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C ASE S OLUTIONS 101: H OW TO G ET S TARTED © 2010 Case Medical, Inc.

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1 C ASE S OLUTIONS 101: H OW TO G ET S TARTED © 2010 Case Medical, Inc.

2 W HY CHOOSE C ASE M EDICAL ’ S INSTRUMENT CHEMISTRIES ? Super concentrated and ready-to-use cleaners for each step in the decontamination process Environmentally-friendly with no added dyes, perfumes, fillers or masking agents pH Neutral Non-corrosive (will not harm instruments) Proven effectiveness with validated products and process Sealed automated dispensing with dose control and flow control to avoid over or underuse Packaged in 2.5 and 1 gallon bottles to maximize inventory space, eliminate ergonomic and handling issues and save on shipping costs


4 Theirs Ours

5 S UPERNOVA : THE PRODUCTS SuperNova Multi-Enzymatic Cleaner SuperNova.1 multi-enzymatic SuperNova.25 multi-enzymatic SuperNova NPHD Detergent SuperNova.1 NPHD SuperNova.25 NPHD SuperNova InstruCreme Lubricant CaseDry Drying Agent

6 SUPERNOVA.1 MULTI-ENZYMATIC CLEANER Highest concentrated, liquid, multi-enzymatic cleaner for manual and automated cleaning Contains significant levels (>12%) of protease, amylase and lipase enzymes Validated for soaking and manual cleaning at 0.1 (1/10) oz./gal May be diluted further in automated washers and in treated water 10 to 4 times more product! May be diluted to 1/40 oz per gallon based on water quality

7 SUPERNOVA.25 MULTI-ENZYMATIC CLEANER The same multi-enzymatic detergent set at a specific dilution rate for automatic washers. Validated at 0.25 (1/4) ounce per gallon, the lowest default setting of most automatic machines. Pre-set and ready to go! May be diluted further to 1/10 oz based on water quality

8 SUPERNOVA NPHD DETERGENT Highest concentrated, liquid, pH neutral, detergent for manual, ultrasonic and hot water wash cycle of washer decontaminator Contains excellent surfactant with significant chelating agents for hard water ion removal Product formulated for automatic and manual cleaning Validated at.1 ounce per gallon. May be diluted further

9 INSTRUCREME LUBRICANT CONCENTRATE Formulated for machine use Set automatic washer lubrication setting at 0.1 (1/10) to 0.25 (1/4) oz./gal Lubricates critical areas Rinses free on surfaces

10 C ASE DRY Highly concentrated drying agent to be used in the final rinse of cart washer Non-corrosive Non-staining Dilution rate of 2 fl oz. per 100 gallons of water

11 C ASE SOLUTIONS : THE PRODUCTS PentaPrep PentaZyme SchmutzOff BioGone Ink and Tape Remover InstruCreme Ready-To-Use

12 P ENTAPREP AND PENTAZYME Multi-enzymatic precleaner 5+ enzymes to rapidly breakdown bioburden and biofilm Keeps surfaces moist and prevents adhesion of gross soil on instruments Point of use pH neutral cleaners available in spray and foam bottles PentaZyme is a concentrate, has additional enzymes to attack biofilm and an added rust inhibitor…ideal for soaking

13 S CHMUTZOFF Descaler and Stain Remover stainless steel cleaner Restores finish to stainless steel surgical instruments Removes scale, stains, rust, organic matter and mineral deposits Ready-to-use

14 B IO G ONE Enzymatic odor and spill remover Liquid enzymes quickly biodegrade and eliminate foul odors. Ready to use may be sprayed into the air or on surfaces Natural extracts: not a masking agent, neutralizes odors

15 I NSTRUCREME LUBRICANT Ready-to-use InstruCreme lubricant and rust inhibitor Silicone free Protective microfilm prevents stains, rust and corrosion on surgical instruments Spray on to maintain working action of hinged instruments and moving part of surgical devices May be diluted 1:10 for soak

16 I NK AND TAPE REMOVER Easily removes indelible ink and tape adhesives from surfaces Formulated with natural citrus extracts Will not harm metal surfaces pH neutral


18 W HERE ARE THE CLEANERS USED ? SuperNova and Case Solutions are designed for each step in the decontamination process Begin at point of use in the OR with the precleaners: PentaPrep foam or spray on soiled instruments keeps them moist and begins the breakdown process Manual cleaning at the sink utilizing the sealed automated dispensing system Automated cleaning at the washer/decontaminator, ultrasonic and cart washers Maintenance of the decontam area: restoring stainless steel surfaces with SchmutzOff, Ink and Tape Remover and combating noxious odors with BioGone

19 I NSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALL AT THE SINK 1.Case Medical’s SuperNova sink installation kit includes a proportioner with slide bar, a universal adapter, spare metering tip and hose. 2. An attached plastic metering tip will be in place in the stem in the back of the metal proportioner. A spare metering tip is included in the package. The color of the metering tip corresponds to the dilution: bronze for.1 and tan for.25.

