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Unit V BINGO!!! 1750 to 1900 (The Modern Period).

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1 Unit V BINGO!!! 1750 to 1900 (The Modern Period)

2 Choose Your Terms for Bingo!!! Transportation & Communication Financial Instruments Settler Colonies White Australian Act of 1901 United Fruit CorporationFactors Leading to the First Industrial Revolution Opium WarSeasonal Migrant WorkersLatin America ReformsTanzimat ReformsMeiji Restoration Second Industrial Revolution Declaration of the Rights of Man & Citizen Contraction of the Ottoman Empire Scramble for AfricaTaiping RebellionSteam Engine NationalismBoer WarFrench Revolution Adam SmithUnsanitary ConditionsSocial Darwinism Boxer RebellionWhite DominionsIndentured Servitude Haitian RevolutionMarxismEnlightenment Congress of ViennaRussia

3 Bingo Clue #1 Europe’s location on Atlantic Resources: coal, iron, and timber Demographic changes in Europe Improved agricultural productivity Protection of private property Rivers and canals Access to foreign resources Accumulation of capital

4 Bingo Clue #2 Steel Chemicals Electricity

5 Bingo Clue #3 Gold and diamond mines in South Africa Boers vs. British

6 Bingo Clue #4 Canals Railroads Steamships Telegraphs

7 Bingo Clue #5 Stock Markets Insurance Gold Standard Limited Liability Corporations

8 Bingo Clue #6 With the development of the ___, factories didn’t have to be built next to water and could be built anywhere. Connecting textile making machines to this invention increased production many time beyond what humans could do. Mass production of goods made machine- made clothing affordable to just about everyone in European society.

9 Bingo Clue #7 Wrote On The Wealth of Nations Private investors could use their money or capital to invest in potentially profitable activities Basis of the economic system capitalism

10 Bingo Clue #8 The Ottoman government Reforms which included a written constitution, a modern banking system, railroad construction, and modernization of the army

11 Bingo Clue #9 Areas where Europeans settled and ruled, but remained a minority South Africa (Britain) Singapore (Britain) The Philippines (U.S.) Algeria (France)

12 Bingo Clue #10 People should be free to make their own personal and economic decisions in life. Slavery should be abolished. Freedom of speech and religion were natural rights. Challenged governments & traditions Inspired revolutions in the Americas Locke, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Rousseau

13 Bingo Clue #11 Regulation of people across nation boundaries Resistance by settled people in receiving lands Legal restrictions on migration Example: 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act in the United States

14 Bingo Clue #12 A situation in which one signs on to be a temporary slave with release from obligation after about 5 to 10 years. Pull factor for migrants from South and East Asia Worked on sugar plantations in the Caribbean into the 1920s Significant sources of labor on islands in the Indian Ocean and in South Africa

15 Bingo Clue #13 A product of the French Revolution Roots based on Enlightenment Ideas and the American Revolution Modeled after parts of the U.S. Constitution

16 Bingo Clue #14 British smuggled drug into China’s ports Chinese diplomatic protests (Letter to Queen Victoria) went unheeded China forced into a series of unequal treaties that increased British presence and gave Hong Kong to Britain Other nation as jumped at the chance to make unequal treaties with China, resulting in spheres of Influence with each foreign nation having exclusive trading rights in “its” portion of China U.S. proposed free trade with open door policy

17 Bingo Clue #15 The idea that civilizations with superior technology and tactics deserved to conquer those without thee advantages – was a powerful force in this era Led to increase of racist ideologies Europeans determined to “civilize” their “little brothers” by dressing them in Western fashions and teaching them Western behavior

18 Bingo Clue #16 Places were the colonists, through disease and conquest, eventually outnumbered the native people Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) North America (America & Canada)

19 Bingo Clue #17 Result of U.S. Influence over Tokugawa Dynasty Transformed its government, society, and industry Built factories that specialized in silk textiles Close ties between the government and the factories (often built the factories and then sold them to investors but kept tabs on their finances and business decisions)

20 Bingo Clue #18 As an ideology, fostered new communal identities Fostered by competition German nation Filipinos Liberia

21 Bingo Clue #19 Large-scale Transnational Organizations U.S. based company Owned huge tracts of banana plantations throughout Central America Produce was shipped to the United States and Europe Encouraged global trade of products

