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Questions of Periodization The Era of European Dominance 1750 – 1900.

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1 Questions of Periodization The Era of European Dominance 1750 – 1900

2 I. Introduction A.Like earlier eras… B.1750s had several important trends 1.Industrial Revolution begins 2.Seven Year’s War (French and Indian War)


4 Partner Discussion Question What is imperialism???

5 I. Introduction C.Period dominated by European Imperialism 1.No place could escape Western dominance a.Includes western Europe AND United States D.Western dominance took form: 1.Colonization WHERE??? 2.Economic and Commercial WHERE??? E.By 1850s key question was… 1.What to do about the West’s new power? a.How and whether or not to resist? b.What could and should be imitated?


7 II. Chronology of Period A.Three major themes: 1.Industrialization ??? 2.Age of Revolutions ???

8 II. Chronology of Period 3.Importance of western European CULTURE (institutions AND values) to settler societies (???) and other areas of the world

9 II. Chronology of Period B.Signs of impact of Industrial Revolution (signs of the West’s Dominance) – 1798 – France seizes Egypt from Muslims


11 II. Chronology of Period – 1820s – Britain’s hold over India increases

12 II. Chronology of Period – 1830s – West forces China to open its markets Opium Wars

13 II. Chronology of Period – 1850s Russia is defeated in the Crimean War – Defeated by Ottoman forces helped by ??? and ??? US forces Japan to open its markets HOW???


15 II. Chronology of Period – 1860s – Scramble for Africa

16 Group Discussion Question Why did the Scramble for Africa occur? What motivated European nations to compete for lands in Africa? Explain.

17 II. Chronology of Period – 1870s – Latin America is commercially penetrated by West

18 III. Population Movements A.Western industrialization and imperialism led to major shifts in population 1.Basic dynamics that changed population a.Western Europe and US ??? b.Child labor was replaced by ??? 1)Children became less important to agricultural socieities c.West’s percentage of world popluation ??? 1)Ironic because happening at same time that West’s power is increasing d.Other areas of the world ???

19 III. Population Movements 2.Migrations a.Immigration – caused by Industrialization b.Workers came from agricultural regions to ??? 1)southern and eastern Europeans emigrated to ??? 2)Italian, Spanish and Portuguese went to ??? 3)Slave trade was ended in early 1800s (small amount continued in Middle East) WHY??? a)Humanitarian actions b)ability of factories to organize free workers more effectively 4)Immigrants from Asia and Europe were recruited to replace ??? a)Not treated much better than slaves

20 IV. Diversity in the Age of Western Dominance A.Popular conversion to Islam in sub-Saharan AfricaWHY??? B.Latin American nations gained independence


22 Group Discussion Question What were some of the factors that allowed the peoples of Latin America to gain their independence from Spain and Portugal? Why did they want independence? Who led these movements?

23 IV. Diversity in the Age of Western Dominance C.China saw social unrest in the mid 1800s that involved peasants rising against the power of landlords

24 Group Discussion Question Why might the peasants in China revolt and cause uprisings? Have we seen this before in China? If so, when?

25 IV. Diversity in the Age of Western Dominance D.Diverse reactions to the West’s military and industrial strength 1.Incorporation into expanded Western civilization a.WHO???? 2.Internal change a.Russia and Japan imitated some characteristics without becoming entirely Western 3.Indecision a.China and Ottoman Empire … b.Remained mostly independent despite growing weakness

26 IV. Diversity in the Age of Western Dominance 4.Colonization a.Rest of world b.Different degrees of colonization

27 V. Major Themes Transformed A.Industrialization caused changes to some major themes in world history B.Impact of technology and demography on people and the environment 1.New machines and higher population densities intensified human ability to affect environment a.Chemical and smoke pollution b.Deforestation due to increased food needs

28 V. Major Themes Transformed C.New modes of transportation and military actions made isolation very difficult 1.Led to new forms of international relations a.Exchange of diplomats b.New international agencies ???

29 V. Major Themes Transformed D.Systems of social structure and gender structure 1.Economic and social inequality INCREASED with the spread of wage labor 2.Some forced labor systems (including slavery) were abolished 3.Legal equality INCREASED 4.Gender relations continued to vary between societies a.Machines and male labor replaced or devalued women’s work b.World-wide increase of female domestic servants

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