20 3. A color coded cap with flow control corresponds to the colored label on the bottle to ensure proper product choice, flow control and dilution. The pink cap is used for the SuperNova.1 multi-enzymatic cleaner at the sink. 4. Remove the white shipping cap from the bottle. Puncture the seal by pushing the lower hose on the color coded cap through the seal into the bottle. 5. Slide the opposing end of the hose over the stem on the top of the color coded cap. A silicone sealant should be used when attaching the hose to the stem of the cap for best flow.

21 6. Remove the current aerator at the sink faucet and replace with the SuperNova sink proportioner. An adapter may be needed for proper fit. You may use the universal adapter in you installation package. 7. Attach the proportioner to the universal adapter and tighten. Note: If the universal adapter is not needed, attach the proportioner directly to the faucet. 8. SuperNova’s external alarm bracket may be mounted on the wall near the sink or placed on the counter. Before After




25 P HYSICAL P ROPERTIES C OMPARISON SuperNovaLeading Competitor pH (Conc.)76.8-13 Chelation Value12<0.20 Hard Water Tolerance (ppm) 12,000 ppm<120 ppm Surface Tension 2.0% (wt) to 0.5% (wt) 27.643.5-53.8 Foam Generation Ambient LowModerate Foam Generation >100FLow/NoneLow

26 E NZYME C OMPARISON EnzymesPercentage Case Medical SuperNova.1 Protease Amylase Lipase ~12% Case Medical SuperNova.25 Protease Amylase Lipase 4.5% Steris Klenzyme Protease2.6% Ruhoff Endozyme Triple EnzymeNone Detected

27 C LEANING P ERFORMANCE S UMMARY Test MethodProduct TestedTime (min.) Temp.Soil TypeSoil/Log Reduction SoakSuperNova.1 Enzymatic 2Room Temp. ATS Organic 83.2% Manual Cleaning SuperNova.1 Enzymatic 2Room Temp. ATS Organic Bioburden 94.1% Automated Cleaning SuperNova.25 Enzymatic 543°CATS Organic Bioburden 99% -5.3 Log ProcessPentaPrep Enzymatic NPHD 222222 Room 43°C Room ATS Organic Bioburden >99.9% -6 Log

28 P RODUCT C LEANING C OMPARISON Case MedicalCompetitor Time (min.)2 minutes10 minutes Dilution Rate: Tested (oz/gal) Recommended SuperNova.1 at.1 At 1 oz/gal At.5 oz/gal Results: Soil Removal Log Reduction 99% 5.3 66.9% Not Disclosed Material Compatibility Compatible with all metals Not Safe for Aluminum

29 C ASE M EDICAL VALIDATION Efficacy demonstrated in independent university studies The Process: 6Log reduction, the mathematical equivalent of sterilization, >99.9% reduction organic soil The Product: SuperNova Multi-enzymatic 5.3Log reduction and 99% reduction in organic soil Non-toxic at use dilution

30 B REAKING THE MYTH OF ALKALINE CLEANERS Caustic is not better: Alkaline detergents cause corrosion and destroy expensive instruments Case Medical’s pH neutral cleaners are proven highly effective without harmful and abrasive chemicals Case Medical developed its line of instrument chemistries to protect the containers and the devices within!


32 GPO C ONTRACTS FOR OUR INSTRUMENT CHEMISTRIES Novation Standardization: Dual Source Contract Premier Contract: ASCEND Sole Source Contract MedAssets VA/FSS/GOV Regional Contracts Yankee Alliance GYNHA


34 M AINTAINING THE BUSINESS Protect your residual business by following up with the account Service and follow up is critical! Knowledge is power When price is an issue focus on cost per use savings Use the cost benefit analysis to demonstrate real savings The competition is in there and will say and do whatever to remove us! Have you heard of “The warranty on the machine will be voided if you switch” The cleaners are the same, why change?


36 W HO ’ S WHO Deb Ferreira is our Instrument Chemistries Product Specialist Lydia can provide you with marketing materials, and advice William will keep you posted regarding shipments Carolina is in charge of quality control of cleaners

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