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The Scramble for Africa

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1 The Scramble for Africa
Chapter 11 Section 3

2 Bellringer February 18, 2015 How much time do you take to study for your quizzes?

3 Scientific Advances from Malaria. Europeans; African weapons cannot
Quinine- A drug that protected Europeans from Malaria. Machine Guns- Gave military advantages to Europeans; African weapons cannot compete. Telegraph Railroad Made travel and communication easier Steamship

4 Suez Canal Shortened the trip from Europe to the Indian Ocean
Made trade and rule over Asia more convenient.

5 Berlin Conference Stated that when a European nation claims African territory it must notify other nations and must prove it can control the territory. Included: Britain, Germany, Russia France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, and Spain

6 Boer War Boers= Dutch settlers who lived in south Africa
(Dutch have been in Africa since 1600s.) -British come in want land. -The Boers refuse, war breaks out. -British are victorious and establish the nation of South Africa in 1902. South Africa is self governing but under British control.

7 Ethiopia Read page 358. How did Ethiopia resist imperialism??

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