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Chapter 19 Section 1 The Road to War.

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1 Chapter 19 Section 1 The Road to War

2 Long Term causes of WWI

3 Imperialism Trying to

4 How did competition for colonies help lead to war?
A great scramble for colonies took place in the late 1800s European powers scrambled to obtain uncolonized areas

5 Militarism This policy involved aggressively building up a nation’s armed forces in preparation for war and giving the military more authority over the government and foreign policy

6 How did nationalism contribute to the start of World War I?
One form of nationalism led nations to act in their best interest and ignoring the needs of other nations

7 What role did alliances play in the initiation of World War I?
Alliances could turn what should be only a small conflict into a

8 Immediate Cause of WWI

9 Whose assassination was the immediate cause of World War I?
Archduke Francis Ferdinand

10 Gavrilo Princip Member of Serbian terrorist organization Black Hand

11 Mobilization The readying of

12 Central Powers

13 Allies

14 Which side, if any, had a geographical advantage in the war?
Allies- Because they have the central powers surrounded

15 What affect did modern warfare have on how World War I was fought?
New killing machines were amazingly effective Generals often times had difficulty countering new technologies

16 Stalemate A situation in which

17 What were two causes of the stalemate in the West?
Similar size and strength of the opposing militaries The choice of both sides to dig and and defend their lines

18 Propaganda Information intended to sway public opinion

19 What was the main reason that the United States stayed neutral at the start of World War I?
President Wilson wanted to protect American commercial investments overseas Also…

20 How did the peace movement differ from the preparedness movement?
The preparedness movement wanted America to be ready to go to war if necessary.

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