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DIY: Boil green beans and barley with water. Eat bowls a day enable the skin to be fair, removes scars. Mask: Add water to glutinous rice flour like glue texture, not too thin and not too thick. Apply on face. Wash off when dry. Once every days. 2. TEA . DIY:Pour hot water on tea leaves, remove tea leaves after a while. Pour into bath tub, add more warm water. Wash face and body. Leave for a while. Rinse w water. BITTERGOURD MASK FOR GETTING RID OF WRINKLES, ITCH ON sian ( bruise that turns bad) DIY: mash bittergourd, apply on face for 15 min -30 min. Wash off.

3 DIY: For cold, Pound garlic onion. Boil w water. Drink 2 times a day.
BREATHING PROBLEMS DIY: For cold, Pound garlic onion. Boil w water. Drink 2 times a day. Put a few drops of onion juice, breath deeply helps blocked nose. If the cold cause headache but no sweat, boil onion w ginger. If the cough cause by brochitis, boil ginger w pear w sugar. Eat days. PREVENTION OF FLU When the signs of going to have flu or cold, DIY: Slice a pear, add water and rock sugar, boil. Add lemon juice before drinking. CURE for FLU Slice 25g ginger, 1 pear. add 1 bowl of water. boil w small fire for quite some time. drink while hot.Pour cc of red wine into a pot. boil. add 1 egg, stir. off fire. Drink when it cools down.

4 Cough that is caused by flu w/o phlegm:
CURE for COUGH Cough that is caused by flu w/o phlegm: DIY: Remove the seed of pear, 1 or 2. Add rock sugar in the pear. Double boil. Eat the pear and the liquid. LONG TIME COUGH DIY: 1 carrot, 120g 12 red dates. Add 3 bowls of water. Boil slow fire till the liquid is 1 bowl left. Drink tablespoon, morning, afternoon and night for 3 – 4 days. SORE THROAT DIY 1:Brew a cup of green tea. When cool, add honey. Slowly drink. Drink till the sore throat recovers. DIY 2: Sore throat that is caused by flu - 50 green beans, grinded or pounded, + some rock sugar + tea leaves. Brew for 15 mins.

5 Cause: When one is too tired or the health is no good.
BAD BREATH Cause: food that is left too long in the mouth, tongue not clean, tooth decay that food is stucked inside, and when one is sick. Treatment: Use the dental floss first, brush the teeth, and brush the tongue as well. DIY: Rinse the mouth with salt water 3 -4 times a day especially before you sleep at night and after each meal. ASTHMA DIY:Immerse a few garlics (skin removed) into vinegar, add little sugar. Soaked it for a week. Take 1 or 2 garlic in the morning everyday for days. NOISY EAR Cause: When one is too tired or the health is no good. DIY 1:Open the mouth very widely. Close. Do it a few times continously. DIY 2:Fry 1 bowl of salt w/o oil. Put in a cloth bag. Rest your ear on the bag, change when the salt is cooled. Do it a few times continously a few days. If this method does not work, visit a doctor to find out more.

6 When the stomach is too acidic, it weaken the body.
ACIDIC STOMACH When the stomach is too acidic, it weaken the body. DIY:150g spinach, 50g celery, 1/4 of carrot, 1 tb of honey, sugar, lemon juice and water. Blend. Drink. If too thick add more water. Drink frequently will improve the situation. GASTRIC PAINS DIY 1:2 tb milk, 1 tb gan chao fen, pour hot water. Drink once daily frequently. Cannot add sugar at all. DIY 2:1 tb ginger juice, 250cc fresh milk, some sugar. Double boil for 30 mins. Empty stomach, drink morning and afternoon for a few days. ALOE VERA - BURN CAUSED BY HOT OIL SPLASH ON SKIN To prevent scar - use a knife, remove the skin of aloe vera, put on the affected area, this will cool the skin immediately. POTATO -Heal skin inflammation Clean 250g of potatoes. Cut and mash it. Add 30g ginger powder, mix well. Smear 2mm on the affected area. Do this a few days. Do not use potatoes that have sprouts coming out, as it is poisonous. Green Bean paste to treat skin problem Cause: bite by insects and the skin cannot heal for a long period. Fry the green beans w/o oil, ground till powder. Add vinegar to form like ointment when needed, smear on the affected area. Do not add the vinegar in advance. This ointment will kill the bacteria and the vinegar close the wounds heal the skin quickly. Apply the solution on the skin.

