. – The device communication check is now complete. 11

12 TurningPoint Anywhere 12 Set up Hardware 9 Steps to Success Polling Environments 1.Poll with verbal questioning Poll on the fly 2.Poll with a question List Create your questions under the Content Tab Or select content already created 3.Poll on top of any application Select your content,.PDF file, Word Document

13 Running TurningPoint Anywhere Start Polling – Click the Start button on the floating showbar End Polling – Click the Stop button on the floating showbar (Optional) Set Chart as correct – Right click on the bar and select menu item, left click and select “Mark Answer as Correct” 13

14 Insert Slide: Multiple Choice Please make your selection... What day are you most likely to read for leisure? 1.Choice One - Friday 2.Choice Two - Saturday 3.Choice Three - Sunday 4.Choice Four - Monday 14

15 Moment to Moment Slide On a scale of 1 to 5 rate:__________ 15

16 Priority Ranking Slide Rank your top two choices on how to assess a patient’s health. 1.Ask Questions 2.Take BP 3.Look at their feet 4.Look at their hair 16

17 Multiple Choice Choose your favorite vacation spot. 17 1.The Beach 2.Mountains 3.Museums 4.Historical Places 5.Home 20

18 Analogy pumpkin pie : cool whip :: lemon pie : 18 cream 2.crust 3.meringue 4.nuts

19 Immediate Feedback Slide Insert Slide: Icebreaker\Word Scramble B_N_N_ _A_E 1.A A A C K 2.W U O K E 3.R O E A G 4.E D L A O Banana Cake 19

20 Sample of “Convert to Picture Slide” Dover is the capital of what state? 20 1. 2. 3. 4.

21 Lickert :What is your opinion? I am comfortable using new technology in my classes. 1.Strongly Agree 2.Agree 3.Neutral 4.Disagree 5.Strongly Disagree 21

22 Example of Review of Content What is the longest phase of the cell cycle? 1.Interphase 2.Mitosis 3.Prophase 4.Metaphase 5.Telophase 6.Anaphase 7.Cytokinesis 22

23 Multiple Choice 1.College of Arts and Sciences 2.College of Education 3.College of Health Professions 4.College of Business 5.College of Technology 6.College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 7.DTCC 8.K-12 Teacher 0% 23

24 Multiple Choice… This is how to do a short answer using our RF clickers The activities in my course are primarily ________________? 24 1.Lecture 2.Group Discussion 3.Interactive (Discussion, Movies, Role Play, Collaboration, Simulations)

25 True/False Using Clickers can be engaging for students. A.True B.False 25

26 Teaching with Clickers Present questions before instruction ---Repeat after instruction Change the delivery… talk a few minutes and then ask a question…. Poll again Find misconceptions to discuss See how students are responding to open ended questions..gather questions/answers from previous student work One clicker per group – promote peer instruction and discussion 26

27 Assessment Stages & Objectives To assess student learning, use student clicker responses at the beginning, middle, or end of the learning process. Pre-Assessments Questioning Strategies – Occurs at the beginning of a semester, topic, or classroom session. – Helps you to determine what students already know and identify any student misconceptions. Mid-Topic Assessments Questioning Strategies – Occurs at the middle of a topic or lecture – Helps you determine if the students understand a principle, term, or concept – Helps you discover if a student can apply a concept in a real-world scenario – Helps you determine if their ideas are changing Post-Assessments Questioning Strategies – Occurs at the end of a topic, lecture, or semester – Helps you determine the students’ overall conceptual structure – Helps you determine if the students can synthesize concepts and principles to solve problems – Again, helps you determine if their ideas are changing – Each stage focuses on the different cognitive levels of student understanding ranging from knowledge comprehension to application to synthesis. As taken from 27

28 How Do I Sign-Out the Clickers at WilmU? Student Response System Information Use the link on the University’s webpage 28

29 References (NA). Designing clicker questions that promote classroom discussion. Retrieved from Office of the CIO, O. S. (2012). Designing good questions. Retrieved from Product guides & manuals. (2010). Retrieved from Radosevich, D. (2008, September 30). Using student response systems to increase motivation, learning, and knowledge. Retrieved from,_L earning,_and_Knowledge_Retention.pdf,_L earning,_and_Knowledge_Retention.pdf Seiferth, M. (1997, September 16). Socratic teaching. Retrieved from Wilson, T. (2010, September 13). High-tech gadget transforming college teaching and learning. Retrieved from _and_learning.html?viewAll=y _and_learning.html?viewAll=y 29

30 Thanks for Attending Our Clicker Workshop! 30

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