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CONNECTing the dots Bloom Personal Calling & Self Discovery.

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2 CONNECTing the dots Bloom Personal Calling & Self Discovery

3 Neglected Pastoral Territory Dr. Sam Rockwell

4 ORGANIZATION 1. You are in a modern organization if you: manage ______ delegate ________ aspire to accomplish collective _____ have members who belong to other ____________ interact with the ____ live in the modern ______

5 ORGANIZATION 2. Leading a church requires us to attend to ___________ issues, learn organizational ______, and understand basic organizational ________.

6 EVALUATION 1.However, there are common “systems” in all churches that can be compared across _______, church _____, and leadership _____.

7 EVALUATION 2. _________ evaluation reinforces alienation and insecurity; _________ it provides perspective and hope.

8 EVALUATION 3. They _____________ the comparing/evaluation process so we can see where the church is strong and weak.

9 SYSTEMS 1. System thinking arises out of a “________________” view of organizations, instead of a strictly mechanical one.

10 SYSTEMS 2. A body operates on _________ systems that interact and are not entirely irreducible; that is, they depend on each other, but they also have their own operating system and particular functions in the body.

11 SYSTEMS 3. Examining the _____________ health gives us insight into how we might intelligently _________ in the system to bring greater _______ and efficiency to the whole.

12 SYSTEMS 4. A ________ ________ helps us avoid attempting to fix chronic symptoms with inappropriate methods.

13 SYSTEMS 5. A leader should build on her personal ________.

14 SYSTEMS 6. Addressing _______ organizational systems is the ____ of overall leadership and is the most important function of a__________..

15 SYSTEMS 7. It is this responsibility of ______ and ________ the whole church that defines this role more than any other task.

16 SYSTEMS 8. These church system-diagnostics have been tested thousands of times in almost every global culture.

17 SYSTEMS 9. Evaluating your church systems is not a __________ on your personal competency. It is a way of _________ you to see the “whole” so you can organize wisely.

18 Connecting Community Chad Carroll




22 1. _______ : The good news of Jesus, capable of ___________ everything about a person, their community, and their world.

23 BASIC CONCEPTS 2. __________________ : Individuals actively committed to living a "_____" life in the context of community.

24 BASIC CONCEPTS 3. _____________ : A spiritually_________________ God seeker who is_____________ with the missional community.

25 BASIC CONCEPTS 4. ________________________ : A ______________________ with the posture, tone, motives, and Heart of Jesus; those who physically represent him in a particular location.

26 BASIC CONCEPTS 5.__________ : The _________ of the body; the way a person or community expresses itself to others, especially in __________ ways.

27 BASIC CONCEPTS 6. ____________________: Moving beyond knowledge-based discipleship to _______________ __________, with the goal of living like Jesus lived.

28 BASIC CONCEPTS 7.______________: The natural and deliberate process of __________ among, ___________ to, and ______ people in culture with the desire to connect them to the Christian community.

29 WEEKLEY THEMES Missional Incarnational Gospel Community Living Inviting Apprentice Intuitive

30 BASIC RYHTHMS DAY 1 __________________________ Introduces you to the subject of the week and provide__________, _________, and ___________ to help you begin to get an understanding of the concepts.

31 BASIC RYHTHMS DAY 2 __________________________ A scripture or two to ______ in for a little while.

32 BASIC RYHTHMS DAY 3__________________________ Where we start to get ________. What does this idea mean in your life? How would your life be _________ if you began to let it be changed by the Gospel?

33 BASIC RYHTHMS DAY 4 __________________________ Moving from _________ change to __________. It’s about putting it into practice with practical ideas for taking action each week.

34 BASIC RYHTHMS DAY 5 ________________________

35 BASIC RYHTHMS DAY 5 ________________________ When you get together with the other members of your community for some much needed ___________________ and testimony times.

36 BASIC RYHTHMS DAY 6 __________________________ Revisit the theme for the week from a different ___________ and give you some additional things to think about as you allow God to bring transformation to your life.

37 BASIC RYHTHMS DAY 7 __________________________

38 BASIC RYHTHMS DAY 7 __________________________ A deserved _______ day intended for a Sabbath rest to help recalibrate.


40 SECULAR RELIGION  Secular religion video goes on this page

41 THE NEXUS OF THE CROSS  At the cross, the vertical bar says: “Love your God”, and in the horizontal bar says: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. They _____________.

42  Secular Religion tries to ______ the elements of the cross. DIVIDE AND CONQUER

43  God’s __________ is the highest value  Believe in the _____. God is in _______.  Pursue holiness, ___________________ ________ and from sin.  Be a witness, a _______________ about God and Hell.  Love my neighbor: ___________ ________? VERTICAL: LOVE YOUR GOD

44 Weakenings: Spiritual Apathy: Lack of ______________ and a _________________of God’s people. Ecclesiastical Indifference: Lukewarm, disconnected, and ____________________ of today. VERTICAL: LOVE YOUR GOD

45  An _________________ are the highest value.  All values/beliefs are valid as to the ______________________.  Love your God? _______________? HORIZONTAL: “Love your Neighbor”

46 Weakenings:  Moral Relativism: The _____________________.  Cultural Decadence: __________________________________. HORIZONTAL: “Love your Neighbor”

47 “UNITE” and CONQUER Separated they are weak; ___________________.

48  The Elephant’s agenda is: Let’s love God and let God rule. We are the ____________. We will rule.  The Donkey’s agenda is: Let’s love our neighbor, and let the people rule. We are the __________________. We will rule. THE LAMB’S AGENDA

49  Love ___________________________.  Be ______________________.  Do ___________________.  Pray for ________________________ ___________________. THE LAMB’S AGENDA

50 When the spiritual and the secular messages unite, they become “___________”. SACRED SecularSpiritual

51 RECONCILIATION  Bonhoeffer video goes on this page

52  The American church was having a ____________!  Trying to keep him “___________ ________________”.  There were ministry/traveling _____________.  “I will become a ________to everything I believe in.”  Loyalty to Hitler = ________________. BONHOEFFER

53 Bonhoeffer was committed to (both/and)  Biblical Truth and social justice  Worship and activism  The Church and the weak BONHOEFFER

54 CASE STUDY  Mammon: Materialism  Moloch: Genocide (abortion)  Aphrodite: Sex and beauty  Apollo: Art and intelligence (Science)  Dionysus: God of wine, parties and festivals, madness, chaos, drunkenness, drugs, and ecstasy.  Zeus: Power, control, and order.

55 CASE STUDY  What “god” is influencing my context?  What is keeping me “happy and preoccupied” within the church, distracting me from issues around me?  What kind of “both/and” commitment do I need to make?

56 CONNECTing the dots Bloom Personal Calling & Self Discovery


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