7 INSOMNIA PORRIDGE :Drink a bowl of watery porridge will help insomnia. Alternately, can drink a glass of sugared water to calm the brain and helps to sleep better. 2) SPRING ONION ( THE WHITE PART) -20 lotus seeds, do not remove the heart, dried longan, 1 egg yolk. When the lotus is cooked in a bowl of water, add dried longan. When the longan is cooked, about 1/2 hour, put the egg yolk in a bowl, pour the hot stuff into the bowl, stir. Drink this 1 hour before sleep. After 2 to 3 days, no more insomnia. 3) EGGS A) Boil 250cc of milk first, add some red sugar and lastly add 2 beaten eggs. Drink before sleep. Take for about 10 days continuously, then effective. B) Boil the water to cook an egg. Remove the shell. Boil a bowl of water, add dried longan and lily bulb. Add rock sugar and put the hard boiled egg. 4) SALTED WATER Put salt in a pail of warm water. Dissolve the salt. Soak the feet in the water, do this before sleep, helps to lower the blood pressure, prevent flu, heal the skin of the problematic feet and helps to sleep better.

Lack of vitamin B will have problems with the feet. Garlic - Mash the garlic and soak in vinegar for 15 mins, apply on the affected area. Garlic contains vit B. REMOVE UNPLESANT SMELL OF FEET a) Prepare a pail of hot water. Add 25g of tea leaves and some salt. When the water is lukewarm, soak the feet for mins, do this a few times will remove the bad smell. b) Prepare a pail of lukewarm water.Add spoons of vinegar.Soak the feet for mins, Do this for a week will remove the bad smell. TO REMOVE CORNS/CALLUSES(HARDENED SKIN OF FEET) Prepare 1 big spoon of natural salt, massage the affected area for mins. Wash with lukewarm water. Do this times a day for 2 months to see result. This enable the skin to be smooth.

TO CURE PILES Prepare 1 big spoon of natural salt, massage the ball of the feet with salt and toes for mins. Do this 3 times a day. drink more warm water, eat high fibre vegetable and fruits. STRENGTHEN THE KIDNEYS REMEDY: Stretch both legs straight. Open the toes widely for few seconds. Close the toes tightly for a few mins. Do this a few times, provides good circulation for the kidneys. TO GET RID OF TIRENESS OF EYES REMEDY: Steam Use the steam of hot water or hot tea. Close the eyes, move close to the mouth of the cup to steam the eyes for mins. Move away, still eyes closed. This enable blood circulation, so that the eyes is has a good rest. Juice Blend 1 carrot, 1/2 apple. Add some ice cubes. TO HAVE GOOD EYESIGHT REMEDY: Pour a glass of hot milk into a bowl with 1 beaten egg. Add some honey. Drink this every morning is healthy and achieve good eyesight in a long run. Move the eyeballs around for some time. Look up and look down, do for some time.

10 CONSTIPATION REMEDY: Boil water, add 20g lily bulb and some candied melon. Lastly add 1 egg white add little oil and salt. Drink. Boil 2 eggs. Set aside. Remove shell. Boil water, add 100g he sou wu for 15 mins. Add the egg and boil for a little while. Eat once a day. Every morning, empty stomach, drink a glass of lukewarm water, with some salt dissolved. Rest for 15 mins, then eat breakfast. This helps bowel movement and cleanse the intestines which helps digestion. Pound some garlic, cut one cucumber, one carrot, add some soya sauce and vinegar. Eat as salad. For weak stomach, cannot eat too much garlic. DIAHRRHOE REMEDY: Fry 1 bowl of salt till hot. Use a cloth to wrap. Lie down and put the bag on the stomach, cover with blanket, this ease the pain. Drink porridge water.

