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Imperialism in Africa.

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1 Imperialism in Africa

2 Imperialism: policy of extending a country's power and influence
Takeover of a country/territory by a stronger country The goal was to dominate the economic, cultural and political

3 Motives for Imperialism
Economic: Industrial Revolution Provided access to Raw Materials Need for New Markets Growing Population

4 Motives for Imperialism
Political: Military advantages Nationalism Expand Influence, Power, and increase Prestige

5 Motives for Imperialism
Cultural: Social Darwinism theory that individuals or groups achieve advantage over others as the result of genetic or biological superiority “The White Man’s Burden” Western culture had an obligation to help those in need, whether the wanted it or not

6 European Motives For Colonization European Nationalism
Source for Raw Materials Missionary Activity Industrial Revolution European Motives For Colonization Markets for Finished Goods Military & Naval Bases Social Darwinism European Racism Places to Dump Unwanted/ Excess Popul. Humanitarian Reasons Soc. & Eco. Opportunities “White Man’s Burden”

7 Scramble for Africa 1870: European control 10% David Livingstone
Henry Stanley King Leopold II of Belgium The Congo established as private colony Ignites “Scramble for Africa”





12 Berlin Conference (1884-1885) Agree on how to divide Africa
Only Liberia & Ethiopia remain independent

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