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Be as FAST as you can be!. SPEED…. Are your athletes training for it or NOT? Mike Flynn MS, LAT, ATC.

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1 Be as FAST as you can be!

2 SPEED…. Are your athletes training for it or NOT? Mike Flynn MS, LAT, ATC

3  To improve your understanding of the components of a speed and lateral speed & agility (LSA) training program. Purpose

4  To improve your ability to train your athletes. Intended Results

5  Is a learnable and teachable skill!  It can be significantly improved!  Proper directed practice that uses sound motor learning principles in a systematic approach!  By treating speed as a motor task each athlete will be able to achieve a greater percentage of their speed potential! Speed

6  The ability to move the body (or parts of the body) through the required range of motion in the least amount of time. Speed …..Defined

7  The ability to recognize and react to the proper stimulus, start quickly, move in the correct direction, change direction if necessary and stop quickly to make the play. LSA….Defined

8 Speed/LSA….Components  Recognition/ Reaction  Starting  Stance  First Step  Acceleration  Switching Speed  Closing Speed  Footwork  Change of Direction  Avoidance  Spatial Awareness  Stopping

9  Supination  Concentric  Accelerating  Acting  Overcoming Force Production

10  Pronation  Eccentric  Deceleration  Reacting  Accommodating Force Reduction

11  We play to train, rather than train to play.  We specialize before we develop.  We put game-skills before movement skills.  We evaluate before we teach. Obstacles

12  Movement skills before sport skills!  Train Speed/LSA first within a training session, the CNS fatigues quickly!  Once a skill is learned, train at game speed! Speed/LSA….Training Rules

13  Master skill  Skill with variation  Skill with reaction  Skill with opponent/ball Training Progression

14  Apply force in a relevant direction.  Minimize inefficient movements (lateral, rotational).  Minimize ground contact time.  Minimize the time taken for the leg to complete a full stride cycle.  Foot-strike as close to the center of gravity as possible.  Minimize center of gravity collapse with each stride. Fundamental Considerations for Speed Development

15 Posture

16  The position and alignment of the body, especially the head and trunk.  Drills:  Hips Tall  Lean/Hold (w/partner)  Lean/Fall and Run Out Posture

17 Arm Action

18  The position and amplitude of movement of the arms and hands.  Drills  Arm Swings - Big to Little  Arm Exchange Drill Arm Action

19 Leg Action

20  Focuses on the integrated action of the foot, ankle, knee and hip.  Push, push, push, push, hips tall!  Drills  Push - Push Drill  Scramble Up Drill Leg Action

21  The ability to proportionately bend at the ankle, knee and the hip in order to reduce force and come to a complete stop.  Finish in a position to make the play!  Drills  Deceleration Ladder  Run to a spot and stop Deceleration

22  If your drills aren’t quick and explosive……. your athletes aren’t quick and explosive! Plyometrics

23  Landing  Double Leg Hops  Single Leg Hops  Forward Bounds  Single Leg Lateral Hops  Multiple Lateral Hops  Box Jumps  Reaction w/sprint out Plyometric Progression

24 Level Beginning Inter- mediate AdvancedIntensity Off-season60-100100-150120-200Low-Mod Preseason100-250150-300150-450Mod-High In-seasonDepends on sportModerate Repetitions

25  Chu, Donald A., Jumping into Plyometrics, Champaign, Illinios: Human Kinetic Books, 1992.  Gambetta, Vern., Soccer Speed, Sarasota, Florida: Gambetta Sports Training Systems, 1998.  Gambetta, Vern., Lower Extremity Prevention and Performance Program, Sarasota, Florida: Gambetta Sports Training Systems, 2003.  Gambetta, Vern, Building the Complete Athlete, Sixth Edition, Sarasota, Florida: Optimum Sports Training, Inc., 2000.  Myrland, Steve, Soccer Speed, Middleton, Wisconsin: Myrland Sports Training, LLC, 2003.  Winckler, Gary and Vern Gambetta, Sport Specific Speed, The 3S System, Sarasota, Florida: Gambetta Sports Training Systems, 2001. References


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