REMEDY: Wash 300g of prawns, shelled. Marinate with Salt for a while. Dry with a cloth. Deep fry with groundnut oil (70% hot). When the prawns turn pink and the body curl, dish out. Sprinkle with sesame oil. IMPOTENCY REMEDY: Wash 500g of prawns, marinate with salt. . Dry with a cloth. Deep fry with oil (70% hot). When the prawns turn pink and the body curl, dish out. Sprinkle with sesame oil. Some Chinese chives, cut, 2 eggs and salt. Fry like omelette, eat frequently to see results. PERIOD CRAMPS REMEDY: 1 or 2 days before period, prepare: 1 egg, 10g tang kwei, 10g red dates, 3g chen pe (orange skin) 5g ginger, half bowl of wine (check with Medical shop) some rock sugar or sugar. Cook the red dates till very soft, set aside. Beat the egg and put into wine, set aside. Boil tang Kwei, chen pe and ginger with water for 20 mins, remove the residue. Pour the liquid into the egg+ wine solution. Add the red dates and the sugar. Drink to relieve the period pains. 

TO PREVENT DRUNK REMEDY: Drink strong tea before drinking alcohol, and eat some more protein food can prevent drunk. The caffeine of the tea will stop the alcohol to react too much and the protein is to prevent the harm caused by alcohol. Drinking tea after drinking alcohol is no good for health as it will trigger more alcohol reaction and caused memory lost. VOMITTING AFTER DRINKING ALCOHOL REMEDY: When drunk, drink a lot of water, eat orange, lemon or honey as this will oxidise the alcohol. If vomits, drink a small glass of soda water and feel more comfortable. HEADACHE REMEDY: Prepare 2 pails of warm water 45 degrees to 55 degrees, according to your body acceptance. Submerge hands and legs in the water, allow the water to just cover the hand palms and ankle for 1/2 hour. When the water is cool, change. REMEDY: Juice - Wash Celery, blend. Add 50cc honey. Stir well. Drink 200cc 3 times a day. Soak some groundnuts in a bottle of white vinegar for 1 week. Every morning eat 10 peanuts

High blood pressure will trigger strokes, too much sugar will cause daibetes. It is incurable, cause inconvenience and agony.Carrots is good for making the kidneys active, disperse the bad substance in the body and lower the sugar and blood level. Carrots is also good for eyesight. REMEDY: Carrot porridge - Shred the carrot. Cook with rice and water. Serve with coriander leaves and salt. BLISTERS Face or body suddenly have blisters, are signs that there is something wrong. Carefully observe and check the condition. REMEDY: Cook spinach into juice, wash on the affected areas when cooled. Spinach is full of vitamins and minerals which is good for skin healing.

High blood pressure is caused by the above. REMEDY:Cook some porridge, when cooked, add some dry chrysanthemum and sugar, boil a while. Eat this frequently will strengthen the blood vessels, lower blood pressure, knee cap infections. STRENGTHENING LUNGS White fungus (cloud ears) is good for lungs, constipation, sweat. REMEDY:Soak some fungus in water. Clean and cook with rock sugar and water. Boil with High fire first till bubbling and slow fire for 2 hours till the fungus is soft and the solution is thick. Eat once a day for people who have lung cancer. PREVENTION OF SENILITY Soya beans is full of nutrients, economical. It helps to prevent ageing, blood clots and good for brain cells, increase memory power, thus prevent senility. It is good for pregnant women to enable to produce healthy children. REMEDY: Can cook with pork ribs - soup, soya bean milk etc... PREVENTION AND CURE - ANAEMIA REMEDY:Wash 4 tomatoes, 1/4 carrot. Cut into small pcs. Blend into juice with some ice water. Remove residue. Add 1/3 glass of milk and some green lemon juice. Can add sugar if preferred.

