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The “Scramble for Africa” South African Diamond Mine.

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1 The “Scramble for Africa” South African Diamond Mine

2 “Scramble for Africa” Definition: Berlin Conference (1884-85) – Conference of Europeans in Berlin, Germany, at which they drew boundaries and divided up the African continent among themselves No Africans were present a hurried land-grab by Europeans for African lands

3 BEFORE the Scramble Pre-1880, 10% of Africa under foreign control By 1914, ALL of Africa but Liberia and Ethiopia were under European colonization


5 Beginning of Colonialism in Africa: Economics Consistent contact between Europe & Africa begins after 1400; Europeans looking for luxury goods [Henry the Navigator & Portugal] Europeans though of Africans as exotic, but equals Late 1500’s – Slave Trade. Europeans began taking enslaved Africans to the Americas to work. Racism develops

6 Colonialism in Africa: Economics Late 1800’s - Industrialization + Nationalism = Competition. Race begins for Africa’s raw materials and potential new markets.

7 “Scramble for Africa” cont. As a result of the Berlin Conference, by 1914 Europeans colonized all of Africa except for Liberia and Ethiopia. Britain’s motto was “From Cairo to Capetown” – what does this indicate? Cecil Rhodes


9 Discussion Questions 1.Who is the real loser in this “scramble”? 2.Because of the idea of nationalism, how will Imperialist power operate the economies of their colonies? 3.How did this dash of territory become a cause for WWI? 4.How are companies that made goods for consumption linked with this scramble?

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