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The Scramble for Africa

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1 The Scramble for Africa
11.1 part 1 World History

2 The Scramble for Africa
Industrialization in Europe and America led to Imperialism in Africa Imperialism- Seizure of a country or territory by a stronger country Industrialized countries needed more resources to fuel their factories and new markets to sell products

3 Africa before European Domination
In the mid 1800’s Africa was a diverse continent with hundreds of different languages and ethnic groups Their societies ranged from large empires to small villages Africans controlled their own trade routes

4 Africa before European Domination
Powerful African armies had kept Europeans out of most of Africa for more than 400 years Travel into the interior of Africa was nearly impossible due to the powerful rivers and disease The development of the steam engine changed this

5 Africa before European Domination
The first Europeans to travel the interior of Africa were missionaries, explorers or humanitarians Henry Stanley was an American journalist that traveled deep into the interior of the Congo to find Scottish missionary David Livingstone

6 The Congo Sparks Interest
King Leopold II hired Stanley to gain territory for Belgium He claimed he wanted to use it to promote Christianity and abolish slavery Actually he licensed the land to companies that forced the natives to gather sap from rubber plants Over 10 million natives died due to abuses inflicted under Leopold’s rule

7 Land Grab Belgium’s territory in the Congo led to other European nations wanting African territory Soon France, Britain, Italy, Portugal and Spain were all claiming parts of Africa

8 Assignment 1. Describe Africa before Europeans were able to take control. 2. Define imperialism. 3. How did industrialization lead to imperialism? 4. Which European nation was the first to gain territory in the African interior? 5. What was the result of Leopold’s control of the Congo?

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