15 Lack of exercise is often the case.
PAIN AT THE SHOULDERS & HANDS This is common to people who writes and types very frequently. Other than sitting with the right posture, eating the right food also helps. REMEDY:Peel the skin of a banana, Blend with a carrot, 6 apples, 1 egg yolk, 100cc of milk, little bot of vinegar and some honey. Take this drink frequently helps. TENSION / STRESS Tension usually accompanied with stomach upset. REMEDY:Wash lotus root, blend into juice. Add some rock sugar. Lotus root is good for lungs and helps to calm nerves, drink a small cup slowly (to avoid bloated stomach)morning & night . Relax before drinking, the result would be better. TO REDUCE BODY ACHE Lack of exercise is often the case. REMEDY:Use the hairdryer to blow the palms and back of hands 5 – 6 times to circulate the blood flow, thus the body feel much alive. For people who has body ache due to working with computer causing inflammation. The more serious case, the hands is unable to raise up. REMEDY Use the hairdryer to blow the shoulders for some time, slowly move along the hands.

HOW TO HAVE GOOD APPETITE When a person has no appetite, the body is usually tired. Eat more appetising and cooling food helps. REMEDY2 – 3 tomatoes, remove skin and seeds, sliced. Sprinkle some white sugar. AVOID DRINKING STRONG TEA AFTER MEALS Drinking strong tea after a meal will caused indigestion, thus the body is unable absorb the nutrition of the food eaten. ROCKING CHAIR PREVENTS SENILITY REMEDY: Rocking on the chair for at least 80 mins everyday helps to reduce stress and frustration, thus prevents senility.

Spring onion, leeks, onions, chives is full vitamins, not only removes smells from some food, eg. fish, it stabilised the body temperature and substitute vitamins of what the body is lack of. TO STREGTHEN THE BLOOD VEINS Tomatoes if all of vitamin A, C, E and P, that can break down fats, helps digestion and ease urination.Vitamin E is good for blood veins hardening, strengthened the walls of the veins. REMEDY:Remove the skin and seeds of tomatoes, cut into cubes, cook with rice to make porridge. Add a little of sugar when cooked. REDUCE PAIN – SHOULDERS Too much exercise of poor sitting posture caused the above. REMEDY: Add salt & vinegar to hot water. Soak a towel and wring dry. Put the warm towel on the shoulders. Keep doing and make sure the towel is always warm.

18 REMEDY:Boil kangkong till very soft, add rock sugar, drink.
SLIMMING METHODS Substitute dark brown sugar instead of normal white sugar as it contains calcium and iron, and has low calories, which is ideal to maintain a slim figure. Make pastries with it for children, will not cause teeth decay. Use natural salt to massage the areas ( body fat) while having a shower. Wash the body first before massaging. After one week, do not use the soap or cleaning agent, only use salt to massage. Continuing doing so, and watch diet, will reduce 2 – 3 kgs a month. Winter melon is cooling and ideal for reducing fats. Remove seeds and skin of 250g of winter melon. Cut into pieces. Heat some oil, fry dry prawns. Add the melon, salt and water to stew. TO REDUCE HEATINESS REMEDY:Boil kangkong till very soft, add rock sugar, drink. NOURISHING DRINK Drink English tea with milk is very nourishing. DIY:Boil a sachet of tea bag in water. Add 100cc milk. When boiled, add a little salt. Drink 1 cup everyday in a long run, will feel energetic and the face will turn pink.

19 If the food poisoning is not serious, try:
REMEDY: Blend some grapes and ginger to extract the juice. Make a cup of hot green tea. Mis in the juice and add some honey, drink while hot. This will stop the diarrhoea. TEETH WHITENING Brush teeth with salt first before brushing with toothpaste. Alternately, can use lemon juice with cloth to rub the teeth, then brush with toothpaste. TO REDUCE PAIN –TOOTHACHE REMEDY: Boil 6 –8 tb of vinegar with 15g of pepper for 15 mins, rinse the mouth when it is not too hot. Infuse 3g of tea leaves for 5 mins. Remove the leaves. Add ½ tb of vinegar. Rinse the mouth 2 –3 times everyday. Most important, is to keep the teeth healthy by brushing , rinsing frequently to prevent toothache.

