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The Rocky Planets and The Gas Giant Planets Vocabulary Practice.

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1 The Rocky Planets and The Gas Giant Planets Vocabulary Practice

2 Categories  Noun  Groups, classes, divisions  Food is divided into different categories such as dairy, vegetables, and fruits.

3 Orbit  Verb  To move or travel around in a curved or elliptical path  Earth moves in orbit around the Sun.

4 Axis  Noun  The central (imaginary) line that bisects a figure  Earth’s axis line runs directly through the North and South poles.

5 Absorb  Verb  To soak up or fill  Students come to school to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

6 Surface  Noun  The outermost layer of something  The surface of the jawbreaker was as hard as a rock!

7 Surround  Noun  To enclose on all sides  The farmer used a fence to surround the animals.

8 Similar  Adjective  Having a strong likeness or resemblance  The twins have many similar features and characteristics.

9 Dense  Adjective  Having the components or parts closely compacted together  The fog was very dense which made it hard to see.

10 Odd  Adjective  Differing from what is normal; weird or strange  The ears on the animal seemed odd because they were not proportionate to his body.

11 Erode  Verb  To eat away slowly  The ocean can erode the rocks creating beautiful rock formations.

12 Interior  Adjective  Being within; inside of  The interior of the house has a very modern design.

13 Interesting  Adjective  Engaging or exciting  The children were all smiles because they thought the clown was very interesting.

14 Visible  Adjective  Able to be seen clearly  Things became a lot more visible when the man wore his glasses.

15 Revolve  Verb  To turn around or rotate on a center  A helicopter’s wings revolve in a rapid circular motion.

16 Violent  Adjective  Uncontrolled, strong, rough force  The tornado exhibited violent weather as it ripped through the town.

17 Tectonic  Adjective  Referring to the forces or conditions within the earth that cause movement in the earth’s crust  We tend to see more tectonic movement in California than were we live because it is closer to a fault line.

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