22 Bingo Clue #20 Classless society where all people were politically, socially, and economically equal. Demanded the overthrow of the “haves” (bourgeoisie) by the “have nots” (proletariat) Communist Manifesto

23 Bingo Clue #21 Influenced by the French Revolution Saint Domingue Toussaint l’ Ouverture Defeated Napoleon's army First successful slave revolt; 2 nd republic Plantation economy of sugar and coffee was destroyed and replaced by small farms with little exports

24 Bingo Clue #22 Inspired by the Haiti and ideas of the Enlightenment Led by Simon Bolivar Large social and economic chasm between the few elite and the many poor Elites remained in power after the revolution Stable government was a common difficulty Lack of significant social and economic change Women’s rights were not a priority

25 Bingo Clue #23 Temporary labor source that later returned to home societies Japanese agricultural workers in the Pacific Lebanese merchants in America Italians in Argentina

26 Bingo Clue #24 Began by Belgium in the 1880s Rush to outdo each other in claiming and gaining territories Met at the Berlin Conference in 1884- 1885 to divide up Africa peacefully but neglected to invite the Africans Only independent nations were Ethiopia and Liberia

27 Bingo Clue #25 Hong Xiuquan, believed himself to be the brother of Jesus, founded an offshoot of Christianity A social reform movement grew from this and was suppressed by the government Established the Heavenly Kingdom and created an army 10 year struggle that devastated the economy and was the bloodiest civil war in history Government attempted some reforms as a result

28 Bingo Clue #26 Anti-foreign movement in 1900 to rid China of foreigners and foreign influence Led by Chinese nationalists Qing Empress Cixi supported the movement Chinese defeated by a multinational force China forced to pay an indemnity for war damage Intensified revolutionary movements in China by educated men and women

29 Bingo Clue #27 Emulated Europe’s transoceanic imperialism by expanding their land borders and conquering neighboring territories East to Manchuria, South into the Caucasus, & Central Asia Lost Crimean War Built the Trans-Siberian railroad and remodeled the state bank as economic reforms Embarrassing defeat to Japan

30 Bingo Clue #28 Influenced by the Enlightenment and the American Revolution “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” was the slogan of the revolution. Monarchy killed, republic formed only to fall to the Reign of Terror with over 30,000 people executed by revolutionary leaders Napoleon took over and enacted reforms but was a dictator until defeated by a coalition of European nations

31 Bingo Clue #29 Opposite of “going global” mentality of the Age of Imperialism Lost territories in the Balkan Peninsula, including Greece in Eastern Europe Semi-independence of Egypt with later British influence Faced growing opposition in Southwest Asia (Middle East) and North Africa Won the Crimean War but was weakened and became known as the “sick man of Europe”

32 Bingo Clue #30 Helped redraw Europe after the fall of Napoleon Nations created by this were often drawn with little attention to the desires of the people in those new nations Huge changes in society from the Industrial Revolution resulted in unrest among the urban poor, who later turned to revolt to gain political freedom and economic opportunity

33 Bingo Clue #31 Overcrowding Poor housing (tenements) Disease Unemployment Hazardous machinery Long hours Low pay

34 Bingo Clue #32 Suffrage in Britain (voting rights, not suffering) State pensions Public health in Germany Public education

35 Bingo Key, Part I 1.Factors Leading to the Industrial Revolution 2.Second Industrial Revolution 3.Boer War 4.Transportation & Communication 5.Financial Instruments 6.Steam Engine 7.Adam Smith 8.Tanzimat Reforms

36 Bingo Key, Part II 9.Settler Colonies 10. Enlightenment 11.White Australian Act of 1901 12.Indentured Servitude 13.Declaration of the Rights of Man & Citizen 14.Opium War 15.Social Darwinism 16.White Dominions

37 Bingo Key, Part III 17.Meiji Restoration 18. Nationalism 19.United Fruit Corporation 20.Marxism 21.Haitian Revolution 22.Latin America 23.Season Migrant Workers 24.Scramble for Africa

38 Bingo Key, Part IV 25.Taiping Rebellion 26. Boxer Rebellion 27.Russia 28.French Revolution 29.Contraction of the Ottoman Empire 30.Congress of Vienna 31.Unsanitary Conditions 32.Reforms

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