Chrysanthemum is cooling, ko kee is good for eyesight REMEDY Boil water. Pour the hot water on some chrysanthemum and ko kee, after 20 mins of infusion add rock sugar, drink hot or cold. Long time taking, will have beautiful eyes and smooth complexion. BODY ODOUR REMEDY Slight – Use deodorant will do. Fry salt. Wrap with a cloth to rub the armpits. Boil ginger with water, wash when not too hot. After shower, apply powder specially for this problem ( can buy at Chinese Medical Shop). Apply baby powder before going out. LOWER CHOLESTEROL Groundnuts is good for stomach, lungs, phlegm reduction, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, helps mothers to produce more breast milk and is good for body that is weak People who keeps coughing during winters can cook with yam and lily roots. REMEDY:Soak groundnuts overnight, cook with red dates (seeded) and glutinous rice to make porridge. When cooked, add rock sugar

Survey indicates that Cancer is caused mainly emotional and bad habits in daily life. Especially happens when a person is easily depressed and bad temper. Depression affects the sleep and intake of food ( cannot concentrate when eating). In a long run, health will be affected as the body is weak and low antibodies. People who constantly have evil thoughts also caused Cancer. Shower and walking posture is partly responsible too. Thus, Cancer is caused by human’s bad habits in a long run. Scientists point out that the people who are in high risk of getting are people who are always eating the same food, and do the same things and bad mood constantly. Eg. Instant Noodle does not caused Cancer, but eating too often without eating nutritious food will caused Cancer. In conclusion, there is no food in the world that actually caused Cancer. Our life must not be monotonous. CANCER SELF CHECK /IS ILLNESS TOOK A LONG TIME TO RECOVER? If the illness does not have obvious symptoms and cannot recover quickly means not enough antibodies.Normally a cold will recover within 2 days, if there is no headache and sore throat and cannot recover quickly, indicates that the body is very weak.

If patterns change and different from when one is healthy, indicates that the body is getting weaker, especially when passing motions, it is sticky and very smelly. As our intestines easily breed bacteria, thus strengthen the intestines is very important. If bacteria is abundant, the stools will be sticky and double smelly. Contrary, The stools will be like sausage, colour is yellow and not very smelly. So to check how good id the body system, checking stools can tell. EXHALE OF AIR FROM LUNGS – DURATION The longer you can exhale air out, indicates that you are healthier. Take note the duration when you are healthy, subsequently do this examination to check your health condition. Normally people who have unhealthy lifestyle cannot exhale smoothly as the body is weak. TO STRENGTHEN THE BODY RESISTANCE Take 100cc and above of Vitamin C eg. juice of a lemon. Oranges, cauliflower, spinach, green pepper, pessimmon , strawberries etc contains lots of vitamin C. Make a point to rinse your mouth with salted water daily also helps.

Steamed egg is better than frying, as the high heat will damage the protein content and produce Cancerous particles. Barberque food caused Cancer. Avoid re-heating and deep fry food. Use steaming, double boil, stew, and light frying methods. Too much alcohol is also one of the cause, especially drinking strong liquor and smoking at the same time. Food preserved like salted vegetable, salted fish etc.Irregular meals and late dinners should be avoided. ABOUT MUSHROOMS Eating too much Mushrooms, the chances of getting Lung Cancer is higher but can prevent other types of Cancer, especially dried mushrooms. Only if you are sure that your lungs is very healthy, then you can afford to eat more. EATING RAW VEGETABLES Vegetables contains lots of fibres which is essential to expel fats out of the body. When the vegetables is cooked, all the contents goes to liquid and some damaged ( must eat the liquid as well). Eating raw vegetables at least twice a day is able to curb Cancer. For tubers like carrots, potatoes, etc, is exceptional. When these vegetables is well cooked, not only it taste better, the gravy is best taken as well and double the effect of body resistance against Cancer. Cooked vegetables will expel toxic, contains vitamins, minerals, protein, fats and sugar. To be able to balance the vitamins intake is very crucial to resist Cancer occurrence.

