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Scramble for Africa By Will Pearce Nathan Harviala.

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1 Scramble for Africa By Will Pearce Nathan Harviala

2 Berlin Conference of 1884 Leave trade in Basin alone The slave trade Neutrality to the tribes Traveling in Basin Traveling in Niger Future occupation of coast

3 Division of Africa

4 How to claim influence over land in Africa Must have influence Must be good leaders

5 How the division was decided Based on power of each country Britain took over Egypt later

6 Names of the countries involved Britain France Portugal Spain Ottoman Empire United States of America

7 Ethnocentrism Belief that one culture is superior to another

8 Why Europe wanted to control Africa Wanted slaves and resources Spread Christianity

9 When the Scramble began 1881 French moved into Tunis

10 Why Africa was called the “Dark Continent” Not because of native’s skin Was mysterious for so long to Europeans

11 Major European influences on Africa Britain, France biggest influences Took over most land

12 Mines employ African workers Mined gold, diamonds Worked little/no wage

13 Benefits/downsides to African natives Were enemies with other tribes Had to work for living, long hours Good workers

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