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DBQ - Grouping and Thesis Statements

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1 DBQ - Grouping and Thesis Statements

2 Grouping At Least 3 groups in each DBQ
Do NOT just use the generic “Pro”, “Anti”, “Neutral” groupings. If the documents provided seem to indicate there were positive, negative or mixed reactions, used better vocabulary than “pro”,”anti”, “neutral” Be as specific as possible in descriptions of groupings Are there any connections between reactions, trends or events and the historical time period? Documents can be used in more than one grouping!

3 Thesis Statements Good DBQ Thesis Statements: Takes a stand
Answers the question Previews the argument Details Time and Place Groupings Can be more than one sentence

4 2009 DBQ Question Using the documents, analyze African actions and reactions in response to the European Scramble for Africa. Identify an additional type of document and explain how it would help in assessing African actions and reactions.

5 Thesis #1 “Throughout history, colonization has been a main concern of many nations. In the 1880s, there was a great desire by European powers to colonize and control Africa in order to gain resources. This became known as the Scramble for Africa. The hypocritical actions of the European powers led to an extreme contempt for the Europeans among the African people, which triggered violent rebellions that eventually helped lead Africa to liberty later on.”

6 Thesis #2 “For years after the Berlin Conference, various European powers raced to occupy and colonize land in Africa. It was a time of growth for Europe, but what was it for Africa? Africa’s fate was being decided for it by the European invader. Not all Africans just stood by and watched, however. There was a wide range of actions and reactions to the Scramble for Africa from the Africans themselves, from giving in peacefully to fighting back with all of their might.”

7 Thesis #3 “Although the European powers felt as though they were doing great good in the African continent during the Scramble for Africa, the actions of the Africans was that of rebellion and reactions showing much determination to rid Africa of the unjust Europeans.”

8 Point of View Point of View
This is perhaps the most difficult item for many students. It can be brought down to some very simple questions. 1) Why would this person say this? 2) How reliable is this document? 3) What makes this document different from other kinds of documents? 4) What is the tone or the intent of this document?

9 Additional Document After the thesis is the most common spot
Don’t forget to do it (#1 forgotten thing) Easy to request Be specific:If the documents have a quote from a merchant, they can’t say, “We need to hear from other merchants.” They have to be more specific and say, “We need to hear from merchants who did not have the same trouble as X.”

10 Thesis Practice: 1) Using the documents, analyze the patterns of trade in the period 1000–1450.In addition, identify possible cultural consequences of trade in this time period. 2) Using the documents, assess the level of cultural development of the Aztec and the Inca.

11 3) Religions of common geographic origins tend to differ from those that originate in other areas of the world. How do religions having common geographic origins tend to share somewhat common codes of behavior and views of the nature and reason for existence?

12 4) Using the documents, compare and contrast the philosophy and outlook of Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism and their ramifications for China. Was the change a reaction to the Daoists and Buddhists or simply a growing lack of confidence in Confucianism during a time of hardship?

13 5) Based on the documents, discuss human relationships with the environment. Evaluate whether it is more important for a developing civilization (or nation) to conserve and protect its resources, or fully develop them. Decide what the consequences of each decision would be.

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