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Islamic Vocabulary. Caliph A ________ is a leader of the Islamic world, and is thought to be a successor of Muhammad. This leader is traditionally male.

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1 Islamic Vocabulary

2 Caliph A ________ is a leader of the Islamic world, and is thought to be a successor of Muhammad. This leader is traditionally male. The decision of who would be the fourth leader split the Islam community into two branches: the Sunni’s and the Shiites.

3 Abu Bakr ______is thought to be either the first or second male to convert to Islam. He fled with the other Muslims to Medina. Already considered a leader of the community, ________ position became even greater when he gave his daughter to Muhammad. He was an active participant in Muslim military campaigns, and eventually became Muhammad’s chief adviser. When Muhammad passed away he took over as leader. Under his leadership, the united Arabs were able to defeat both the Persian and Byzantine empires.

4 Hijabi ______ is a slang term used in Islam to label someone as a ‘veil wearing woman.’ It is in the Muslim culture for women to be mostly covered when going out in public. Courtesy: google images.

5 Baghdad The capital of Islamic religion. In the center of the city is the Mosque or religious center.

6 The word means afternoon. It is also the name of the obligatory salat (prayer) that is performed in the afternoon.

7 DAVID A king who greatly expanded the land of Israel and gave the Israelites security. The Muslims also believe that this king was an honorable prophet of God.

8 Ramadhan ______________is a special month in the Islamic calendar. This is the month Muhammad received his first revelations from God. During this month, the Muslims fast, so they don’t eat or drink during daylight hours (from sunrise to sunset). They also practice praying more and sinning less to improve themselves.

9 Fee Sabilillah It means giving charity for the sake of Allah (God). This is not required but is encouraged. When you do this you get thawab, which are positive points that give you a better chance of getting into Heaven.

10 Prophet In religion, a _______ is a person who has directly encountered the divine and serves as an intermediary with humanity. Muslims believe such individuals were assigned a special mission by God to guide humanity. Muhammad was the founder of the world religion of Islam and is regarded by Muslims as the last messenger and ____________ of God.

11 Fajh ____ Meaning Dawn prayer or prayer before dawn. This prayer is mentioned by name in the Qur’an at 24:58. According to some opinions, it is considered by Muslims to be more precious than their lives.

12 Islam _________ means submission. The religious meaning of it is complete submission to the will of god. __________ is a monotheistic religion. It is the second largest followed religion in the world.

13 Tâghût _____is anything worshipped other than the one true God- such as deities of other religions, people claiming themselves to be holy outside of Islam's definition, or the worshipping of ideas instead of God. According to Muslims, Buddha of Buddhism and Jesus of Christianity are both _______.

14 B arzakh Muslims believe that a person’s soul moves on into a special stage of time after death; they call this stage _______. While they are waiting for judgment day, they are in the state of _______ and they are asked questions in the grave. The answers to these questions will lead them to blessings or torments. برزخ

15 Zakat 2.5% of a Muslim’s annual sum of money is called _____. It is a necessary Islamic tax that is given to the poor. In the Muslim faith, it is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

16 J IHAD جهاد _______ is a personal struggle and it is known as a holy war. There are two different types of _____, the greater one which is preserving one- self from sin & disbelief, and the lesser one which is going to war to defend Islam, its people and property.

17 Yathrib City now known as Medina. Prophet Muhammad traveled here on the hijra. This is the burial place of Muhammad. People of the Islamic religion travel here when physically and financially able.

18 Qiblah قبله This is the direction that Muslims face to pray, (always towards the Kaaba)

19 E id The Islamic word for celebration. There are two official _____ in Islam.

20 _____ is fasting (refraining from eating, drinking & sex). Fasting during the Holy Islamic month of Ramadan is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. Muslims fast every day in that month from dawn till dusk – effectively 15 hours - and is not as difficult as people think. After dusk they can eat, drink and have relations. Fasting is also done outside of this month and is considered a very good form of voluntary worship in devotion to God.

21 Muhammed ____________ was the name of the final prophet of Islam. At age 40 an angel Gabriel called him the messenger of God. He received the Quran from the angel Gabriel over a span of 22 years.

22 KAABA Located in Mecca Saudi Arabia. It is believed to be built by Abraham and his son Ismail. Inside there is a black stone enshrined and a person is supposed to kiss it for good luck and a symbol of respect to Allah. The _____ was last built in 1611 and has underwent many renovations. A ceremony is held twice a year to clean the stone structure.

23 VIRGIN MARY The mother of Christ is named the _____. She is said to have given birth while being abstinent. Courtesy of Google images

24 ________ is a ceremonial act of washing the Muslims feet, hands, face, and arms, before praying or touching the text of the Quran. Without ___ those activities would be unlawful and a sin.

25 ________ in Islam means wash. To Muslims, washing refers to purifying the body, and cleansing the soul to prepare for prayer. Muslims pray 5 times a day, to comply to their 5 pillars of Islam. They can pray anywhere, but most go to mosques, or houses of worship.

26 Hizbullah حزب الله It means “the party of god”. It is a political party from Lebanon whose objective is to expel Americans and their allies from Lebanon.

27 “ALLAH!” _______is the Muslim God. People worship _____ 5 times a day.

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