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Imperialism Mr. Ornstein Willow Canyon High School.

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1 Imperialism Mr. Ornstein Willow Canyon High School

2 What is Imperialism?? When one nation takes land and resources from a weaker nation.

3 Reasons For Imperialism Gain Resources Markets for Goods Nationalism- Who can Get Biggest Empire Gain Ports for Navy Spread Christianity and European Culture “Civilize Native Population”

4 Technology and Imperialism Because European Countries Industrialized they had better military technology. Better technology allowed them to defeat and imperialize much bigger and more populous lands.

5 “Jewel in the Crown” India/South Asia was the Most Valuable British Colony British Took Many Resources and Destroyed Local Industries by selling Cheap Manufactured Goods Helped India by developing infrastructure, improving health care and education.

6 Scramble for Africa Imperialism lead to competition between European Countries for getting the most land in Africa Europeans Race to get as much land in Africa as possible.

7 Answer How were smaller European countries able to conquer larger countries in Africa and Asia? Why was India the Jewel in the Crown? What was the Scramble for Africa?

8 Tea, Opium, and Imperialism in China English want to Trade for Chinese Tea China Refuses to Trade with Great Britain, Claim they do not need anything from Britain

9 Opium and Chinese Imperialism England Introduced Opium from India to China. Many Chinese get addicted and there is a drain on silver and gold. Chinese government attempts to destroy British Opium.

10 Opium War and Unequal Treaties British use destruction of Opium as excuse for war. British with better technology easily beat China. China is forced to sign unequal treaties with many European countries. Opens China up for imperialism.

11 Spheres of Influence in China A sphere of influence is an area or region over which a country exerts some kind of indirect cultural, economic, military or political domination. Used in China

12 Japan and Imperialism Seeing how easily China was defeated and imperialized, Japan quickly opened for trade and became to westernize and industrialize. Japan needed raw materials to fuel its industrialization and quickly adopted its own imperialist policies.

13 Industrialization in Japan The time of industrialization in westernization in Japan was called the Meiji Restoration.

14 Japanese Imperialism Japan Imperialized Nations Throughout Asia and the Pacific. China, Korea, Manchuria Japanese Imperialism in Asia helps start World War II.

15 Failed Attempts to Defeat Imperialism Sepoy Rebellion in India Against British Imperialism Boxer Rebellion in China Against Western and Japanese Imperialism Nationalist Uprisings.

16 Nationalism and Imperialism Nationalism is both a cause and a result of imperialism. Imperialized nations often become nationalistic and want the imperialists out.

17 Ticket Out the Door Define: Imperialism Why did Japan industrialize? What was the Scramble for Africa? Why were European nations able to imperialize much bigger countries. Give three reason for imperialism:

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