To curb the increase of Cancerous cells (undetected) from multiplying, tapioca, carrot ( contain vitamin A), is best. The undetected Cancerous cells will take 30 years to develop, so within the 30 years, intake of balanced food (various coloured vegetable) is essential to delay the cancer from occurring. Eg. if a person have Cancer at 20 years old, Cancer can be delayed up to 6 times – 20 x years old to be fully developed if he is able to eat balanced meals continuously. AVOID INTAKE OF PRESERVED FOOD THAT CONTAIN PROTEINS Food that contain proteins preserved and deep frying will have a reaction, fermented into something cancerous, doubled. GREEN TEA – PREVENTION OF CANCER? Women who drink a lot of green tea will lower the risk of Rectum cancer and Ovary Cancer, but prone to other types of Cancer, especially when drinking and eating preserved foods and smoking at the same time. In conclusion, everything you eat must be balanced, too much of anything is no good.

SMOKING & CANCER People who smokes 5 sticks and above are more at risks. Especially people who smokes 35 sticks & above has the risk of having Lung Cancer 3 times than people who smokes less, having leukaemia 2 times than people who smokes less; but lower risks of getting Stomach and Rectum Cancer; and 30% higher risk of getting other types of Cancer than people who smokes less. Quit smoking is the best option to curb Cancer. DRINKING COFFEE , RED TEA & SMOKING AT THE SAME TIME Avoid doing the above at the same time, as the chance of getting Lung Cancer is very high.

26 Cut the bananas – 2cm thick – put in the container immediately.
BANANA PRESERVED WITH NATURAL VINEGAR The above is good for Cancer resistance, doubled, the vinegar must be natural eg, rice or fruit vinegar. DIY: 6 big bananas, skinned will weigh 600g. Natural vinegar 500ml. 5 green lemons and container for 1200cc. Cut the lemons thinly - .5cm. Cut the bananas – 2cm thick – put in the container immediately. Add Vinegar to cover the bananas, place the lemons on top so that the bananas will not be exposed or it will turn black when oxidised. No need to put on the cap as the lemons is the cap. Put in the fridge for one day and eat morning and night, one banana at each time. Must finish within 3 days. Can substitute the lemons with honey for people who cannot take the sour taste.Suitable for 2 years to 90 years old people but not suitable for people with Stomach problems, they should eat only bananas alone. EATING BBQ MEAT WITH RAW VEGETABLES Eating raw vegetables with BBQ meat will curb the toxic from occurring.

Stomach Cancer – eat a lot of green & yellow vegetables eg spinach, cauliflower, tomatoes, water melon and almonds. Breast & digesting intestines Cancer - cauliflower, broccoli , bai chai, celery, carrot Rectum cancer – Eat more fibre vegetables like celery, chives, soya beans, green beans, groundnuts tomatoes, fibre vegetable only helps to pass motion quickly so that the toxic do not remain in the body. Garlic – kill germs, especially people with leukaemia, nose cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer, prevents stomach cancer & intestine cancer. Can treat skin cancer, prevents strokes & diabetes and other old folks illness.citrus fruits, wheat, pulses,low fat milk (full cream milk leads to mouth cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer and cervical cancer more than people who do not drink milk)food that contains minerals : zinc. Eg crabs, prawns, beef, mutton, eggs, maize, spinach, black beans, cherry, pear, beer, whole wheat bread. Pumpkin: especially for men (to produce more sperms). Prevents diabetes, high blood pressure and liver & kidney problems and prevents most cancers as it contains many types of vitamins and minerals. Too much will cause stomach upset. Balanced diet, eat plenty of vegetables, fresh food , avoid too much alcohol, avoid eating too food when too hot (damage the intestines) ,avoid high salt and fats food.

