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The Knowledge Scramble. What is another name for the land bridge?

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1 The Knowledge Scramble

2 What is another name for the land bridge?

3 Beringia It connected _____ and _______

4 Where were the the Olmecs located?

5 Along the coast of Central America on the Gulf of Mexico

6 Where was the Mayan Civilization located?

7 Southern Mexico and Honduras near the Yucatan peninsula

8 Where were the Aztecs located?

9 Central Mexico They founded their civilization on a _____ (geographic feature) because _________.

10 The “Mother Culture” of Mesoamerica

11 Olmecs

12 This civilization was know for having multiple calendars. One of these was a 365 day calendar

13 Mayan

14 Civilization of South America

15 Inca What do the capital of the Inca Empire and the movie “The Emperor’s New Groove” have in common?

16 Both named Cuzco

17 This mountaintop city was not discovered until the 20 th century

18 Machu Picchu

19 This civilization was the largest/longest empire of the American empires studied

20 Inca

21 The Inca Empire’s economic system was most similar to what modern structure? Everyone had a duty…

22 Socialism State run and everyone has a specific duty

23 Huitzilopochtli was a god of sun and warfare. He is associated with which civlization?

24 Aztec What was done to appease him?

25 Sacrifice

26 Name a modern country that was a part of the Inca Empire

27 Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia Which of the above was the location of the capital, Cuzco?

28 Peru

29 Nahautl was the spoken and written language of ________

30 The Aztecs

31 Quechua was the spoken but not written language of _______

32 The Inca Empire

33 The Inca Empire used a quipu. Describe it.

34 Series of knotted strings on a stick that communicated numerical/trade data.

35 This “mother culture” of Mesoamerica was known for leaving being the sculpture pictured below

36 Huayna Capac was a great leader of which Empire?

37 Inca Describe the empire after Huayna Capac died?

38 His sons took over and engaged in civil war. Altuhaupa won but was eventually held for ransom and killed by Pizzaro

39 The Ottoman Empire had as its capital, the city of ________. It had been known as _________.

40 Istanbul, Constantinople

41 Under ______, the Ottoman Empire reached its pinnacle

42 Suleyman the Magnificent What was he also known as?

43 Suleyman the Lawgiver

44 By the 16 th century, the Ottoman empire proved that it was very important to _______

45 Trade

46 Abbas the Great took the title of Shah. This title was derived from the empire which was at one point located in the same region. What empre was this? What modern country was the focal point of the empire?

47 Persian

48 Iran

49 What aspects of the Safavid Empire were reformed by Shah Abbas?

50 Territorial Religion Economic

51 This Muslim Empire claims their decent from the Mongols

52 Mughals

53 Name the Mughal leader who initially endorsed aggressive military campaigns and then eventually reformed taxes and endorsed religious and cultural tolerance.

54 Akbar the Great Random Question: Why was Humayun nicknamed “the Luckless?”

55 He lost all of his land and then he got it back. THEN, as he was reading in his library and went to walk down the stairs, he fell and broke his neck.

56 Shah Jahan built this in honor of his wife

57 Taj Mahal His wife’s name was _______ and she died after ________

58 Famine, taxes, civil war, poor leadership contributed to the downfall of: a.Ottoman b.Safavid c.Mughal

59 Mughal

60 The Ming dynasty initially embraced a global policy of ________ and then transitioned to __________

61 Exploration Isolation

62 T/F The Qing Dynasty is viewed as different because they were ethnically descended from Han Chinese.

63 False Why is this false?

64 They were Manchu. Not considered to be “Chinese” from traditional standards

65 Describe, in one word, the rule of Kangxi

66 LOOOOOOOOONG Appx 60 years

67 What did Japan, in this period, have in common with Medieval Europe?

68 They were both based upon Feudalism

69 Ieyasu, Hideyoshi, and Nobunaga all pursued a policy of ______ in Japan

70 Unification

71 Tokugawa Ieyasu eventually commit seppuku because he failed to ______ Japan

72 Unify. He modernized but could not stop infighting

73 initially allowed Christian missionaries into Japan, he eventually worked to forcibly remove them

74 Ieyasu

75 Japan and China saw Korea as a possible source of revenue. What is the name for a state like this?

76 Tribute State

77 T/F In China, men were valued over women.

78 True

79 How many children did Zheng He have?

80 0 – He was a eunuch Why was he important?

81 Exploration



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