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AFRICA LP5: Imperialism.

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1 AFRICA LP5: Imperialism

2 DO NOW Write three (3) complete sentences of things you see in this picture. What do you think is happening in this picture?

3 Notes Imperialism is the policy of extending your rule over foreign countries in order to expand your own country.

4 What is the difference between Imperialism and Colonialism?
Not much! Most people use them interchangeably. Imperialism is about expanding your own country to become greater. Colonialism is when you move to another country/area to take over. Colonialism is more about new space, while imperialism is more about growing your old space.

5 Africa Before Colonization/Imperialism

6 Africa After Colonization/Imperialism

7 Group Work As a group, READ and ANNOTATE the passage in your package.
I’ll be looking for BOXES around your vocab words, STARS next to important information, and the DOUBLE RINGS where you have made connections to other readings you have done on this subject. Answer the questions with your table group or elbow buddy.

8 Colonization: The Scramble for Africa
There were many reasons for the colonization of Africa, including economic, political, and religious reasons and many European countries wanted to control Africa at the time.

9 Colonization: The Scramble for Africa
Probably the most important reason for the colonization of Africa was economic because many people in Europe didn’t have jobs or money at the time. Countries like Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, and other powers were losing money, and Africa looked like a place where people could go get things they needed to sell for money. To make money from Africa, Europeans used Africa’s many natural resources and raw goods. They wanted oil, ivory, rubber, palm oil, wood, cotton, gold, diamonds and other minerals. By this time Europeans understood that the continent of Africa was full of resources and they wanted and needed these resources to survive and make money.

10 Colonization: The Scramble for Africa
Another reason for the colonization of Africa was because of fights between countries. Britain and France had hated each other for centuries and had fought many wars for hundreds of years. They both wanted to be more powerful than the other country and having land meant being more powerful. However, the race for power was not only between Britain and France. Other nations wanted to benefit from Africa as well, like Germany, Italy, and Spain. All of these countries wanted to be the strongest.

11 Colonization: The Scramble for Africa
Europeans felt like most other people in the world needed to change their cultures. This was the same for the people in Africa. As Europeans began to spend more time in Africa they felt like the people who lived there were wild and not civilized. Europeans felt it was their job or duty to teach people how to be as civilized as them. They felt like European culture was the best in the world and that Africans needed to be more like Europeans. This meant that another reason Europeans colonized Africa was to change the culture of Africans.

12 Colonization: The Scramble for Africa
Another thing Europeans believed was there religion was right. Religion is the belief in a god or a supernatural power that controls people. When Europeans started finding out more about Africans they realized that they (Africans) had many different gods and religious beliefs and they thought this was wrong. They felt that everyone should believe in their god and that their (European) religion was the only true religion that people should believe in. Another reason Europeans colonized was to spread their religion and to try to get Africans to believe in their religion.

13 Colonization: The Scramble for Africa
In some cases, people moved to Africa for adventure and because they were curious about the people, places and things that could be found in Africa. The inside of Africa had not been explored or colonized and people became interested in all of the new types of places, people and animals that existed in Africa at the time. Some people wanted to study the cultures and learn more about the people. Others wanted to explore and discover new animals and plants. Most people didn’t colonize or move to Africa for these reasons but some did.

14 Q & A What are some the effects of (results of) European Imperialism in Africa? Why did the European countries want to take over parts of Africa? What do you think happened when the Africans got their independence back and had to run their countries without any experience or knowledge of how the world works?

15 Effects of Colonization/Imperialism
Land Europeans controlled all of Africa’s land Resources Europeans took controlled the important resources of Africa, didn’t let Africans have resources and took many resources away from Africa Conflict Genocide and civil wars continue to happen because the Europeans divided Africa and ignored where natural boundaries existed between tribes and cultures Poverty Most Africans do not have access to resources because Europeans took them or the governments of their countries do not share those resources Culture Africans were forced to change their culture and beliefs

16 Why did the European countries wanted to take over parts of Africa?
There were many reasons Europeans went to Africa: Economic was probably the most important reason. Africa looked like a place where Europeans could get raw materials and natural resources, such as oil, ivory, rubber, cotton, gold, and diamonds. European countries each wanted to be more powerful, and having a lot of land meant being more powerful. Europeans felt it was their duty to change the culture of Africa to be “more civilized,” like them. Europeans wanted to spread their religion. In some cases, Europeans were simply looking for adventure.

17 Do you know? What do you think happened when the Africans got their independence back and had to run their countries without any experience or knowledge of how the world works?

18 Here’s what happened! African countries were not set up for success because they had not been taught how to operate a country on an international level. African countries struggled economically within their country and in global trade community. Europeans created countries based on their own system, and did not pay attention to the African’s tribal patterns and ways of life. This means many African nations continue to have fights within themselves as they are being forced to share land with people who they are different from.

19 Independent Work In the boxes provided in the Guided Notes, draw a picture to represent each of the FIVE reasons the Europeans wanted to control parts of Africa. In the space provided, draw a Venn Diagram to describe how the reasons for colonizing North America and Africa were similar and different.

20 EXIT TICKET: Question 1 Before colonization Africa had: a. No civilizations or cultures. They were Just a bunch of people living in the wild. b. One or two powerful cultures c. Many powerful and important cultures like other parts of the world d. Some organized civilizations but they weren’t very powerful

21 EXIT TICKET: Question 2 Which of the following is not important for us to understand about African civilizations before colonization? a. So that we can understand how things have changed over time b. So that we can see how powerful the civilizations in Africa were before colonialism c. So that we can understand that Africa was not as important as other places in the world d. So that we can analyze the history of Africa

22 EXIT TICKET: Question 3 All of the following are true about African civilizations before colonialism EXCEPT: a. They all spoke the same language and had the same culture b. They were powerful and advanced c. They had their own unique cultures and traditions d. They had access to many valuable resources like gold

23 EXIT TICKET: Question 4 All of the following are reasons for colonization EXCEPT: a. Wanted to be friends with Africans b. Wanted African land c. Wanted African resources d. Wanted Africans to change their culture and beliefs

24 EXIT TICKET: Question 5 All of the following are effects of colonization on Africa EXCEPT: a. Europe took control of Africa’s resources b. Genocide and civil wars happen even still today c. Most Africans now have access to resources – and are rich d. African culture was changed forever

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