28 Yoghurt intake also helps to delay ageing
NATURAL VINEGAR: Kill germs, prevents stomach cancer. DIY: 30% vinegar 10% honey 40% filtered water Health food DIY: 9 degree vinegar 150ml 1 washed egg, soak for 48 hours, stir the mixture (include shells) with chopsticks. For 5 –7 dosage. Drink every morning empty stomach with 3 or 4 times warm water. Optional: add honey. Rinse with warm water after taking. Vinegar helps to digest food, kill germs especially when having salad. 2. Add vinegar when frying will helps to reduce Vitamin B from disappearing also helps to break down fibres and minerals for the body to absorb easily. 3. Increase appetite. 4. Treat rashes. 5. Lower blood pressure Lower cholesterol YOGHURT Yoghurt is better than milk as it is good for digestion, thus also helps the body to absorb calcium and iron. Yoghurt intake also helps to delay ageing Increase good bacteria and control bad bacteria; enables the body to resist Cancer from occurring. Survey shows that after drinking yoghurt for a week, the cholesterol is significantly lower by 5% - 10%.

BEAN CURD Bean Curd is full of vitamins, and is a good substitute for meat. It is a must for people who are fat or Cancer patients. Eating bean curd also helps to delay ageing and resist Cancer occurring. Lowers cholesterol level. Contains proteins essential and least sugar, suitable for diabetic patients. It is easily digest, suitable for old folks and babies. Helps bowel movements as it has fibre, thus helps to get rid of toxic in the body. Essential for people who are Anaemia as it contains iron and many other minerals.Not suitable for: people who has rheumatism, and people who cannot take cooling food. POTATOES Potatoes is full of vitamins.Contains B6 essential for resisting Cancer occurring.Contains proteins equivalent to full cream milk.It is easily digest, improve appetite and good for people who has constipation. Helps bowel movements as it has fibre, thus helps to get rid of toxic in the body. * AVOID EATING POTATOES THAT ALREADY HAS SPROUTS, AS IT IS POISONOUS.

30 Lubricates the body engines. Balance body temperature.
WATER Drinking lots of clean water is very essential to wash away the toxic in the body. Lubricates the body engines. Balance body temperature. WASH MOUTH WITH GREEN TEA – PREVENTION OF FLU Flu virus invade from mouth and nose. As nose has hair for protection, we can gargle green tea to kill the germs and stop virus from entering our body. Especially when the body is weak. Morning, night and after going out, gargle. Drinking green tea also helps to get rid of toxic.

Prevent diabetes, helps to control diabetes. Increase collagen, helps to prevents wrinkles. Contains full of Vitamins essential for strengthening blood vessels. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol Contains Vitamin C and E essential for resisting Cancer occurring Helps lower the risk of cancerous particles appear in BBQ meat by adding lemon juice Treat Flus- Drink warm lemon water with honey before sleep Controls Asthma Get rid of bad smell of feet and body odour by washing with lemon water Reduce pigmentation Heal pains of stiffness – neck, kneecaps. Heals ears that always hears noise. Slimming agent * DIY: EXRACT green lemons juice, put in ice container. Freeze immediately. Take out 2 cubes each time, add water and honey. It is ready to drink. To make the tummy flatter and reduce big belly. Very good for constipation and get rid of extra fats. DIY: Pluck a handful of TI WANG MIAO leaves only( can buy in NTUC or wet market) Add 2 bottles of Yakult (natural flavour) Blend. Drink once or twice a day

DIY:5g dried tangerine peel,10g Long Jin Cha, 10g San Za 200ml of mineral water or tap water, room temperature Put all together in a bottle. Soak for 4 hours before drinking. STRENGHTEN MEN’S ENERGY (on bed) & heals kneecap problem 2-3 big tomatoes – remove skin (remove seeds for weak stomach) 3 medium lady fingers 1 tb green lemon juice 1 tb sugar ¼ cup water Blend together



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