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Words for Production 12. specialty [`spES1ltI] n. [C] a special food or product which a restaurant or a place is famous for because it is very good 特產,名產;

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2 Words for Production 12. specialty [`spES1ltI] n. [C] a special food or product which a restaurant or a place is famous for because it is very good 特產,名產; 招牌菜 The ice cream is the specialty of the restaurant. I highly recommend it to you.

3 Words for Production 13. leak [lik] vi. (of liquid) to get in or out through a crack or hole ( 液體等 ) 漏出,滲入 After I walked in the heavy rain for a while, some water leaked in my shoes.

4 Words for Production 14. lava [`lAv1] n. [U] hot liquid rock that comes out of a volcano; this type of rock when it has become cool and hard 熔岩;火山岩 A stream of red-hot lava flowed out of the crater and covered a large field of land.

5 Words for Production 15. well [wEl] vi. (of liquid) to rise to the surface of something and start to flow 湧出,流出 When he learned that he had won the first prize, tears welled up in his eyes.

6 Words for Production 16. resort [rI`zOrt] n. [C] a place a lot of people go to spend their holidays 旅遊勝地,觀光勝地 The hot spring resorts are expanding to meet the growing number of tourists that go there.

7 Words for Production 17. tide [taId] n. [C] the regular rise and fall in the level of the sea, caused by the pull of the moon and the sun 潮汐 When the tide was down, those women on the beach started to dig for clams.

8 Words for Production 18. soak [sok] n. [C] (infml.) a period of time spent in the bath 浸,泡 After a hard day at work, I like to take a long soak in the tub. 詞類變化

9 soak [sok] vt. 浸,泡;弄濕 They were caught in the rain and got soaked to the skin.

10 Words for Production 19. luxury [`l^kS1rI] n. [U][C] the enjoyment of something expensive and beautiful, especially food, clothes, or surroundings; something that is expensive and enjoyable but unnecessary 奢華,奢侈;奢侈的事 物

11 Words for Production 19. luxury Many Hollywood movie stars live in luxury. They have personal assistants, cooks, gardeners, and even hair stylists. Traveling abroad was a luxury that the young man couldn't afford, as he was born into a poor family. 詞類變化

12 luxurious [l^G`Z5rI1s] adj. 奢華的,奢侈的 Their wedding party took place at a luxurious hotel in Las Vegas.

13 Words for Production 20. scooter [`skut2] n. [C] a type of small, light, less powerful motorcycle 小型摩托車,速克達 The best way to get around this small island is to rent a scooter for NT$400 a day. 詞類變化

14 scooter [`skut2] vi. 騎小型摩托車 For your safety, be sure to wear a helmet before scootering on the street. * be sure to + V 一定 * wear a helmet 戴安全帽

15 Words for Production 21. lighthouse [`laIt&ha5s] n. [C] a tower by the sea, with a strong flashing light at the top to guide or warn ships of danger 燈塔 The lighthouse was built in memory of those who died in the shipwreck ( 船難 ). * in memory of 為紀念 …

16 Words for Production 22. offshore [`Of`Sor] adv. in the sea, near to the coast 在近海 處 When the ship hit the rocks, it was just 600 yards offshore.

17 Words for Production 23. gangster [`G89st2] n. [C] a member of a group of criminals 幫派份子,流氓,盜匪 The gangster robbed the woman and warned her not to call the police. 詞類變化

18 gang [G89] n. [C] ( 流氓等的 ) 一幫,一 夥;幫派 The police arrested a gang of thieves and found lots of stolen goods. * a gang of 一夥 ; 一幫

19 Words for Production 24. dissident [`dIs1d1nt] n. [C] a person who strongly disagrees with and criticizes the government 異議 份子 Under political oppression, some dissidents were forced to flee the country.

20 Words for Production 25. abandoned [1`b8nd1nd] adj. left and no longer used, wanted or needed 廢棄的,遭遺棄的,被丟棄的 An abandoned baby was found in a box on the steps of an orphanage. 詞類變化

21 abandon [1`b8nd1n] vt. 遺棄,拋棄,丟棄 People often simply abandon their pets on streets when they no longer want them.

22 Words for Production 26. monument [`mAnj1m1nt] n. [C] a statue or a building that is built in memory of a person or an event 紀念碑,紀念館,紀念像 The statue, standing in front of the museum, is a monument to one of the great archeologists in the 20th century.

23 Words for Production 27. elegant [`El1G1nt] adj. very beautiful and graceful 精緻的, 講究的 ( 東西 ) ;優雅的,典雅的 ( 人 ) Nancy tried her best to make herself look elegant in the presence of her Mr. Right. 詞類變化 * in the presence of 在 … 面前 * try one’s best 盡力

24 elegance [`El1G1ns] n. [U] 優雅,典雅 The furniture is a masterpiece which combines practicality and elegance.

25 Words for Production 28. lane [len] n. [C] a narrow country road; a narrow street with buildings on both sides 小路;小巷 The quickest way to the railroad station is through the back lane behind the post office.

26 Words for Production 29. incense [`InsEns] n. [U] something that produces a pleasant smell when burned, used especially in religious ceremonies 香 The smoke of the burning incense rose high into the air.

27 Words for Production 30. nourishing [`n3ISI9] adj. (of a food or drink) that makes one healthy and strong 滋養的,有營養的 Recent researches show that soybean milk is a very nourishing drink. 詞類變化

28 nourish [`n3IS] vt. 滋養,給 … 營養 Teenagers need good fresh food to nourish them.

29 nourishment [`n3ISm1nt] n. [U] 營養品 Scientists have found that mother's milk is the best nourishment for babies.

30 Words for Production 31. vigor [`vIG2] n. [U] physical strength or energy 活力,精力 Though he is in his late seventies, Mr. Grey is still full of vigor. * in one’s early/late ~ties 在 ~ 歲時 in her early twenties 在她二十出頭時 in his late fifties 在他快六十歲時 詞類變化

31 vigorous [`vIG1r1s] adj. 充滿活力的,精力充沛的 A balanced diet and enough sleep will keep a person vigorous and healthy.

32 4. Tourism Bureau [`t5rIz1m `bj5ro] n. (the ~) a governmental unit in charge of the promotion of touring 觀光局 Words for Recognition

33 5. hostel [`hAstL] n. [C] a place where cheap accommodation and meals are provided to students or travelers 旅舍 Words for Recognition * accommodation and meals 食宿

34 6. altar [`Olt2] n. [C] a table used in religious ceremonies in a church or temple 供桌,祭壇 Words for Recognition

35 7. stew [stju] n. [C][U] a dish of meat and vegetables cooked together in liquid for a long time 燉煮的菜餚 Words for Recognition

36 4. make for to be likely to make something possible or have a particular result 有助於,有利於 Mutual respect makes for racial harmony. Idioms and Phrases

37 5. in use being used 使用中的 I tried to call you but couldn't get through. Your phone was in use. Idioms and Phrases * get through 接通

38 6. by day during daylight hours 日間,白天 He is a factory worker by day and a taxi driver by night. Idioms and Phrases

39 7. by night when it is dark 夜間,晚上 In the desert, they traveled by night and slept during the day. Idioms and Phrases

40 8. (be) made from to be produced with 由 … 做成 Butter and cheese are made from milk. They are both very nourishing. Idioms and Phrases

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